Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1710 - Gathering Place of Experts

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Chapter 1710 – Gathering Place of Experts

After Shadow Sword’s first attack, he used Charge, accelerating toward the nearest Evil Demon as it was standing back up. When he got close to his target, Shadow Sword raised his greatsword high. Once again, silver divine runes lit up along the Edgeless Blade’s body. Shadow Sword then executed Blade of Waves, one of the Sea God’s Apostle class’s Tier 2 Legacy Skills. Blade of Waves was also the most powerful Tier 2 Legacy Skill he had learned.

Currents of blue Mana circled the Edgeless Blade. When Shadow Sword swung his greatsword at the Evil Demon before him, the Mana Weapon transformed into a 40-yard-long blade of water. Players in the distance only saw a dark-blue horizontal wall suddenly bisect the battlefield.


A frightening amount of damage appeared above the Evil Demon’s head when the water blade cut through its body. The blade also slammed into other players, and whether they wore plate armor or cloth, all of their HPs plummeted to zero. Their cleaved bodies then transformed into particles of light and disappeared from the battlefield.

After the attack, the Evil Demon that took the hit fell into a heavily injured state, is combat power drastically decreasing.

The surrounding Blackwater members expressed their shock and terror when they saw this.


Too strong!

Not only had Shadow Sword repelled ten Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons with one attack, but his follow-up attack had also heavily injured one Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon and killed over a dozen players. Even Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights had died instantly…

“How is he so powerful?”

Confusion filled the experts from the various major powers as they watched Shadow Sword from a distance.

Even if Shadow Sword were a Tier 2 Berserker and had used a Berserk Skill, his damage should not have been so frightening. He should’ve been lucky to hold his ground against a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon, yet even without activating a Berserk Skill, Shadow Sword had heavily injured the Grand Lord. This utterly destroyed their understanding of Tier 2 classes’ combat power.

“Damn it! Flame, split the other Evil Demons up and have them attack independently!” Singular Burial commanded once he saw that the Evil Demons were no match for Shadow Sword.

They had summoned ten Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons, and although they were no match for Shadow Sword, the Berserker couldn’t stop them all if they split up. The Evil Demons Shadow Sword didn’t target could continue to slaughter Zero Wing’s members.

Hearing Singular Burial’s command, Flame Blood had the other nine Evil Demons circle Shadow Sword.

However, as these Evil Demons began to move, Cola landed between three of them and used Justice Roar, forcing all three to focus on him and no one else.

The three taunted Evil Demons immediately brandished their claws at Cola. Seeing this, Cola grinned as he raised the one-handed axe in his right hand. Like Shadow Sword’s Edgeless Blade, silver runes illuminated the weapon. Taking a step forward, Cola used Holy Slash.

A silver flash sliced at the three Evil Demons’ extended claws. The moment Cola’s axe met the monsters’ claws, the Evil Demons felt as if a current of electricity shot through them, leaving their arms numb. All three Evil Demons were forced to retreat by several steps, and the difference between their Strength and Cola’s was obvious at a glance.

Meanwhile, Gentle Snow, Fire Dance, Flying Shadow, Ye Wumian, Turtledove, and Rampant Blade suppressed the other six Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons. The six Tier 2 players halted the Evil Demons’ advance, preventing the monsters from targeting Zero Wing’s Tier 1 players.

The spectating powers were stunned to see all ten Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons suppressed.

“Who are these people?”

The various major powers and adventurer teams’ members were curious and awed as they watched Shadow Sword and his companions. They immediately began to look into the identities of these Tier 2 players from Zero Wing.

The various large Guilds and adventurer teams present were no strangers to Grand Lord ranked monsters, but they usually needed 100-man teams to raid such monsters. Yet, Shadow Sword and the others actually soloed the Evil Demons. Moreover, they had the upper hand in the battle. This was simply unbelievable.

The moment these various powers received their investigations’ results, they were flabbergasted.

Aside from Gentle Snow, the other Tier 2 players were practically unknown in God’s Domain. Although these players had shown up in Zero Wing’s past battles, none of them had ever displayed such frightening power.

Because of this, the players from these major powers and adventurer teams began to wonder if Shadow Sword and the others had deliberately hidden their strength all this time.

But after today, there was no doubt that these players would become famous in God’s Domain.

Their performance today was simply too shocking!

While Shadow Sword and the other Tier 2 players suppressed the Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons, Zero Wing’s other members were free to slaughter Blackwater’s players without worry. Aqua Rose, Blackie, Violet Cloud, and Alluring Summer, in particular, struck like humanoid Defense Turrets.

All four of them wielded Tier 3 Mana Staffs, which allowed their Spells’ power to rival Tier 3 Spells. Against Tier 1 players, these Spells were one-shot, one-kill attacks. Not even blocking these Spells could save the targeted players.

When the four used AOE Spells, each of their attacks could slay dozens of players.

Of those present, only Blackwater’s Tier 2 experts barely survived Aqua Rose and the others’ attacks. However, none of them could approach the four casters, either, since doing so would be suicidal.

As he watched the one-sided battle, Singular Burial’s complexion turned ashen, and the corner of his eyes twitched.

He had visited the Primordial Divine Ruin this time with his closest aides and experts that had originally belonged to Heaven’s Burial. These players were supposed to serve as the foundation of his rise through Blackwater. Now that Zero Wing’s members had massacred his subordinates, his chances of rising in his new Guild had significantly decreased.

Although he wanted to do something to stop the massacre, he had enough trouble with the Level 50 youth before him. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t get past the youth’s defense. To make matters worse, his opponent was only a Tier 1 Berserker, while he was a bona fide Tier 2 Ranger.

Yet, the Berserker’s Tier 1 Skills had actually repelled his Tier 2 Skills…

This maddened Singular Burial.

On the other hand, You Ziping, also known as Silent Blade, grew increasingly excited as he fought Singular Burial. He had never felt this wonderful before. The combination of a Tier 2 Mana Weapon and the Level 50 Magic Light Set had granted him an absolute advantage in Basic Attributes over his opponent. From time to time, he even caught Singular Burial by surprised when he used his Mana Weapon’s ability.

In addition, through his battle with Singular Burial, someone who had entered the Refinement Realm long ago, You Ziping was able to recognize many of his flaws. If not for his advantage in Basic Attributes and Tier 2 Mana Weapon, the enemy Ranger would’ve likely killed him already.

“Guild Leader, these people from Zero Wing are too powerful. At this rate, we’ll be wiped out before the Evil Beast army arrives,” Daybreak Fog, who was similarly entangled in a fierce battle, told Singular Burial anxiously through a private chat.

Hearing Daybreak Fog’s worry, Singular Burial glanced at Blackwater’s members, who were continuously slaughtered. Suddenly, a sense of helplessness doused the killing intent burning in his heart.

However, just as Singular Burial was about to respond, he noticed a black figure weaving across the battlefield and killing Blackwater’s experts with inhuman speed. The figure moved so quickly that by the time Blackwater’s experts noticed someone before them, a blue flash filled their vision. Once the blue flash disappeared, the targeted experts collapsed lifelessly to the ground.

“Black Flame!” Singular Burial bellowed with rage, a gut-twisting envy filling his heart as he watched the rapidly moving black figure.

Zero Wing was clearly a Guild that had been established without a background or backers, yet the Guild had gained one powerful expert after another. Fire Dance, Shadow Sword, Flying Shadow, Cola, Violet Cloud, Alluring Summer… Even Super Guilds sought to recruit these experts, yet they had gathered in Zero Wing.

Moreover, the unknown Berserker youth before him also possessed immense talent.

Singular Burial could not understand why so many obscure experts had gathered in Zero Wing, yet he had failed to recruit even one such expert for himself.

While Singular Burial screamed his lungs out, Shi Feng vanished from the battlefield.

In the next moment, Shi Feng reappeared before Singular Burial.

“Singular Burial! Your era has ended!” Shi Feng growled as he swung down his Sacred Sword.

Although Singular Burial had responded quickly, Shi Feng’s appearance had been too abrupt. Even though he had immediately thought of using the Ranger class’s Escape Skill to put some distance between himself and Shi Feng, in the face of the Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike, he was a split-second too slow to get away.

After receiving the one attack, Singular Burial’s HP, which was over 50,000, instantly fell to zero…