Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1703 - Extraordinary Tower

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Chapter 1703 – Extraordinary Tower

The Lost Town’s unique ability was the white tower. After Shi Feng had become the Lost Town’s master, the defensive magic array protecting the white tower also vanished. Now, the beam attacks didn’t target him when he stood within 100 yards of the tower, and silver divine runes had begun to appear on the white tower’s walls, radiating faint Divine Might.

When Shi Feng reached the tower’s entrance, a translucent screen appeared before him, introducing the white tower.

[Extraordinary Tower]

A training tower constructed by an ancient civilization. The tower has a total of three floors, each providing training that is more intense than the one before. Pass all three floors to qualify as an Extraordinary Individual.

Removing the seal on the first floor requires 10,000 Magic Crystals. Maintaining its operation costs 500 Magic Crystals per day. Only 100 people are allowed to train at a time.

Removing the seal on the second floor requires 100,000 Magic Crystals. Maintaining its operation costs 5,000 Magic Crystals per day. Only 50 people are allowed to train at a time.

Removing the seal on the third floor requires 1,000,000 Magic Crystals. Maintaining its operation costs 20,000 Magic Crystals per day. Only 10 people are allowed to train at a time.

So, I guess there’s a price. Shi Feng could not help his bitter smile as he read the Extraordinary Tower’s introductory text.

Although he had known that the various superpowers in the past had paid a certain price to use their Lost Towns’ abilities, he hadn’t expected the price to be so steep.

The first floor’s operation cost of 500 Magic Crystals wasn’t much of a problem. It was the equivalent of charging five Magic Crystals per person per day.

However, not only was the price for removing the second floor’s seal ten times that of the first floor, but its daily operation cost also increased by ten times. This expenditure was even enough to drive first-rate Guilds crazy. Furthermore, the number of training slots had been halved. It was the equivalent of charging 100 Magic Crystals per person per day.

Meanwhile, Super Guilds would pale at the cost of unsealing and operating the third floor.

Even a Super Guild would need a considerable time to accumulate the 1,000,000 Magic Crystals needed to unseal the third floor, and the 20,000 Magic Crystal operation cost was simply outrageous. Most importantly, only ten players could train on the third floor at the same time. Not even the current Super Guilds would dare to play with such a cost. It was the equivalent of spending 2,000 Magic Crystals for each player for a single day. Not even the word ‘horrific’ was enough to describe this cost.

However, after giving the matter some more thought, Shi Feng found it reasonable.

If players could reach the Void Realm and the higher Realms of Truth by paying a few hundred Magic Crystals, whoever controlled this Lost Town would become invincible. They could pump out batch after batch of peak experts for an insignificant price.

It should be known that even though Super Guilds had complete legacies for the Realms of Refinement, the number of people they train at a time was very limited. Only the most talented would be chosen. This was because the training systems’ cost was simply too high.

It was only reasonable that the Extraordinary Tower’s operation costs would be so ridiculously high.

It seems that I can only activate the first floor for now. After Shi Feng finished reading the introduction, he undid the seal on the Extraordinary Tower’s first floor.

Although Zero Wing could not afford to unseal the second floor yet, it did not really matter. The first floor was more than enough for now. Aside from himself, no one in the Guild had set foot in the Realms of Truth, after all.

By the time a considerable number of Guild members had reached the Realms of Truth, Zero Wing would’ve accumulated enough Magic Crystals to unseal the second floor.

After Shi Feng chose to unseal the first floor, 10,000 Magic Crystals vanished from his bag. At the same time, the Extraordinary Tower began to transform.

As if the tower had awakened from its slumber, some of the divine runes on its walls brightened. The ambient Mana then rapidly gathered around the tower, and more divine runes began to light up, continuously expanding its sphere of influence.

Initially, the Extraordinary Tower only collected Mana from its immediate area, gradually increasing that radius until it enveloped the Lost Town. It then reached past the town’s boundaries to several thousand yards bast the Lost Town’s walls.

What a powerful Mana surge! Is this the Lost Town’s true power? Shi Feng was greatly shocked as he watched the flowing, white torrents of Mana in the sky.

Standing beside the Extraordinary Tower, Shi Feng could feel the Mana density around him rapidly increase.

After absorbing Mana for a short moment, the Mana density around the tower could rival the Magic Tower, and it continued to rise.

One minute… Three minutes… Five minutes…

After around ten minutes, the Mana torrents began to fade. At this point, the divine runes covering the Extraordinary Tower shone brilliantly, giving the tower a sacred feeling.

In addition, the Lost Town felt as if it had been resurrected as it brimmed with life. Grass, trees, and flowers grew rapidly all over the town. The Mana density had also increased until it slightly surpassed the density in Stone Forest Town. One would find it very hard to believe that just some time ago, the Lost Town had been desolate.

And this transformation was only the result of unsealing the first floor…

Even Shi Feng struggled to believe what he was seeing. If he undid all three of the Extraordinary Tower’s seals, what would he see then?

After calming his excited heart, Shi Feng entered the Extraordinary Tower.

As Shi Feng stepped through its doors, he discovered that the tower’s interior had undergone quite a few changes. The first floor had felt dull and old during his previous visit, but now, it looked impressive. Everything seemed to glow, and Shi Feng felt like he stood in a sports arena’s main hall, which could fit tens of thousands of people. Dazzling Mana Weapons were on display all around him. The sight was mesmerizing.

God’s Domain’s ancient civilizations were truly amazing. When Shi Feng called up the first floor’s system interface and examined its listed contents, he was ecstatic.

He had only been able to visually inspect the dark environment during his previous visit to the tower’s first floor. Even so, he had counted over 10,000 Mana Weapons.

Now that he was the Lost Town’s master, he could inspect any information related to the town. What he learned about the first floor made him realize that he still underestimated the strength and foundation of the ancient civilization that had once ruled over this land.

Mana Weapons were extremely rare in God’s Domain, but the first-floor hall contained 24,671 of these weapons. There were enough Mana Weapons here to arm a 20,000-man army. The majority of the Mana Weapons here were Tier 1, with 1,823 Tier 2 Mana Weapons, and 12 Tier 3 Mana Weapons.

To Shi Feng’s surprise, there were even two Tier 4 Mana Weapons in this hall. He was utterly stupefied.

Even after learning about the Lost Town’s unique ability, Shi Feng had thought that the Demon’s Nest quest had been more trouble than it was worth. If Primordial City hadn’t activated, he would never have found a way to collect 100 Darkness Stones in time.

But now that he had completed the quest and inspected the Extraordinary Tower’s armory, he realized the Demon’s Nest quest’s reward was far beyond his expectations.

Tier 4 Mana Weapons!

Although only Tier 3 players and above could equip these weapons, they’d even perform better than Fragmented Legendary Weapons.

And this tower’s first-floor hall actually contained two Tier 4 Mana Weapons! When the Guild’s experts eventually reached Tier 3, he could help two of them become apex experts by arming them with these weapons. The upper echelon from an ordinary Guild might not realize the benefit of two more apex experts, but Shi Feng did. This meant that Zero Wing could occupy more towns and obtain even more resources. Zero Wing would not have to worry about lacking experts to protect its towns.

I can’t retrieve them? When Shi Feng tried to collect the Tier 4 Mana Weapons through the system interface, the system informed him that he had yet to meet the requirement for such an action. To retrieve the two weapons, he had to promote the town to Advanced rank. Shi Feng could only shake his head and chuckle. Sure enough, the system won’t let players obtain Tier 4 Mana Weapons so easily.

However, Shi Feng wasn’t particularly disappointed. Developing the Lost Town was necessary regardless, and with Zero Wing’s current foundations, upgrading the town from a Basic Town to an Advanced Town before the Guild’s experts reached Tier 3 wouldn’t be a problem.

Following which, Shi Feng retrieved every Tier 3 and Tier 2 Mana Weapon available. This had been his main goal in visiting the Lost Town, after all. With these Mana Weapons, the strength of his Guild’s experts could undergo a qualitative transformation. This was especially true for the players who would wield the Tier 3 Mana Weapons.

After retrieving the Mana Weapons, Shi Feng followed the spiral staircase to the second floor.

Previously, he had been focused on obtaining the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. As a result, he hadn’t inspected the tower’s second or third floor. Now that he was the Lost Town’s master, however, he had to examine the tower properly.