Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1709 - Might of One Hit

Chapter 1709: Might of One Hit

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Zero Wing's sudden appearance had shocked the players at the Primordial Divine Ruin. Shi Feng's command to attack Blackwater's members only intensified their surprise.

"This is crazy! Zero Wing must be insane! They've actually barged into the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts' encirclement to attack Blackwater?!"

The members from the various major powers and adventurer teams were stupefied as they watched Zero Wing's members charge into Blackwaters' on their Mounts.

At a glance, it was clear that Zero Wing had dispatched less than 2,000 members to the Primordial Divine Ruin. Even if all of them were experts, Blackwater's forces weren't to be trifled with.

Although Blackwater had recently suffered a major loss, it had recruited many of Heaven's Burial's expert and elite members. The Guild had sent 4,000 experts and 6,000 elites to the ruin this time, and the lowest-leveled among them was Level 49. Every one of these 10,000 players also wore top-tier equipment. An army of fewer than 2,000 experts stood no chance against Blackwater's forces.

Moreover, the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts currently surrounded the Primordial Divine Ruin. It wouldn't be long before these monsters arrived to support Blackwater's army.

Zero Wing would have more opponents than just Blackwater's army. They would have to face 100,000-plus monsters as well.

While the various large Guilds wondered why Zero Wing had enacted such a ludicrous plan, the Guild's mounted forces had almost reached Blackwater's members.

"Bastards!" Falling Fire cursed as he commanded his players to fall into formation.

Fortunately, the players Blackwater had dispatched to raid the Primordial Divine Ruin were all well-trained, and the 10,000-man army quickly took up arms. The 500-plus Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights formed two rows at the front, raising their shields as they prepared to stop their enemy's advance. Meanwhile, the Clerics, Oracles, and Druids at the rear of the army began to cast their buffs on the army's MTs. Now, the two human walls formed between the army and Zero Wing's members could even stop dozens of Great Lords of the same level, not to mention charging players.

Meanwhile, the ranged forces between the Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights began to cast their offensive Spells.

Blackwater's army had far better reaction speed, combat standards, and far more combat experience than the various adventurer teams who fought others in the fields. The entire army moved as one, utterly organized.

However, the Berserkers leading Zero Wing's charge paid the blockade before them little heed. They didn't even bother to wait for their own Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights to catch up as they plowed into Blackwater's formation.

The moment before Zero Wing's 100-plus Berserkers clashed with Blackwater's MTs, a hint of excitement could be seen flashing in their eyes as they tightened their grips on their weapons. Suddenly, silver runes began to form on their weapons, and the ambient Mana gathered around the Berserker's weapons. Without hesitation, the Berserkers swung their weapons at the massive shields before them.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A series of loud explosions echoed throughout the area as the Berserkers struck the enemy shields.


When Blackwater's MTs received the Berserker's attacks, they felt as if they had been hit by a truck. Not only did their shields tremble violently and their arms go numb, but they were also forced to take two or three steps back before they could stabilize themselves.

However, before these MTs could regain their postures, Zero Wing's Berserkers swung their weapons again, forcing these MTs backward once more.

After three consecutive attacks, Zero Wing's Berserkers had broken holes in Blackwater's defensive line. The Berserkers then dashed toward the ranged players like frenzied beasts.

"Zero Wing broke through?"

The various major powers watching from a distance could not help but gape at the scene. Just 100-plus Berserkers had torn apart two defensive lines formed by over 500 Level 49-plus Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights. The clash between these melee players had lasted less than two seconds. It was as if Blackwater's Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights were made of paper and could barely take a hit.

However, the players from these major powers knew that Blackwater's MTs all wore excellent equipment. The weakest piece they'd have on them would be Level 45 Fine-Gold rank. MTs of such caliber could easily join the various large Guilds' main forces. As for their combat standards, they were all elite and expert players. A blockade of such powerful MTs shouldn't have a problem fending off a charge of dozens of Great Lords of the same level, yet it had shattered when assaulted by Zero Wing's 100-plus Berserkers. No matter how they looked at the situation, they simply could not bring themselves to believe it.

What these players didn't know was that although these Zero Wing Berserkers were only Tier 1 players, they could unleash Tier 3 power when they maxed out the Tier 2 Mana Weapons in their hands.

Blackwater's defensive lines might be able to stop several dozen Great Lords of the same level, but it definitely couldn't stop the combined charge of over a 100 Great Lords.

"Melee units, stop them! Do not let them reached our ranged unit!" Falling Fire hurriedly commanded when he noticed Zero Wing's Berserkers approach.

However, before Falling Fire could even finish his words, one melee fighter from Blackwater after another was thrown into the air. Even when Blackwater's Level 50 Berserkers tried to stop Zero Wing's Berserkers, the latter easily pushed them back. They lost a significant amount of HP when they crossed blades with Zero Wing's Berserkers.

After repulsing Blackwater's melee players, Zero Wing's Berserkers charged toward Blackwater's ranged force like a sharpened sword. The Berserkers blocked the incoming ranged attacks with little-to-no effort.

In contrast to Blackwater's pitiful ranged attacks, the attacks Zero Wing's several hundred ranged players launched were basically unstoppable. When Blackwater's MTs tried to block these incoming attacks with their shields, their defensive postures shattered under a single blow, rendering them helpless against the following ranged attacks. Every ranged attack that struck an MT directly dealt over -20,000 damage, and Zero Wing's players only needed three ranged strikes to kill a Blackwater MT. Blackwater's healers hadn't even had enough time to save their allies.

The difference between each side's healers was jaw-dropping.

When Blackwater's healers cast Healing Spells with one- or two-second channeling times, the Spells would restore around 10,000 of the target's HP. In contrast, when Zero Wing's healers used the same Healing Spells, their targets recovered nearly 20,000 HP. Meanwhile, Blackwater's ranged classes only dealt around -10,000 HP when they struck Zero Wing's Berserkers on a direct hit, and the best among them only dealt around -13,000 damage. Zero Wing's healers could easily restore whatever HP their Berserkers lost.

The difference between the two forces was clear for all to see after the battle continued for a short moment. Like a group of ferocious beasts, Zero Wing's members devoured the lives of Blackwater's players, forcing Blackwater to retreat, again and again, as the army began to show signs of crumbling.

The spectating crowd was dumbfounded.

No matter how they thought about it, Blackwater should've had the upper hand, yet Zero Wing had an absolute advantage over its army. This didn't look like an actual battle; it was more of a one-sided beating. Zero Wing and Blackwater's strength simply weren't on the same level.

"So, this is the power of Mana Weapons?" Gentle Snow, who commanded the battle from the rear, was indescribably shocked as she watched her players devour Blackwater's forces.

They were too strong.

Although the Branch Guild she commanded in the Black Dragon Empire hadn't experienced as many battles as the main branch in Star-Moon Kingdom, her Guild had plenty of experience in combat involving thousands of players. Hence, she knew that such a large-scale battle wouldn't reach a conclusion quickly. At the very least, the battle would last 15 to 30 minutes before anyone could tell which side had the upper hand.

Yet, not even one minute had passed since the battle between Zero Wing and Blackwater had begun. However, even an ordinary player could see that Blackwater had no hope of winning this fight. At this rate, Zero Wing wouldn't even need ten minutes to annihilate Blackwater's 10,000 players.

Only Shi Feng knew how typical this battle's outcome was.

Blackwater's players weren't fighting 1,400-plus Tier 1 players, but a force of 1,400-plus Tier 2 experts. With so many Tier 2 experts, Zero Wing could even wipe out an army of 30,000 Tier 1 players without trouble, much less a force of 10,000. This was the difference between tiers.

Silence fell over the Primordial Divine Ruin as players witnessed Zero Wing's overwhelming power. Even the spectating superpowers wore somber expressions as they watched the massacre before them.

"Black Flame! Do you really think that this is the only force I've prepared for the Primordial Divine Ruin?! Pay for your foolishness!" As Singular Burial watched Blackwater's army slide backward, he showed neither surprise nor fear, simply revealing an arrogant sneer. He then turned to the cloaked, bandaged man beside him and snapped, "Flame Blood, it's time for you to take action!"

Nodding in response, Flame Blood immediately took a gray crystal ball from his bag and began to chant an incantation.

He wasn't within a kingdom or empire right now, so it didn't matter if he revealed his identity as an Evil God's Temple player since there weren't any NPCs around to hunt him down.

Suddenly, clouds of pitch-black fog started to emerge from the crystal ball. The fog rapidly transformed into the figures of 10 Evil Demons. These summoned Evil Demons were all Level 70 Grand Lords, which he had actually prepared for the Guardian Boss on the ruin's fourth floor.

Under Flame Blood's command, the ten Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons charged at Zero Wing's army.

Just before they reached Zero Wing's frontline and could swing down their massive claws, a figure appeared before them. This figure was none other than Shadow Sword.

"Scram!" Shadow Sword tightened his grip on the Edgeless Blade and executed a sweeping slash with the rune-covered greatsword.

Tier 2 Skill, Bladestorm!

A silver storm engulfed ten Evil Demons, sending them flying over a dozen yards away. When the monsters crashed into the ground, a damage of over -200,000 appeared above each of their heads…