Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1702 - Taking Control of the Lost Town

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Chapter 1702 – Taking Control of the Lost Town

Although Shi Feng had spoken very softly, Gentle Snow could clearly hear the determination and anger in his tone.

“Guild Leader, we aren’t really going to take action, right?” Gentle Snow grew anxious at Shi Feng’s words. “That Beast Emperor is obviously doing this to lure us over to the Orc Empire. If we really march our army into the neutral map, we will be beyond the kingdom’s protection. Those powerful Evil Beasts and Evil Demons will tear us apart easily. If we get dealt a heavy blow now, it will diminish the reputation and prestige we’ve garnered from the previous war.”

Although Zero Wing had not suffered any casualties during its battle with Heaven’s Burial’s armies, it had expended a lot of its resources. In fact, Zero Wing’s expenditure in the battle had been astronomical. Other Guilds might not have a clear idea of how much the battle had cost Zero Wing, but how could she, a Vice Guild Leader of Zero Wing, not know?

Of the 140,000 Magic Crystals the Guild had prepared for the battle, over 120,000 were spent. With the few Magic Crystals Zero Wing had remaining, going up Beast Emperor’s Evil Beasts and Evil Demons would be impossible. Meanwhile, once Zero Wing exhausted its Magic Crystal reserves and lost the protection of the movement-type defensive magic array, the outcome would be horrendous for Zero Wing’s forces.

Unlike the Evil Demons that attacked Stone Forest Town, the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts Beast Emperor controlled were all Level 60 and above. The majority of those monsters were also at the Chieftain rank. Even a Tier 1 player of the same level might not be able to solo a Chieftain ranked Evil Beast or Evil Demon. Not to mention, there were still the stronger Lord, High Lord, Great Lord, Grand Lord, and Mythic ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.

It might be a different story if Zero Wing could summon more Baphomets as it did during its battle against Heaven’s Burial. If that was possible, Zero Wing might have a chance at victory. However, Shi Feng had already stated to Zero Wing’s upper echelon that he had summoned the three Baphomets using a Consumable item and used up all the summoning chances during the previous battle.

Trying to pick a fight with Beast Emperor while being at such a disadvantage clearly wasn’t a wise decision.

“Of course we need to make a move!” Shi Feng nodded. In a resolute tone, he continued, “Moreover, we’re going to beat him up badly!”

He understood Beast Emperor’s motives.

Currently, Zero Wing was like the midday sun in Star-Moon Kingdom. Through the prestige and reputation it earned from the previous war and the attractiveness of the advanced combat rooms, Zero Wing’s growth potential was clear for all to see.

If Beast Emperor did not take advantage of Zero Wing’s current undeveloped state to suppress the Guild or even deal it a heavy blow, Zero Wing would definitely become an even greater obstacle for him in the future. Hence, Beast Emperor had dispatched a considerable number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons to surround the Primordial Divine Ruin and prevent Zero Wing from obtaining the resources available there.

With this, regardless of whether Zero Wing took action against this blockade or not, Beast Emperor would be able to suppress the Guild’s development.

Most likely, Beast Emperor had already made a thorough investigation of Zero Wing’s available combat power. After all, with how large Zero Wing had become, some information about the Guild was bound to leak.

Meanwhile, if other Guilds were faced with Beast Emperor’s blockade, they would most likely hesitate over whether to take action against Beast Emperor or not.

Unfortunately for him, Shi Feng would not hesitate!

He might not have any way to deal with Ancient Rock City at present, but dealing with the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts that had left the protection of the city was not entirely impossible.

“Notify Aqua and have her gather 1,500 experts at Zero Wing City. It’s best if they’re trustworthy. It’s about time we let Beast Emperor know that the Orc Empire isn’t his to monopolize!” Shi Feng instructed.

“One thousand five hundred people? Isn’t that a little too few?” Gentle Snow was a little confused when she heard Shi Feng’s words. She had thought that Shi Feng was planning to mobilize the entire Guild to show Beast Emperor who’s boss. Yet, now, Shi Feng was gathering only 1,500 experts.

“No, they’re more than enough. In any case, have these people gather at Zero Wing City as quickly and as secretively as possible,” Shi Feng said, revealing a mysterious smile. He then disconnected the call and retrieved the Abyss Pendant. Previously, he had used the pendant to record the coordinates of the Lost Town. Now, he could teleport there directly without having to waste hours going from map to map.

Lost Towns were towns left behind by ancient civilizations in God’s Domain. Every one of them was very special. In the past, even the various superpowers of God’s Domain would fight desperately to claim them. It was naturally best if he secured the Lost Town in the Boneless Land as soon as possible.

Boneless Land, Lost Town:

By the time Shi Feng arrived back at the Lost Town, some of the monsters in the town had already respawned. The number was not as high as when he first came to the town, but it was still extremely dangerous for current players to be here.

However, he did not dwell on the matter as he activated Gale Domain and flew straight to the bottomless pit at the town center.

The bottomless pit looked like a passage that led to a Demon’s nest. The top of the pit was covered entirely by a magic array with small openings located around the magic array’s edges, meant for Darkness Stones.

Shi Feng soon arrived before one of the holes and placed one of the Darkness Stones he collected into it. With each Darkness Stone he inserted, the opening of the pit shrank slightly. At the same time, though, the pressure coming from the bottom of the pit intensified.

Moreover, after he had started inserting the Darkness Stones into the magic array, an invisible barrier of sorts enveloped the entire Lost Town, preventing the use of Skills, Spells, and even Magic Scrolls.

When Shi Feng inserted the tenth Darkness Stone, an angry roar came from the pit. Following which, a Level 65, Tier 2 Demon appeared before him.

As he couldn’t use any of his Skills or Spells at the moment, he had to rely on his Basic Attributes to defeat the Tier 2 Demon.

Fortunately, the Bible of Darkness’s passive effect still worked, and so the Tier 2 Demon had its Basic Attributes greatly suppressed. Coupled with the fact that Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes far exceeded what an ordinary Tier 2 player at his level should possess, fighting the Demon was a walk in the park. A few minutes later, the Tier 2 Demon collapsed helplessly at his feet.

Following which, he continued inserting Darkness Stones into the magic array and defeating the Demons that came out with every ten Darkness Stones inserted.

By the 70th Darkness Stone inserted, the Demon that came out of the bottomless pit had become a Level 65, Tier 3 Great Lord. However, with the help of the Bible of Darkness, Shi Feng still managed to overwhelm his opponent.

When Shi Feng inserted the 80th Darkness Stone, the mental pressure the bottomless pit exerted on him caused even his consciousness to become a little blurry. If other players were standing in his place, they would’ve long since lost consciousness and been forcibly logged out of the game.

With the insertion of the final Darkness Crystal, a horrific aura surged out from the bottomless pit and washed over the entire Lost Town, paralyzing Shi Feng’s body when it swept over him. Following which, the magic array covering the bottomless pit started rising into the sky and eventually vanished. Meanwhile, the top of the bottomless pit shrank rapidly, transforming into a small dot before disappearing without a trace as well. If other players were to visit the Lost Town in the future, they would not be able to tell that a massive hole had once existed in the middle of the town.

After the bottomless pit disappeared, the mental pressure it exerted also faded away. When Shi Feng’s spirit had recovered, the sound of a system notification entered his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest “Demon’s Nest.” Rewarding Lost Town’s Town Order.

System: Congratulations! You have obtained the Lost Town’s Town Order. Do you wish to bind the Lost Town to yourself and become its master?

Upon hearing these system notifications, Shi Feng breathed out an involuntary sigh of relief.

Had he failed to complete the quest, he would’ve been hunted down by a Tier 5 Demon King. Aside from hiding in NPC cities, he would have had no chance of surviving anywhere else.

Following which, Shi Feng agreed to become the Lost Town’s master. With this, the Lost Town officially became the first town Zero Wing controlled in a neutral map. Once he constructed a Guild Residence here, Guild members would be able to teleport freely to the Boneless Land without having to waste a lot of time on travel.

Meanwhile, after he became the master of the town, the monsters originally present inside the town started vanishing one after another. Now, players could roam the town without worrying about monster attacks. In addition, all of the town’s functions were made available to him.

Around 30 seconds after the monsters had disappeared, NPCs suddenly started popping up all over the town, filling it with life.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng quickly made his way toward the main goal of his visit this time.

The white tower!