Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1692 - Army Shattered

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Chapter 1692 – Army Shattered

“Long?” Falling Fire was confused by Singular Burial’s comment.

This was the time they had previously agreed upon. His arrival hadn’t been delayed in the slightest. In fact, he had even increased his army’s pace while disregarding their Stamina consumption.

Moreover, a battle of hundreds of thousands couldn’t end in four or five minutes. These battles normally drug on for several hours before reaching a conclusion.

“The battle is intense. I can buy at most five more minutes. In any case, you need to hurry over here as soon as possible. Otherwise, the battle’s outcome won’t be certain,” Singular Burial said, gritting his teeth. In reality, he wanted to tell the man that if his group didn’t arrive in the next five minutes, their siege on Stone Forest Town would likely fail.

Zero Wing is actually that strong? Singular Burial’s response confused Falling Fire further. Although Heaven’s Burial had incurred heavy losses while defending Ancient Rock City, its remaining combat power could not be underestimated. Heaven’s Burial also had command of over 100,000 Evil Demons. However, Falling Fire did not bother to ruminate over the matter as he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll increase my forces’ speed to its maximum. We’ll arrive in four minutes at most.”

“Four minutes?” Singular Burial breathed a sigh of relief. If he organized his current forces, they should still have enough strength to defeat Zero Wing’s army and capture Stone Forest Town.

Singular Burial immediately disconnected the call and commanded his armies to retreat from the battlefield slowly. At the same time, he ordered some of his players to use magic arrays to buy time. He even used the six Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls and a large number of Tier 3 Control Magic Scrolls Heaven’s Burial had gone to great lengths to collect to stop the three Baphomets rampant slaughter.

Although Tier 3 Control Magic Scrolls could not stop Tier 4 Mythic monsters completely, Singular Burial could use them to limit the monster’s mobility.

As the Tier 3 Control Magic Scrolls activated, one after another, magic arrays began to appear above and below the three High Demons. Barriers, vines, and chains then emerged and restricted the Baphomets’ Strength and mobility.

Black Flame, I’ll admit that you are amazing to have forced me to use all of Heaven’s Burial’s trump cards, but in another four minutes, Zero Wing will meet its doom!Singular Burial shot Shi Feng a cold glare as he watched Zero Wing’s army push forward.

The strength Zero Wing had displayed in this battle had greatly exceeded his expectations.

Had he known that Zero Wing could summon monsters of Baphomet’s strength, he would’ve had Flame Blood mobilize every Mythic monster under his command. If the remaining Mythic monsters, which currently guarded the barrier’s exit, were here, Heaven’s Burial’s armies wouldn’t have been forced to retreat after suffering such severe losses.

However, with things as they are now, he had no choice but to push his armies to resist.

Now that Heaven’s Burial had lost Ancient Rock City, it must capture both Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing City if the Guild wanted any hope of becoming a superpower in God’s Domain again. Otherwise, rising would become extremely difficult for Heaven’s Burial.

Although Blackwater hadn’t dispatched a lot of players to help capture Stone Forest Town, many of them were experts. Blackwater’s army was even armed with powerful weapons of war. As long as they destroyed Zero Wing’s defensive magic array and regrouped with the remaining Mythic monsters, they could wipe out Zero Wing’s forces and capture Stone Forest Town.

Meanwhile, the battle between Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing had thoroughly astounded the bystanders in Stone Forest Town.


Too strong!

This battle was no longer a simple Guild war. It looked like a war between kingdoms! All sorts of Mythic monsters had been dispatched to add to the armies’ combat power. Each side used Tier 3 and Tier 4 Magic Scrolls one after another. The experts that ordinary players like them normally looked up to were insignificant here.

All of these players finally understood what a real Guild war looked like.

The Guild wars they had witnessed previously were child’s play compared to this.

The war between Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial was no longer a simple competition between players. It had become a war in which both Guilds used everything they had to finish each other off. Both Guilds had staked their continued existence on this war.

No one had expected the battle to reach these heights.

Initially, everyone had assumed that Heaven’s Burial’s victory would be overwhelming due to the assistance of the Evil Demon army. However, not only had Zero Wing shattered both Heaven’s Burial’s players and its monster army, but it had also done so without losing a single player. This outcome was too frightening.

The various large Guilds’ members, who had planned to take advantage of Zero Wing’s predicament to rob the Guild, abandoned that plan out of fear. Fortunately, they had not taken action alongside Heaven’s Burial. The consequences for doing so would’ve been unimaginably dire.

Following which, due to Heaven’s Burial’s sudden retaliation, the battle fell into a stalemate.

“Guild Leader, I just received a report that Blackwater’s forces are nearly here. Moreover, the Evil Demon army guarding the barrier’s exit are rushing towards our location,” Aqua Rose hurriedly reported after hearing from one of the frontline scouts.

Although the battle seemed like it was in Zero Wing’s favor now, Aqua Rose knew that her Guild couldn’t continue at this pace much longer.

Since the battle had begun, Zero Wing had spent over 80,000 Magic Crystals, and they had only started with a stock of 140,000. If Blackwater and the other Evil Demon army reinforced Heaven’s Burial’s forces, Zero Wing would be in danger.

“How long until they arrive?” Shi Feng asked.

“Blackwater’s forces should arrive first; it’ll take them roughly four or five minutes,” Aqua Rose said. She then suggested, “Why don’t we retreat to Stone Forest Town for now?”

If they retreated into Stone Forest Town, they could rely on the town’s Magic Towers and Defense Turrets, which would give them an easier time against Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s combined army. The town’s NPC soldiers could also participate in the fight.

“Four or five minutes?” Shi Feng smiled. That was more than enough time for them to deal with Heaven’s Burial. Immediately, he commanded, “Relay my commands! Have everyone attack with everything they’ve got! Hold nothing back!”

Previously, he had let Zero Wing attack to prevent Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s forces from combining. Naturally, he couldn’t let Zero Wing’s members hide behind Stone Forest Town’s walls and focus on defense.

Heaven’s Burial had already used everything it had. Its players’ morale was at an all-time low. This was the perfect opportunity to strike.

Receiving Shi Feng’s command, Zero Wing’s morale increased again. Zero Wing’s members retrieved the precious treasures they had gained during their usual grinds or raids and used them against Heaven’s Burial’s members and the Evil Demons.

Anna, who stood beside Shi Feng, also activated her Berserk Skill, Yin Yang Power, the intensity of her aura soaring. For a moment, even the Zero Wing members near her felt stifled.

Before anyone could react, Anna used her Overtier Spell, Chains of Light.

Chains of Light was already a Tier 3 Spell, but due to Yin Yang Power, its power climbed to Tier 4. Suddenly, countless chains exploded from the ground and bound the Mythic ranked Evil Demon, drastically decreasing the Evil Demon’s Strength and mobility. Now, the Evil Demon could not even compare to an ordinary Mythic monster.

By the time Chains of Light had bound the Mythic Evil Demon, Anna had finished casting the Tier 3 Curse, Yin Yang Judgment, which she had double-cast alongside Chains of Light. Anna then pointed her staff at the distant Mythic Evil Demon, and two magic arrays, one glowing white and the other black, appeared in the sky above her target. Under her command, a holy spear dropped from above, sliding through the defenseless Mythic Evil Demon’s body.


The world shook as a brilliant, black-white pillar devoured the Evil Demon.


In one hit, the Mythic Evil Demon had lost a significant chunk of its HP and was covered in wounds and scorch marks. The Evil Demon looked miserable. At the same time, it fell into a heavily injured state, reducing its combat power and Defense. Now, it was only as powerful as an ordinary Grand Lord.

The scene stunned every player on the battlefield. With one strike, the Mythic Evil Demon had lost more than 5% of its HP…

At this point, Shi Feng commanded the two Baphomets that fought near the Mythic Evil Demon to use the Tier 4 Skill, Dimensional Slash.

Two streaks of black light then cut down the heavily injured Mythic Evil Demon.



Two frightening damages appeared above the Mythic Evil Demon’s head simultaneously, instantly lowering the Evil Demon’s HP to under the 60% threshold…

“Damn it! Heal it, quickly! Do not let the Mythic Evil Demon die!” Singular Burial paled when he saw the Mythic ranked Evil Demon’s HP plummet. He had never thought that Zero Wing would still have such a hand to play.

Regardless of how much Singular Burial shouted at his team, the Mythic Evil Demon’s HP continued to decrease. Heavily injured, the Evil Demon even struggled to block Anna and the two Baphomet’s attacks. Meanwhile, each Baphomet easily dealt over a million damage with their normal attacks, and if the High Demons used Tier 3 or Tier 4 Skills, they’d deal several millions of damage. Heaven’s Burial’s healers simply couldn’t keep up.

Nearly 30 seconds later, the Mythic Evil Demon fell to Anna’s holy Light Spear and dropped over a dozen items. When they saw the items, many players wanted to charge in and claim the loot for themselves, but with the two Baphomets standing guard, they quickly dismissed the thought.

Using this opportunity, Shi Feng quickly made his way to the loot and collected the dropped items without sparing them a second glance.

Once the Mythic Evil Demon was dead, the battle turned for the worst for Heaven’s Burial. Without the Mythic Evil Demon, Anna and the three Baphomets overwhelmed the remaining four Mythic Evil Beasts. They also had cover fire from the Miniature Ballistas.

Despite Singular Burial’s command for the Mythic Evil Beasts to retreat from the battlefield, one of the monsters fell less than a minute after the Evil Demon had died. Seeing this, Singular Burial was unable to utter a single word for some time…

“Falling Fire, where are your forces?” Daybreak Fog asked desperately after contacting Falling Fire.

“We’re almost there. We’ll reach the battlefield in another minute,” Falling Fire replied.

“One minute? That long?” Daybreak Fog could not help but sigh when she heard Falling Fire’s reply. Glancing around at the remaining Mythic ranked Evil Beasts, she shook her head and said, “Forget it. You are better off not coming. The battle here is over. We’ll regroup at the barrier’s exit.”

“The battle’s over? What is the meaning of this?” Falling Fire demanded, shocked.

“We lost…” Daybreak Fog answered after mustering her final strand of willpower. She then disconnected the call.