Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1693 - Stay Here

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Chapter 1693 – Stay Here

“Heaven’s Burial lost? How did it happen so quickly?” Falling Fire was stupefied when he heard Daybreak Fog’s final sentence. He simply could not fathom how such an outcome had occurred.

Heaven’s Burial had sent over 300,000 players and 100,000 Evil Demons to siege Stone Forest Town. The army had even included five Mythic ranked monsters. With such a force, even capturing a Guild City should be a problem, much less a Guild Town.

Furthermore, the battle at Stone Forest Town had begun and ended in less than half an hour. Even killing 400,000 Common monsters would take more time than that, yet he had just learned that Heaven’s Burial had lost in such a short time…

No matter how he thought about it, he simply couldn’t bring himself to believe Daybreak Fog’s claim.

Moreover, Singular Burial had confidently assured him that they could last another five minutes, but only three minutes had passed since that conversation, and the battle was over. For a moment, he even wondered if Singular Burial was toying with him.

However, with how much Heaven’s Burial had riding on this battle, Falling Fire doubted that Singular Burial would make such a joke.

If Singular Burial were really joking, only Heaven’s Burial would suffer for it.

“Should we retreat?” Qin Muyun, the woman beside Falling Fire, asked. She wore a suit of silver plate armor and carried a buckler engraved with divine runes.

“No. How can we possibly just leave after spending all of that time and effort to get this far? Even if Heaven’s Burial is heavily wounded, Zero Wing shouldn’t fare much better. Let’s go and take a look. If there is a chance of victory, we can use the opportunity to capture Stone Forest Town,” Falling Fire said, shaking his head. “Moreover, we have the Advanced Magic Array, Magic Dragon’s Descent. Mythic Evil Demons and Beasts can’t compare to the Magic Dragon. Not even a city’s defensive magic array can last more than a few hits against it. Capturing Stone Forest Town will be child’s play.”

Qin Muyun nodded her agreement. This time, their superiors had instructed them to show Zero Wing and everyone else in God’s Domain the consequences for provoking Blackwater.

Although Heaven’s Burial’s swift defeat had been a surprise, it was not exactly impossible. The majority of Heaven’s Burial’s Evil Demon army consisted of recently spawned Demons, which still sorely lacked strength. Meanwhile, Heaven’s Burial’s player army only had around 170,000 elite members, while the rest were normal Guild members. As for the Guild’s experts, Heaven’s Burial had only dispatched around 5,000 due to the losses the Guild suffered in Ancient Rock City.

On the other hand, Blackwater had dispatched over 6,000 experts and 10,000 elite players. In addition, the army had five Tier 2 experts: Falling Fire, Laughing Drunkard, Lethal Gale, First Ghost, and Qin Muyun. With their arrangement of one Tier 2 Shield Warrior, two Tier 2 Berserkers, and one Tier 2 Assassin, they could offer the support to allow Falling Fire to display the full strength of a Tier 2 Elementalist. In contrast, Heaven’s Burial only had three Tier 2 players, and there wasn’t a single MT among them.

They had also brought with them eight Catapults. Even if they had to face two or three Mythic monsters, they had a high chance of victory.

Falling Fire and Blackwater’s forces immediately increased their pace toward Stone Forest Town.

After running for nearly one minute, the army arrived at the top of a slope some distance away from Stone Forest Town.

However, as Falling Fire began to organize his troops and advance on the town, he heard the sound of a massive explosion. The forest ahead of him trembled with the force of the explosion, and after a moment, a towering pillar of light destroyed the blast’s surrounding terrain. Pitch-black fire devoured the nearby trees in the blink of an eye, leaving only cinders behind.

When the light pillar faded, Falling Fire’s team spotted a 50-meter-tall Evil Earth Dragon laying in the ashes.

The Evil Earth Dragon’s HP had already reached zero, and its entire body had burned to black. Deep cuts scored the Evil Earth Dragon’s entire body, with some so deep that one could even see the Mythic monster’s white bones. Several hundred of these deep gouges decorated the Evil Earth Dragon’s form. Blackwater’s members gasped when they saw this corpse’s miserable state.

The light pillar had also killed hundreds of Evil Demons and players. However, that wasn’t the worst part. Despite these players clearly being dead, their translucent souls still occupied the battlefield. Meanwhile, these souls were in agony as the pitch-black flames continued to burn them.

Seeing this, ordinary players might not realize what was happening, but the large Guilds’ upper echelons and experts understood very well. This was a soul attack, and any player the attack killed would lose more than just one level. It was very likely that these players wouldn’t be able to log back into God’s Domain for some time.

Meanwhile, three gigantic figures stood beside the Evil Earth Dragon’s corpse. Each of these figures was 30 meters tall, and they all held crimson longswords in their right hands, the blades of which were wrapped in pitch-black fire. Once they saw their prey’s corpse, the three Baphomets split up and charged at the nearby Evil Demons and Heaven’s Burial members. Every time the Baphomets swung their swords, dozens of Evil Demons and players lost their lives. None of these Evil Demons or players could withstand a single hit from the High Demons…

The three Baphomets were like Demon Gods as they slaughtered the Evil Demons and Heaven’s Burial members. Only the half-HP Mythic Evil Beasts could hold off a High Demon for any length of time. However, despite only one Baphomet facing off against the two remaining Mythic Evil Beasts, the latter lost HP rapidly. It was only a matter of time before they died.

Falling Fire and the others wore somber expressions as they watched this scene.

The three Level 80 Mythic ranked High Demons even overwhelmed the Evil Earth Dragons. Before these monsters, players were a joke.

Falling Fire finally understood why Heaven’s Burial had been defeated so quickly.

How is Zero Wing so powerful? Falling Fire was greatly confused as he watched the three Baphomets slaughter Heaven’s Burial’s forces.

Obtaining one such powerful monster was already extremely difficult, yet Zero Wing had command of three of them. Not even Super Guilds were capable of such a feat.

“Blackwater’s members?” Shi Feng, who stood some distance behind the Baphomets, quickly noticed the spectating crowd on a distant hillside. “Since you’re here, you should stay here forever!”

Saying so, Shi Feng instructed two of the Baphomets to charge at Blackwater’s army.

The Baphomets he had summoned had a very short duration of five hours. Since Blackwater’s forces had already arrived, he didn’t mind taking them out. Fortunately, Heaven’s Burial was no longer a threat to Zero Wing. He could finish off its members after taking out the larger threat, Blackwater’s forces.

“Damn it!” Falling Fire shouted. Watching the two Baphomets dash towards them, Falling Fire could easily guess what Shi Feng had in mind. Immediately, he commanded, “Summon the Magic Dragon! Activate the defensive magic array!”

Agreeing with Falling Fire’s decision, Qin Muyun notified the players responsible for the two magic arrays.

She had already witnessed the Baphomets’ strength. If two of these monsters were allowed to charge into Blackwater’s ranks, the consequences would be unimaginable. The only way to stop the two approaching High Demons was to summon the Magic Dragon and use their defensive magic array.

Suddenly, a colossal, silver magic array appeared in the sky. A moment later, a Dragon covered in pitch-black scales and silver runes manifested before Blackwater’s army.

[Magic Dragon Kland] (High Inferior Dragon, Mythic)

Level 75

HP 420,000,000/420,000,000

The Magic Dragon’s aura was visibly stronger than that of ordinary Mythic monsters; it could basically rival a Mythic ranked Archaic Species of the same level. The Level 80 Evil Earth Dragons simply couldn’t compare to this monster. This was also why Falling Fire was confident in capturing Stone Forest Town despite Heaven’s Burial’s defeat.

When the Magic Dragon joined the battlefield, 100 players in Blackwater’s army spread out along the army’s edges before activating a defensive magic array. A magic barrier then formed and enveloped the army.

A moment after Blackwater’s army deployed its offensive and defensive measures, the two Baphomets reached the army like a powerful gale.

One of the two Baphomets then leaped into the air, transforming into a blur as it arrived before the Magic Dragon. The High Demon then swung down its crimson longsword, and the weapon tore apart space as it moved down towards the High Inferior Dragon’s head.

Although Kland tried to block the attack with one of its claws, it was repelled the moment its claw met the blazing, crimson longsword. The crimson longsword then proceeded to smash into the Magic Dragon’s head and slam it straight toward the ground, the resulting impact carving out a huge crater in the earth below.

Meanwhile, the other Baphomet arrived before Blackwater’s defensive magic array. As the High Demon raised its longsword, the pitch-black flames along the blade flared.

As the Baphomet commanded, a raging pillar of black fire descended on Blackwater’s magic barrier. When the flames met the barrier, the attack formed a massive slice across it. Smaller, web-like cracks began to spread out around the cut, crawling across the entire magic barrier…