Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1700: Guild's Foundation

Chapter 1700: Guild's Foundation

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Shi Feng had already reached the Realms of Truth's Ascension Realm.

Hence, after examining the first image on the Evil God's Tablet, he was certain that it was a tutorial for the Realms of Truth. Moreover, the tutorial was extremely detailed that even Shi Feng gained a lot of inspiration from it.

What kind of treasure is this Evil God's Tablet?Curiosity filled Shi Feng as he gazed at the Evil God's Temple.

There was very little information on the Realms of Truth available in God's Domain. If not for a fortuitous encounter some time ago, he wouldn't have learned about these Realms, either. This was just like during his previous life, when he had only known that reaching the Realms of Refinement could sharpen one's five senses and help improve one's Skill Completion Rates and combat technique learning efficiency.

However, after grasping the principles behind the Realms of Truth, he had realized how important these Realms truly were.

In fact, now that Shi Feng had grasped both the Realms of Refinement and Realms of Truth, he was confident of defeating three or four Void Realm experts of the same level simultaneously, even if he didn't have an overwhelming advantage in Basic Attributes and didn't use any Skills or Spells. If he said as much to anyone, they'd likely laugh at him for being so overly confident.

Most experts would have to flee from a force of three or four experts of the same Realm of Refinement, even if their attainment in that realm were higher. Only Domain Realm experts could take on multiple opponents of the same combat standard.

Super Guilds were so powerful precisely because they possessed a complete legacy to nurture experts in the Realms of Refinement. Meanwhile, super-first-rate Guilds would always remain as super-first-rate Guilds due to their lack of a complete legacy.

This kind of legacy was a Guild's foundation.

The Evil God's Tablet was one such legacy. Only, instead of being a legacy that passed down knowledge regarding the Realms of Refinement, it was a legacy that taught the Realms of Truth. As far as Shi Feng knew, no power throughout God's Domain had a legacy related to the Realms of Truth. Hence, one could just imagine how valuable the Evil God's Tablet was.

Although the first image on the Evil God's Tablet only taught the Realms of Truth's basics, which addressed one's own power usage, it was still extremely valuable knowledge. Furthermore, the table had other engraved images. As long as he put in the effort, it was only a matter of time before he restored the other images as well.

Once he did so, he might obtain a complete legacy for the Realms of Truth.

Just thinking about the possibility excited Shi Feng.

If everything turned out how he imagined it, Zero Wing would have the foundation to grow into a Super Guild. Although this foundation would be different from other Super Guilds', he did not think that this foundation would be any weaker than theirs. He had yet to find the Realms of Truth's limits, and no one could tell what kind of heights a player could reach by relying on these Realms.

Moreover, he had an advantage that the various Super Guilds did not; he knew how to train in both the Realms of Truth and the Realms of Refinement, while the Super Guilds had only explored the Realms of Refinement. This could be a considerably massive advantage.

After Shi Feng finished examining the image on the tablet, he inspected its Attribute Panel again.

Sure enough, this Evil God's Tablet is a treasure to nurture experts.Shi Feng's eyes glowed when he read the updated introductory text for Illusory Space.

Illusory Space:

When activated:

Skill Effect 1: Players wielding an Evil Energy Crystal and standing within 10 yards of the Evil God's Tablet shall enter the tablet's image with their consciousness, experiencing battle directly. Each Evil Energy Crystal grants one complete experience.

Skill Effect 2: Forms an Illusory Space of 200-yard radius. The Illusory Space will create a copy of any player that enters. Players can then fight their own copies. The Illusory Creature has all Skills of the copied player and can achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate. Players can choose to challenge Illusory Creatures up to the Dark-Gold rank.

Duration: 50 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

(Can be evolved. Requires 1 Evil God Crystal to evolve.)

With this direct experience tutorial, players could get a firm grasp of the principles behind the Realms of Truth by experiencing the fight between the Ancient God and Nine-headed Magic Snake personally, even if they were utterly ignorant of the Realms of Truth. This training method was many times more efficient than observing the tablet's image.

Only, Shi Feng hadn't expected the Evil Energy Crystal requirement.

However, after giving the matter some thought, he found it reasonable. This was a chance to experience the Realms of Truth directly. This was far better than watching a video. It wasn't unusual for there to be a cost.

It seems that I'll need to prepare more Evil Energy Crystals and Evil God Crystals.Shi Feng could not help but reveal a bitter smile as he gazed at the Evil God's Tablet.

Previously, he had still been somewhat skeptical about the saying that fortune and misfortune existed alongside each other in God's Domain.

Now, however, he believed in the saying completely.

Originally, the Evil God's Temple's arrival should've been a disaster for both Zero Wing and Star-Moon Kingdom. Looking at it now, however, Shi Feng found that it was an opportunity. Otherwise, he really wouldn't know where to locate so many Evil Energy Crystals and Evil God Crystals. After all, only Evil Demons and Evil Beasts dropped these items.

Immediately, Shi Feng took out an Evil Energy Crystal and activated Illusory Space to test out the tutorial.

Suddenly, the Evil God's Tablet released a dazzling purple glow. Shi Feng then felt as if his entire being were sucked into the tablet. Following which, the scene before him underwent a heaven-defying transformation.

By the time Shi Feng realized it, he was standing in the middle of a primordial wasteland. Dark, rumbling clouds covered the sky above him. Meanwhile, before him was a 500-meter-tall Nine-headed Magic Snake, which towered like a mountain that released a boundless aura. The power within its breath could likely kill a Tier 5 existence instantly.

Each of the Nine-headed Magic Snake's heads contained a different kind of power. When all nine powers combined, the resulting power could be akin to a natural disaster. In the past, Shi Feng had watched the battles of Tier 6 God-ranked experts, and he doubted that those Tier 6 players would even survive two or three hits from the Nine-headed Magic Snake.

Fortunately, the Magic Snake's horrific aura didn't affect Shi Feng in the slightest right now. He could feel that his consciousness had entered the Ancient God that had fought the Nine-headed Magic Snake in the tablet's image. However, although that was the case, he could not move the body. He could only quietly observe and feel the Ancient God's actions.

Following which, the Ancient God started his battle against the Nine-headed Magic Snake. However, contrary to expectations, the struggle wasn't intense. Rather, it was a one-sided beating. The Ancient God effortlessly evaded or blocked every attack the behemoth sent. Every move the Ancient God executed looked like a profound and complex combat technique. Shi Feng was utterly mesmerized by the way the Ancient God fought.

After ten minutes or so, the tutorial came to an end. Before Shi Feng even realized what was happening, his consciousness left the Evil God's Tablet and returned to his body.

Amazing! So, these are the true Realms of Truth?Shi Feng was at a loss for words. Rhinebeck had acknowledged that he had grasped the basics of the Realms of Truth, but compared to the foundations the Ancient God taught, the basics he had learned were mediocre at best.

If he had to score the basics he had discovered and learned himself, they would only earn a passing mark of 60 out of 100. Meanwhile, the Ancient God's basics would score a perfect 100.

There were simply too many aspects he needed to improve.

Although Shi Feng wished to experience the tutorial again, he could only experience the tutorial once each time he activated Illusory Space. He had to wait until the Cooldown was over.

However, the 1-hour Cooldown was too long for Shi Feng. He still had many things he needed to take care of. He had no choice but to give up for now. Moreover, he had gained plenty of inspiration from his first visit. It would take him quite some time to digest all of the newfound information.

Following which, Shi Feng called Judy over to start rearranging the layout of the Battle Arena's seventh floor.

Previously, the Evil God's Tablet had only had a 100-yard radius. Now, it had increased to a 200-yard radius. The total available area had essentially quadrupled. There was definitely a need to rearrange the floor's layout.

After spending around twenty minutes or so deciding on the layout, they ended up squeezing in 40 advanced combat rooms into the Evil God's Tablet's range; that was more than four times of what had been previously available. With this, the Battle Arena could earn at least four times more income from the advanced combat rooms.

But Shi Feng still wasn't satisfied. He then instructed Judy to increase the advanced combat room's rent, pushing the original cost from four Magic Crystals to 10 Magic Crystals.

"Guild Leader, I'm afraid that this price far exceeds what most experts can afford. If we go through with this price increase, many experts will give up on renting the advanced combat rooms," Aqua Rose anxiously said when she saw the new price Shi Feng offered.

Expert players were the advanced combat rooms' main customers.

She had constantly been managing Stone Forest Town's Candlelight Trading Firm and Battle Arena, so she had a clear grasp of the various experts' daily incomes. The previous price, four Magic Crystals, was already the limit for many experts. If the advanced combat rooms' rent increased to 10 Magic Crystals, even the experts from well-known adventurer teams would have a hard time affording it. If that were the case, these expert players would rather train in the Divine Colosseum instead.

"Don't worry. Limits are meant to be broken. Moreover, the new advanced combat rooms have a duration of 50 minutes instead of the previous 30 minutes," Shi Feng said, chuckling. He did not bother to offer any further explanation.

The upgraded Evil God's Tablet was nothing like it had been. He had experienced this personally.

Meanwhile, after the NPC manager, Judy, published the advanced combat rooms' new rent, the players in the lobby were stunned.

"Ten Magic Crystals? Is Zero Wing trying to rob us?"