Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1707 - Tier 2 Legion

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Chapter 1707 – Tier 2 Legion

The silence persisted for a short moment before a commotion erupted inside the lounge.

Everyone felt that Shi Feng’s intentions were too crazy. Setting aside how many Evil Beasts and Evil Demons were present around the Primordial Divine Ruin, just the Mythic Evil Beasts and Mythic Evil Demons there would be more than enough to annihilate their team of 1,500 players.

Not to mention, they were attacking in enemy territory, which meant plenty of enemy reinforcements.

“I’m sure you all are worried and afraid. If you feel that you are not up to it, you may leave. I won’t force any of you to take part in this operation. After all, the operation this time is indeed very dangerous. If you wish to take part in it, though, come to me to register. Note that you will also have to sign a confidentiality contract to take part in this operation,” Shi Feng said in a calm tone after carefully observing everyone present.

The reason why Zero Wing was contesting with other Guilds over various resources was to provide its members with better benefits. Meanwhile, the majority of the resources obtained would go to elite and core members of the Guild.

If the Guild’s core members were not even willing to put themselves at risk for the Guild, then when the Guild faced greater pressure in the future, nobody would know what kind of actions these core members would take. Thus, there was naturally no need for the Guild to continue nurturing such ungrateful core members.

Previously, when Zero Wing was still in its infancy, he could tolerate feeding the Guild’s elite and expert members without asking much in return. However, now that Zero Wing was no longer in its infancy and had already stepped onto the path of becoming a superpower, the Guild would need much more resources than before to continue developing. His latest acquisition, the Lost Town, only made the Guild even more desperate for resources. Now, he could neither afford nor tolerate having freeloaders in his Guild. Hence, there was a serious need to adjust the way the Guild operated.

The first thing he was going to change was how benefits were offered to Guild members. A Guild member’s contribution would now also be an important criterion in deciding what kind of benefits they would receive; strength was no longer the only determining factor. The more a person contributed to the Guild, the more returns they would receive.

In the past, many large Guilds had failed to pay attention to this aspect and simply focused on recruiting strong players without bothering with whether those players were truly loyal to the Guild or not. As a result, when the Guild faced an insurmountable foe, it crumbled even before the battle had begun. In contrast, some small Guilds with average strength were able to unite their members to fight against first-rate Guilds and maintain a considerably large territory for themselves.

Shi Feng planned to institute the changes starting with this operation.

After he was done speaking, everyone present fell into a daze for a while. At this time, Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, and the other core members in the upper echelon of the Guild quickly realized what Shi Feng was trying to do. Hence, they kept their mouths shut and quietly watched from the sides.

“We’ll definitely get ourselves killed by going over there.”

“Wonderful! I’ve been itching to let those bastards know Zero Wing’s amazingness!”

“Guild Leader, just give us our orders!”

For a time, everyone present discussed among themselves. The members of the Guild’s main force then went up to Shi Feng to register. Only a small number of players that were recently promoted into Dark Gods members hesitated over their decision.

After the registration process continued for around a dozen minutes, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose could not help but breathe out a sigh of relief.

Of the 1,500 players they gathered, over 1,400 had registered to join the operation with only several dozen players declining. However, this situation also served as a stern reminder to the two of them. The players they had gathered here today were all experts who they believed were trustworthy, yet there were still some people that had betrayed their expectations. If they were to conduct such a test for the other expert and elite members, the percentage of those who would abandon the Guild during its time of need would most likely be much higher. Meanwhile, many more expert and elite players would be joining the Guild in the future.

There are over 1,400 people remaining? Shi Feng was quite satisfied with this outcome, which could also be considered the result of the past few selections Zero Wing had conducted. Not to mention, most of the members that chose to abstain from the operation this time were mainly recent recruits. Following which, he turned to look at Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow and said quietly, “From today onward, start restructuring the Guild ranks. Regardless if one is an expert member or an elite member, their positions are not fixed. If members fail to obtain a sufficient number of Guild Achievements and Guild Contribution Points corresponding to their rank each month, they’ll be demoted by a rank. I don’t care how strong they are; they can be demoted all the way to a Guild reserve member and eventually kicked out of the Guild.”

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose nodded in agreement, both of them thinking that it was about time for them to make new Guild regulations.

After all, the current Zero Wing was no longer the same Zero Wing as before.

Previously, as Zero Wing was lacking manpower and was constantly waging war with other Guilds, they had no choice but to offer excellent and tempting benefits with lax conditions in order to keep the Guild alive. In contrast, first-rate Guilds got to develop in a stable environment for long periods. Not only were their rules and regulations clearly defined, but their contribution and achievement systems were also perfected. This allowed them to prevent freeloaders from appearing in their Guilds.

After everyone signed the confidentiality contract, Shi Feng distributed Tier 2 Mana Weapons to all the Tier 1 players present.

As for Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, and the other Tier 2 experts there, Shi Feng handed them Tier 3 Mana Weapons.

This situation stupefied Shadow Sword, who currently wielded the Tier 3 Mana Weapon Edgeless Blade.

He had experienced the strength of a Tier 3 Mana Weapon for himself. Even if he simply wielded the weapon normally, he could exert power at the Tier 3 standard. If he pushed the weapon to its maximum potential, then he was basically an unstoppable god of slaughter.

Meanwhile, for the operation this time, a total of twelve Tier 2 players would be taking part in it, yet Shi Feng had actually given every one of them a Tier 3 Mana Weapon. Shadow Sword found this situation to be simply incredible.

However, the most frightening matter would still have to be the fact that every one of the Tier 1 experts present received a Tier 2 Mana Weapon. That was over 1,400 players they were talking about!

In other words, at this moment, Zero Wing had essentially gained an additional 1,400-plus Tier 2 experts.

With the correct conditions, a 100-man team of Tier 2 experts could definitely raid a Mythic Boss of the same level.

Meanwhile, like Shadow Sword, after Aqua Rose and the others took a look at the Attributes of their respective Tier 3 Mana Weapons, they were similarly dumbfounded.

“Guild Leader, did you raid the armory of a kingdom? We won’t get hunted by some kingdom’s army, right?” Blackie could not help but gulp nervously as he looked at the Tier 3 Mana Staff he held, which completely surpassed his Epic ranked staff in terms of raw power.

The other Tier 2 experts nodded their heads, seconding Blackie’s words.

They never thought that their Guild actually possessed such a hidden hand. Even those in the upper echelon like themselves were utterly clueless about this.

Just by holding the Tier 3 Mana Weapons, they could feel that their combat power had increased drastically. At the very least, the raw power of their attacks should be at the Tier 3 standard already. Although they did not possess the physique and Skills of a Tier 3 player, they were still confident that, unless their opponent was fully geared in Epic Equipment, they could easily stomp on any Tier 2 expert right now.

At this moment, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow finally understood why Shi Feng would try to annihilate the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons around the Primordial Divine Ruin with such a small number of players.

With so many experts boasting Tier 2 and Tier 3 combat power, they indeed possessed the qualifications to go up against the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts near the Primordial Divine Ruin.

While everyone was reeling from receiving the Mana Weapons, Shi Feng took out four pieces of equipment and handed them to Cola. Originally, Cola wanted to say that his equipment was plenty excellent already and that there was no need for a replacement. However, once he inspected what Shi Feng gave him, his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

Without hesitation, he removed the Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment he was wearing and replaced them with the Mana Equipment Set from Shi Feng.

The moment Cola equipped the Mana Equipment Set, the feeling he gave off transformed abruptly.

Right now, Cola’s aura gave even Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow intense pressure. Not to mention, the Mana in the room was also surging toward him. Just standing beside the Guardian Knight felt stifling.

“Guild Leader, what kind of equipment did you give Cola? Did you give him four pieces of Epic Equipment?” Gentle Snow asked curiously. At this moment, she could clearly feel that her Attributes were inferior to Cola’s. However, she currently had a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment equipped, so it was simply unbelievable that Cola’s Basic Attributes would be superior to hers. The only explanation she could think of for such a difference was that Cola had just equipped four pieces of Epic Equipment.

“No. It’s Tier 2 Mana Equipment Set. It’s something similar to the Mana Weapons you all are using,” Shi Feng replied, shaking his head. He then turned to Cola and asked, “How does it feel after you’ve equipped it?”

“Guild Leader, this set is simply insane! I feel that I can tank even a Mythic Boss right now!” Cola’s eyes glowed with excitement as he looked at the four silvery pieces of equipment on him.

When the surrounding crowd heard Cola’s words, they could not help but gasp. From Cola’s expression, they could tell that the Guardian Knight was not joking at all. However, realizing this only served to shock them even more.

Four pieces of Mana Equipment were actually enough to create an MT capable of tanking a Mythic Boss of the same level. This situation was simply too frightening.

“Relax. You’ll have plenty of chances to show off later on,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Following which, Shi Feng had Aqua Rose recruit 176 trustworthy Summoners from the Guild’s elite members for the upcoming operation and had them sign confidentiality contracts as well.

“Move out! Our target is the Primordial Divine Ruin! It’s about time we let our enemies pay the price of blood!” Shi Feng commanded after seeing that everyone had gathered.