Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1694 - One Hit to Destroy a Magic Array

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Chapter 1694 – One Hit to Destroy a Magic Array

In the dense forest some distance away from Stone Forest Town…

Under Singular Burial’s command, Heaven’s Burial’s members had scattered and fled into the forest. By doing so, more members would escape with their lives. Zero Wing’s members could only operate within the movement-type defensive magic array, and only the three Baphomets were truly capable of giving chase.

“Huh? Why are Blackwater’s people here?” Daybreak Fog, who maneuvered around the forest, was confused to see Falling Fire’s group on a distant hillside. “Have they lost their minds?! They actually came!”

She had clearly told Blackwater not to come and to regroup at the barrier’s exit. They’d only stand a chance against Zero Wing once they combined their forces.

“Foolish! Absolutely foolish! How can Blackwater employ such fools?!” Singular Burial could not help but curse out loud when he saw Falling Fire’s distant figure.

He had already gotten a taste of Zero Wing’s true strength. He had hoped to regroup with Blackwater’s army and the Evil Demon army guarding the barrier’s exit before resuming their battle against his hateful enemy.

However, the fools from Blackwater had refused to listen to his advice and continued towards the battlefield. If Zero Wing decimated Blackwater’s forces now, this war was as good as over. Heaven’s Burial would lose all hope of capturing Stone Forest Town.

Before Singular Burial could contact Falling Fire and demand an explanation from the foolish Elementalist, he noticed two of the rampaging Baphomets leave the battlefield and charge straight for the hillside Blackwater’s army resided on. Seeing this, Singular Burial fell into a thorough despair.

However, before the two Baphomets had reached Blackwater’s army, a Mythic ranked Magic Dragon descended from the sky. Despite such a vast distance between him and the High Inferior Dragon, Singular Burial could feel the horrific pressure the monster gave off, and he couldn’t help but shudder. Layer after layer of translucent magic barrier enveloped Blackwater’s entire army. In the blink of an eye, a triple barrier had formed to protect the army. At a glance, one could easily tell that the triple barrier was the product of a high-ranked defensive magic array.

“Guild Leader, Blackwater seems to be taking Zero Wing seriously this time. They’ve even used two of their trump cards. Based on our information, those two magic arrays were rewards Blackwater obtained after completing an Epic Main Storyline Quest. The Guild had to expend a lot of resources and manpower to complete it,” Daybreak Fog said, slightly surprised to see the two magic arrays that had formed around Blackwater’s forces. “The summoned Magic Dragon should have the power to rival a Mythic ranked Archaic Species of the same level, and the defensive magic array is an Advanced Magic Array. It can block even Tier 4 attacks with ease. With those two, we might stand a chance against Zero Wing.”

Some of Heaven’s Burial’s upper echelons breathed a sigh of relief when they heard Daybreak Fog’s explanation.

Singular Burial’s eyes shone with joy.

If they had a Mythic ranked Archaic Species on their side to fight with their forces and the two remaining Evil Earth Dragons, they should be able to keep Zero Wing at bay for quite some time. Once the other Evil Demon army arrived, it might even be possible to suppress the three Baphomets.

Moreover, the Baphomets wouldn’t be able to clash their armies for some time with the Advanced Defensive Magic Array to protect them. They could then use the opportunity to bombard Zero Wing’s defensive magic array with Blackwater’s eight Catapults. Zero Wing’s defensive magic array wouldn’t last long against them.

As Singular Burial prepared to order his scattered forces to regroup with Blackwater, something unbelievable occurred. One of the two Baphomets that had assaulted Blackwater’s army had sent the Level 75 Magic Dragon crashing, face-first, into the ground with a single attack. Meanwhile, the other Baphomet released a powerful strike against Blackwater’s defensive magic array. Although the triple barrier did not fall, cracks webbed the entire barrier. For a moment, the world seemed to have fallen silent.

“How is this possible?”

Even Falling Fire and his Blackwater companions were dumbfounded, not to mention Singular Burial and his upper echelons. Their eyes bulged as they stared at the damage.

A monster that rivaled a Mythic ranked Archaic Species had been thrown, face-first, to the ground. A Mythic ranked Archaic Species was practically invincible to current players.

However, that wasn’t what shocked them most. The Baphomet’s ability to damage an Advanced Defensive Magic Array’s barrier so severely with a single attack was unbelievable. Falling Fire and the other Blackwater members even wondered if the system had tricked them, awarding some cheap knockoff…

What Falling Fire and the others did not know was that a High Demon was a Demon with a noble lineage. High Demons were akin to emperors among Demons, and their Life Ratings were even higher than Archaic Species. Only Dragons and Ferocious Beasts could hope to triumph over a High Demon. Furthermore, Shi Feng’s Baphomets had been reinforced with the Bible of Darkness. Their Strength was far higher than the Mythic ranked Magic Dragon’s, and in a frontal clash, it was only natural that the Magic Dragon Kland had lost.

The Advanced Defensive Magic Array was indeed capable of blocking a normal Tier 4 attack, but the attack Baphomet had used had been a Tier 4 Taboo Skill. Including the Bible of Darkness’s buff, the Tier 4 Taboo Skill could rival a Tier 5 attack, which was already far beyond the defensive magic array’s endurance limit.

It’s not broken? What a powerful defensive magic array. Shi Feng was slightly surprised as he watched Blackwater’s defensive magic array slowly mending itself. He had never thought that Blackwater could acquire such a powerful Advanced Magic Array.

However, Falling Fire and his companions were truly shocked.

Not only had Baphomet’s attack severely damaged their defensive magic array, but the players maintaining the magic array had also lost one-third of their Mana pools…

Unlike Zero Wing’s movement-type defensive magic array, which was machine-operated, their players had to maintain their magic array. Hence, the energy needed to mend and maintain the array came from the players’ Mana. If even one of these players ran out of Mana, the magic array would stop working and disappear. Players could only rely on Mana Recovery Potions to replenish their Mana stores. However, Mana Recovery Potions had considerably long Cooldowns, and they only restored a small amount of Mana.

Meanwhile, after seeing its first attack failing, the Baphomet attacking the defensive magic array promptly followed up with another Tier 4 Skill.

Although the Skill was no match for a Tier 4 Taboo Skill, it still drained a significant amount of Mana from the players maintaining the magic array.

Meanwhile, the other Baphomet continued to bombard the Magic Dragon, pushing it back and tearing one pained cry after another from the monster.

At this point, Falling Fire snapped out of his daze and hurriedly commanded, “Attack! Fire the Catapults!”

The players controlling the Catapults immediately aimed and fired at the Baphomet attacking their magic barrier.

The Catapults were extremely powerful, and with normal ammunition, their attacks had the power of Tier 4 strikes. If loaded with special ammunition, the war weapons’ attacks would reach the peak of Tier 4. These attacks could even heavily injure Mythic monsters, and their only downside was their long, 2-minute Cooldown.

Suddenly, eight gigantic, flaming boulders flew towards the Baphomet attacking the defensive magic array.

Just before one of the flaming boulders, decorated with divine runes, struck the High Demon, the latter lightly swung its crimson longsword.


The moment the edge of blade met the flaming boulder, Baphomet was forced to take three steps back as a damage of over -100,000 appeared above its head. However, the clash had failed to inflict any negative effects, such as a temporary numbing. Following which, Baphomet rapidly brandished its longsword to strike down the rest of the incoming boulders, one after another. Each time it blocked an attack, it was forced to retreat several steps, and the Baphomet only stabilized itself after taking a few dozen steps backward.

“How can a monster be so powerful?” Regret gripped Falling Fire’s heart as he watched the Baphomet only lose a little over 1,000,000 HP after receiving all eight attacks. Why had he so foolishly rushed over here?

Before Falling Fire could snap out of his daze, the targeted Baphomet advanced and assaulted the defensive magic array again. The players maintaining the magic array continued to lose Mana, and although Falling Fire and his players tried to retaliate, the High Demon simply shrugged off their attacks.

“Retreat! Retreat with the magic array! We cannot remain here any longer!” Falling Fire shouted anxiously, his expression somber.

Although he hated to admit it, even a fool could tell that only death awaited them should they continue this battle. Their wisest option was a quick retreat while the defensive magic array still stood. Although moving the magic array would significantly deplete its energy, it was better than standing here and doing nothing.

“Don’t even think you can flee that easily!” When Shi Feng saw Blackwater’s army began its retreat, he immediately commanded Anna to use Angel Summoning.

A moment later, a Valkyrie with white-feathered wings descended onto the battlefield. A Valkyrie’s Life Rating was even higher than a High Demon’s, but how much strength the summoned Valkyrie could exhibit largely depended on Anna’s Basic Attributes.

Fortunately, Anna had already activated Yin Yang Power, which allowed the Valkyrie’s combat power to reach a height like never before.

The Valkyrie’s two sets of wings shuddered slightly before she vanished from where she stood. A second later, she reappeared before Blackwater’s army, radiating a horrific aura that was even stronger than the two Baphomets’.

Suddenly, a Spear of Thunder formed in the Valkyrie’s hand before she tossed it at Blackwater’s magic barrier.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Three crisp sounds echoed throughout the forest as a hole formed in the three incomparably powerful protective barriers. The spear then struck one of the players maintaining the array before it exploded.

Countless arcs of golden lightning scattered, devouring everything in its path. Any players this lightning touched were vaporized instantly.

With just one attack, the Valkyrie had killed over 500 Blackwater members. Meanwhile, the Advanced Defensive Magic Array could no longer operate as it lost one of its operators, and it began to fade out of existence.

Staring at the Valkyrie before him, Falling Fire’s expression became more solemn than ever before.

When Singular Burial and the other Heaven’s Burial members saw this from within the forest, horror flashed in their eyes.

With one attack, the Valkyrie had destroyed an Advanced Defensive Magic Array that could even stop a Mythic ranked monster’s attacks…