Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1705 - Mana Equipment Set

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Chapter 1705 – Mana Equipment Set

A Town Building Order?

Shi Feng’s mind blanked for a moment when he saw the tattered parchment that had abruptly appeared in his hands.

Town Building Orders were incredibly precious in God’s Domain. Normally, the item could only be obtained from securing the First Kill of a special Field Boss or Epic ranked or higher group quest.

A Town Building Order was far more valuable than a captured town.

This was because the Town Building Order granted players the freedom to build a town in almost any location they desired. They could even construct the town in a neutral map. This was where the Town Building Order truly shined.

Neutral maps didn’t have teleportation points, and players had to rely on their own feet to reach these maps. Moreover, very few neutral maps contained towns or cities. In the case of the Orc Empire, capturable towns and cities had only appeared due to an expansion pack. Trying to find a premade town to capture in other neutral maps was a dream.

Of course, the Orc Empire’s natural towns and cities had their flaws. They lacked some of the functions that normal Guild Towns and Cities possessed. For example, they couldn’t be promoted. Regardless of how well Guilds managed these towns and cities, they would remain at the same rank they started with. Meanwhile, the town constructed with a Town Building Order didn’t have such restrictions. It could be promoted into a city without issues.

However, one had to pay a considerably higher price to use a Town Building Order in a neutral map. It would cost, at the very least, several, possibly dozens of times more than building a town within a kingdom or empire. This was because neutral maps were not considered safe areas. In fact, they were home to many races that were hostile to humans. Naturally, setting up a town in enemy land would be more costly. The higher-leveled the neutral map was, the more it would cost to construct a town there. Most importantly, Guild Towns and Cities in neutral maps would face frequent monster attacks. Surviving in these neutral maps would also be much harder than within a kingdom or empire’s borders.

Hence, not all Guilds that had been lucky enough to find a Town Building Order had chosen to construct their towns in neutral maps. Rather, they lacked the ability and funds to build a town in a neutral map.

Shi Feng had never expected to obtain a Town Building Order so soon in this life.

Originally, he had planned to wait for the Guild’s main force to reach Level 60 before challenging a few special Field Bosses that he knew the locations of. But now, he had a Town Building Order ten levels earlier than expected.

Forget it. It’s better to get one earlier than later. At most, I’ll just have to adjust my original plan. Shi Feng smiled before storing the Town Building Order. He then set his sights on the other items the Tyrant’s Soul had dropped while he had Anna and the Tier 3 Demon clean up the remaining monsters.

As a Mythic monster, the Tyrant’s Soul should have dropped a lot of items.

Yet, the Boss had a surprisingly low number. Including the tattered equipment the Tyrant’s Soul dropped, the Boss had only dropped six items.

Shi Feng immediately picked up the tattered equipment pieces and inspected them.

These equipment pieces had clearly existed for an extremely long time. Many areas of the pieces had fallen prey to corrosion. If they were tossed to the roadside, nobody would likely spare them a second glance.

However, Shi Feng was instantly ecstatic after he inspected their Attribute Panels.

Mana Equipment! As expected of the Extraordinary Tower’s Guardian Boss. Shi Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement as he gazed at the four tattered pieces of equipment before him.

Mana Equipment was similar to Mana Weapons. Both were Consumables and could offer a significant boost to player’s combat power. Only, Mana Equipment was extremely difficult to produce, far more so than Mana Weapons. As a result, Mana Equipment was scarcer than Mana Weapons. Meanwhile, the four pieces of Mana Equipment before him made up a complete set. They were the hands, chest, legs, and boots of the Judgment Set, a Tier 2 Mana Equipment Set.

Individually, these four pieces had the Basic Attributes to rival Epic Equipment. Only, they did not possess any Additional Skills.

In return for their lack of Skills, though, the four-piece Judgment Set included two ridiculously strong set effects.

Two-piece set effect: Mana Stimulation: Passively improves physique by 30% and reaction speed by 20%. Forms a Mana Shield around the wearer that weakens Spell effects by 50% and reduces physical damage received by 30%.

Four-piece set effect: Light of Judgment: Stimulates the runes on every set piece at the cost of durability. When active, increases all Attributes by 800 points, Strength by 90%, Endurance by 60%, and Agility by 60%. Sustaining Light of Judgment reduces one durability point from every set piece each minute.

The Mana Equipment Set’s Attributes rendered Shi Feng speechless.

Although he had been a Guild Leader in the past, his Guild had only been a second-rate Guild. The information he had been able to get his hands on had been very limited. Although he had known that Mana Equipment was very powerful, he hadn’t realized exactly how powerful.

Now that he had seen one of these set’s Attributes, he finally understood why Mana Equipment was so powerful.

The Basic Attributes it provided could rival Epic Equipment of the same level, and when operating at maximum capacity, its buffs were even more impressive than a Berserk Skill.

An 800-point increase to all Attributes was simply unimaginable for Tier 2 players.

Both the Berserk Skills that players learned and those from equipment generally only boosted the player’s Basic Attributes. In other words, the higher a player’s Basic Attributes were, the more effective their Berserk Skills would be.

Meanwhile, when Level 60, Tier 2 experts used a Berserk Skill, excluding the percentage buffs from weapons and equipment, they would generally gain around 1,300 to 1,500 points to their main Attribute. The boost to the other Basic Attributes was far smaller.

Yet, Judgment of Light offered a fixed increase of 800 points to every Basic Attribute. That was the equivalent of a Level 60, Tier 2 expert gaining 50% or higher boost to their Attributes. After including the percentage buffs Judgment of Light provided, the player’s overall improvement would be terrifying.

Shi Feng even suspected that he could gain as much Strength with Judgment of Light as he did from Heavenly Dragon’s Power, which was above average compared to other Berserk Skills.

It was a pity that the Judgment Set was a class-specific set equipment and could only be used by Guardian Knights.

If Cola equipped this set, he should even be able to tank Mythic monsters of the same level. Shi Feng began to fantasize as he examined the Judgment Set.

If Cola wore the Judgment Set with his Titan Guard, he’d become the strongest MT in God’s Domain.

Following which, Shi Feng stored the Mana Equipment Set and set his sights on the last two items the Tyrant’s Soul had dropped. One of them was an old key, while the other was a Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

The Tier 4 Magic Scroll was a Tier 4 Domain Scroll, and the key would unlock the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest on the tower’s top floor.

Since he had stolen some of the treasure chest’s contents during his last visit, the Tyrant’s Soul had learned its lesson and locked it, making it impossible for Shi Feng, or anyone for that matter, to steal any more items.

Now that Shi Feng had the key, though, he could open the treasure chest and retrieve the remaining items.

Previously, he hadn’t had much time to loot the treasure chest, and in the end, he had only claimed five items. However, every one of those five items could even invoke a Super Guild’s envy.

Shi Feng and his minions then dealt with the remaining nine Wandering Souls and collected 15 pieces of Level 70 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment before he made his way to the tower’s top floor.

The Magic Crystal Treasure Chest hadn’t moved from its original position. However, the chest now sported a massive, golden padlock. A single glance told Shi Feng had no hope of destroying the lock as he was now, but after using the key, he removed the lock in five seconds. Lifting the treasure chest’s lid, an aurora of light escaped, which was so dazzling that anyone could see it from anywhere in the Lost Town.

Sure enough, this chest still has a lot of treasures. Shi Feng’s heart pounded with excitement as he looked at the six items inside the treasure chest. He immediately began to appraise them, one after another.

Of the six items, three were Tier 2 Skill Books; one was a Tier 2 Taboo Skill for Assassins called Indiscriminate Killing, one was a Tier 2 Spell for Elementalists called Elemental Mirror, and one was a Tier 2 Passive Skill for Rangers called Precision Shooting.

The other three items included a Tier 3 Mana Staff, a Magic Tower Design, and the last was the Guardian Puppet Design.

It’s no wonder why the players and powers that obtained Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chests had never said a word about their harvests! So, this is why!Realization dawned on Shi Feng when he saw the Guardian Puppet Design.

He had wondered what made the Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chests so special that almost no player or power had ever mentioned obtaining one during his previous life. None of the five items he had gained during his first visit were enough to tempt a Super Guild to put everything it had into obtaining one of these treasure chests. However, after taking a look at the Guardian Puppet Design, he understood. This Guardian Puppet Design alone was many times more valuable than every other item in the Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. It was so valuable that superpowers would wage an all-out war with each other to obtain it.