Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1708 - Miraculous Hunt

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Chapter 1708 – Miraculous Hunt

Zero Wing City, Four Towers of Elements:

Due to Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation function, the number of players that gathered at the Four Towers of Elements increased with each passing day.

Many among them belonged to the various adventurer teams and large Guilds. This was because teleporting through the Four Towers of Elements was the fastest way for players to reach the Orc Empire. Using this function, players could save up on over ten hours of mounted travel time when traveling to the Orc Empire.

Aside from being able to teleport into the Orc Empire, players could teleport to leveling maps around Zero Wing City. Although these leveling maps weren’t high-resource maps, the easy travel method still made these maps attractive.

Because of this, the Four Towers of Elements weren’t any less lively than the city’s central district even though they stood at the edges of Zero Wing City, far from most of the city’s attractions. Quite a few player Shops had also risen around the towers.

Among these player Shops stood the Purple Pavilion Trading Firm, a trading firm Shi Feng had been quite familiar with during his previous life.

This trading firm was run by none other than Susie, one of Shi Feng’s old friends in the past. The Purple Pavilion Trading Firm’s business was doing considerably well, and many adventurer teams’ players purchased items from its Shop.

“Guild Leader, is there a problem with that Shop?” Gentle Snow asked curiously when she noticed Shi Feng staring at the Purple Pavilion Trading Firm.

“The Purple Pavilion Trading Firm?” Following Shi Feng’s gaze, Aqua Rose said, “Based on our information, the trading firm is quite impressive. Its owner had rented a Shop here before we had even revealed the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation function. The Purple Pavilion’s owner also has amazing connections and offers many specialty products from other countries. The Purple Pavilion Trading Firm has used this opportunity to partner with quite a few well-known adventurer teams and purchase various rare materials from them at below-market price.

“Right now, excluding the trading firms operated by the various large Guilds, the Purple Pavilion Trading Firm ranks among the top five in Zero Wing City. However, based on our investigations, Purple Pavilion doesn’t have a powerful backer. As a result, certain major trading firms have begun to take action against Purple Pavilion in secret.”

When Gentle Snow and the others heard Aqua Rose’s explanation, they could not help but view the Purple Pavilion Trading Firm’s owner in a new light.

In God’s Domain, the competition between trading firms was just as intense as that between Guilds. In fact, the competition between trading firms was far more intense. This was because Guilds weren’t the only ones operating trading firms in God’s Domain. Some independent players and adventurer teams had their own trading firms to earn more resources and Coins, funding their personal development.

Hence, God’s Domain had more trading firms than Guilds. Thriving in such a competitive environment without a powerful backer was extremely difficult.

The fact that the Purple Pavilion Trading Firm’s Shop ranked among the top five Shops operated by non-Guild entities in Zero Wing City proved how amazing it was.

“Aqua, have someone give the various Shops in Zero Wing City a warning. I don’t care what they do elsewhere, but nobody is allowed to play dirty in Zero Wing’s towns and cities. If they’re caught doing so, they should prepare to face the consequences,” Shi Feng quietly instructed, glancing at some of the players on the street who were clearly stalking the Purple Pavilion Trading Firm.

Part of the development of Guild Towns and Cities relied on the development of the Shops in them. If Zero Wing couldn’t provide sufficient security and fair competition for the independent merchant players in its towns and cities, these players would eventually refuse to conduct their business in Zero Wing’s territories.

“Understood.” Aqua Rose nodded. She immediately arranged for some of her subordinates to warn the various player-operated Shops in Zero Wing City.

After dealing with this matter, Shi Feng and the others split into multiple groups and teleported to the Orc Empire’s border at intervals.

For this operation, Shi Feng didn’t just have his team members sign the confidentiality contract to keep their mouths shut about the Mana Weapons to avoid attracting other Guilds’ attentions. It also forced them to keep the operation itself a secret.

Although this method didn’t stop spies from simply logging out of the game and notifying their employers, Zero Wing would discover anyone who violated the contract the moment they logged out since these players had been invited at the same time. Unless these spies wanted to blow their cover and lose all of their progress in the game thus far, they wouldn’t dare log out.

After arriving in the Orc Empire, everyone gathered in a predetermined location. Once Shi Feng ensured that his team had arrived safely, he had them saddle up and make their way towards the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Each of these players was either an elite or expert in Zero Wing, so they all had their own Guild Mounts. A legion of majestic Thunder Wolves quickly traversed the Orc Empire’s barren lands, and as it passed, the areas it left behind looked as if they had been ravaged by a powerful storm.

However, even amongst this legion of majestic beasts, Shi Feng’s Demonic Flame Tiger stood out like a sore thumb. Although the Demonic Flame Tiger had shrunk to three meters in height after its evolution, eye-catching, pitch-black flames and arcs of silver electricity danced along its paws. The Demonic Flame Tiger also radiated an aura that rivaled that of a High Lord. It was difficult not to notice the beast.

When other players encountered Zero Wing’s legion, they grew nervous.

This was because the Orcs in the Orc Empire also rode gigantic battle wolves and battle tigers. At first, these players assumed that the Orc Empire’s armies had ambushed them, and they had nearly turned and fled. However, after getting a closer look, they realized that the Mount’s riders were human, not robust Orcs. Seeing this, they relaxed and sighed with relief.

“Crap! Who are those people?! Almost all of them are using the same type of Mount!”

“Don’t they look like Zero Wing’s Thunder Wolves? Those Thunder Wolves are seriously cool. I wish I had one.”

“Zero Wing? That shouldn’t be possible. Those players are heading toward the Primordial Divine Ruin, which is surrounded by Evil Beasts and Evil Demons. If they are Zero Wing’s members, aren’t they just heading towards their deaths?”

“Could Zero Wing be trying to force their way into the ruin?”

“That’s impossible, right? There are more than 100,000 Evil Beasts and Evil Demons at the ruin. They’d even wipe out an army of several thousand experts in the blink of an eye. If not for that Beast Emperor wanting to avoid provoking every major power in the Orc Empire, he could easily stop anyone from entering the Primordial Divine Ruin with his monster army.”

“Zero Wing shouldn’t be underestimated, either. The Guild had already defeated Heaven’s Burial’s Evil Demon army. I’ve watched the recordings of that battle. Zero Wing had even faced-down Mythic ranked Evil Beast and Demons.”

“Didn’t you see Zero Wing summon those Mythic monsters? There’s no way Zero Wing can summon such powerful monsters again easily.”

The players that noticed Zero Wing’s force discussed the Guild’s actions heatedly. News that Zero Wing had dispatched a force to the Primordial Divine Ruin quickly spread. After all, it would be difficult for such a powerful army to avoid notice for long.

Soon, the various major powers waiting to enter the Primordial Divine Ruin began to discuss the matter as well.

“Zero Wing is taking action so soon?”

“Is Zero Wing insane? Don’t they know that there are over 100,000 Evil Demons and Evil Beasts guarding the Primordial Divine Ruin?”

Zero Wing’s actions confused all of the various large Guilds’ upper echelons.

“Brother Singular, like Beast Emperor has said, Zero Wing really couldn’t hold back and has come running to us on its own. This is a good opportunity for us to take our revenge,” Falling Fire said, a cold glint flashing in his eyes as he read the report his subordinate just sent him. “We only lost because we didn’t fully understand Zero Wing and fought them on their home turf. However, our battlefield will be set in the Orc Empire this time. We also have eight Mythic monsters under our command. Even if Zero Wing can summon more of those High Demons to suppress our Mythic monsters, we’ll have plenty of Grand Lords and Great Lords to spare. We can annihilate this Zero Wing forces!”

“Zero Wing!” Singular Burial gnashed his teeth in anger when he heard the mention of the Guild. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he growled, “I won’t let any of your members return alive this time!”

Zero Wing had thoroughly destroyed Heaven’s Burial in their last battle. All of the time and effort he had invested in his Guild’s development had gone to waste, just like that. Now, hatred for Zero Wing consumed his thoughts. The Evil Demons and Evil Beasts encircling the Primordial Divine Ruin were a suggestion he had made to Beast Emperor. He had done so to cause as much trouble for Zero Wing as possible, impeding the Guild’s development.

As soon as Singular Burial finished speaking, a spatial gate opened above him.

Once the spatial gate opened fully, cloaked figures atop Mounts jumped out, one after another. When these cloaked figures landed, everyone recognized the Mounts as Zero Wing’s Thunder Wolves.

“What’s going on?”

“Zero Wing’s members actually dare to charge straight into the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts’ encirclement? Are they seeking death?”

Everyone gaped at Zero Wing’s members when they realized who had emerged from the spatial gate. They had assumed that Zero Wing was simply putting up a strong front by marching into the Orc Empire. Even if Zero Wing truly intended to take action, the Guild would employ hit-and-run tactics and target small groups of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons at most.

However, the fact that Zero Wing’s members had jumped straight into their enemy’s ranks via a spatial gate left them utterly baffled.

Before anyone could react, Shi Feng’s gaze shifted toward the nearby Blackwater members.

“Kill them!”