Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1689 - Summoning a High Demon

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Chapter 1689 – Summoning a High Demon

How is this possible?

Horror filled Singular Burial’s eyes as he stared at Shi Feng. He was very familiar with the Magic Gnome Cannon’s power, and he simply couldn’t accept the fact that Shi Feng had just taken three hits head-on and survived, much less held onto more than 50% of his HP.

Even a Tier 2 MT would be vaporized, even after activating a Lifesaving Skill, if they were struck by the Magic Gnome Cannons.

Yet, three of these powerful weapons’ attacks had failed to kill Shi Feng.

“Is he some NPC or a humanoid monster?”

As Heaven’s Burial’s members looked up at Shi Feng’s proud, hovering figure, they were overwhelmed with horror and confusion. The strength Shi Feng had just displayed was beyond players’ abilities. This kind of power lingered in the realms of NPCs and monsters. When they thought about how they were supposed to fight such a monster, a chill crawled down their spines.

If not even attacks that could rival Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells could deal significant damage to this Swordsman, their attacks would be raindrops pelting his skin. Shi Feng’s combat standard was also exceedingly high. He wouldn’t simply let them attack him like a common monster.

If Shi Feng charged into their army’s ranks, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Meanwhile, Stone Forest Town had become eerily silent after its players had witnessed the failed bombardment.

“So, this is the strength of Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert?”

Although they knew that Shi Feng was Star-Moon Kingdom’s publicly acknowledged number one expert and that they were definitely no match for the Sword King, they had never dreamed that the man was this powerful. Being able to face weapons of war was a feat beyond players. Shi Feng, without a doubt, was a bona fide monster.

After witnessing this, the experts that had planned to challenge Shi Feng and claim the title as Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert, smiled in self-ridicule as they realized how comical their idea was.

When Shi Feng swept his gaze over Heaven’s Burial’s members below him, noticing their shocked expressions, his lips curled into a smile.

Although sufficient strength was important in a Guild war, a Guild’s morale was just as important. Players plagued by fear and worry wouldn’t be able to fight to their full potential, and they’d make senseless mistakes.

In contrast, if a Guild’s morale were high, its players would exhibit their full potential and perform better than normal. Trying to defeat an enemy while outnumbered wouldn’t be entirely impossible.

It seems that it was quite effective. Shi Feng was very satisfied with his performance when he saw his enemies’ overwhelmed expressions.

While war weapons were indeed powerful, they were not unstoppable. Current players were simply too weak to take a hit from such weapons.

Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells could certainly kill Tier 1 players, and not even Tier 2 players could normally survive such an attack. But what about Tier 3 and Tier 4 players?

Once players reached Tier 3, Tier 3 large-scale destruction spells would only pose a threat; they wouldn’t be unstoppable. After reaching Tier 4, players could even shatter a Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell.

The reason Shi Feng had dared to face the Magic Gnome Cannons’ attacks was due to his sufficiently high Basic Attributes and Magic Resistance. In addition, Heavenly Dragon’s Power increased his HP and Defense by a significant margin. Most importantly, the Disintegration Armor’s Disintegration Field could weaken Skills and Spells above Tier 2 by 60%.

With all of these factors in play, he had chosen to receive the Magic Gnome Cannons’ energy beams head-on. Even so, he had still received a considerable amount of damage. However, if anyone else stood in his place, even with the help of the Disintegration Field, they’d either die or barely cling to life after a single attack. Although it appeared that he had only lost a small fraction of his HP, he had boosted his HP by 500% with one of his Skills. Losing one-sixth of that HP was the equivalent to losing as much HP as he normally possessed.

Moreover, receiving Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells head-on was a considerable burden on his equipment’s durability. After three shots from the Gnome Cannons, his Dark-Gold Equipment’s durability had fallen by nearly one-quarter. If he received another dozen or so energy beams, all of his items would be destroyed, aside from his Epic and Fragmented Legendary items.

Seeing that Heaven’s Burial’s members panic, Shi Feng promptly took the Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll, which he had obtained after killing Baphomet, from his bag and activated it.

Tier 4 Spell, Dark Prison!

Before Heaven’s Burial’s members could recover from their shock, a pitch-black ball appeared among the army. This pitch-black ball then expanded, quickly and silently enveloping a 500-yard radius. After remaining motionless for two seconds, the black ball burst, and a towering pillar of black light took its place.

Instantly, all players who had failed to activate Invulnerability Skills died as they were caught within the light pillar.

With this single attack, Heaven’s burial had lost an additional 6,000-plus members…

“Zero Wing, heed my command! Leave town and wipe out Heaven’s Burial! Leave none of them alive! Bring the Miniature Ballistas and movement-type defensive magic array!” Shi Feng shouted from his position in the air, his voice echoing across the battlefield.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, Zero Wing’s members’ blood boiled as they roared with power. Under Aqua Rose and the other core members’ command, everyone charged out of Stone Forest Town and dashed toward Heaven’s Burial’s 300,000-strong army. Hundreds of Miniature Ballistas and the movement-type defensive magic array followed closely behind.

“Damn it! How does Black Flame wield this kind of power?”

“We can’t win! Black Flame is a monster! I don’t want to die!”

Compared to the physical destruction from Shi Feng’s Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll, the mental blow had been crippling. After seeing so many more of their companions instantly die, many of Heaven’s Burial members turned and fled.

Shi Feng had just used two large-scale destruction Spells with such horrific power in a row. Who knew if he had more in store? Moreover, seeing how miserably their Guild members had died had truly terrified them. This was especially true for the first group of players that had fallen to the Destruction Crystal. The attack had even obliterated most of those players equipment.

Shi Feng was basically immortal in their eyes. They couldn’t bear to remain in this nightmare for a moment longer.

“Black Flame!” Singular Burial frowned as he watched his army descend into chaos. Hurriedly, he commanded through the team chat, “Send in the Evil Demon army, now!”

“Guild Leader, are we really going to attack now? Blackwater’s reinforcements haven’t arrived yet. If we start now, I’m afraid that…” Daybreak Fog knew the kind of strength the Evil Demon army possessed. The majority were newly-spawned Evil Demons. While these Evil Demons might be able to slaughter players, they would be mostly useless against the NPC soldiers in Stone Forest Town. They’d struggle to break through the town’s defenses with these monsters.

“It doesn’t matter!” Singular Burial understood the potential consequences of attack too early as well. However, if they did nothing to recover from the mental blow Zero Wing had just dealt, facing the enemy Guild would become even more difficult. However, very quickly, Singular Burial revealed a sneer as he said, “Zero Wing’s members have taken the initiative to leave the town. This is the perfect opportunity to annihilate them! Notify Flame Blood to send in the Mythic ranked Evil Demons and Beasts!”

“Understood!” Daybreak Fog recognized Singular Burial’s reasoning. Immediately, she contacted Flame Blood and ordered him to take action.

Immediately, a commotion occurred within the nearby forest. Within seconds, one Level 80 Mythic ranked Evil Demon and four Level 80 Mythic ranked Evil Beasts emerged. As they appeared, their deafening roars reached the battlefield. The pressure they exuded even stole the breath from the nearby Heaven’s Burial members.

The sudden inclusion of these Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and Demon discouraged Zero Wing’s members.

In contrast, some of Heaven’s Burial’s morale returned.

“Black Flame, it’s time to pay for your arrogance!” Singular Burial smirked when he saw that Zero Wing’s army had already moved a considerable distance away from Stone Forest Town. With a wave of his hand, he commanded the Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and Evil Demon to charge into Zero Wing’s ranks.

Shi Feng then returned to the ground. Once he landed, he pulled a crystal ball with a golden glow from his bag.

“Come, Baphomet!” Shi Feng shouted. At the same time, 5,000 Magic Crystals vanished from his bag space.