Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1687 - Strong Reversal

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Chapter 1687 – Strong Reversal

As the deep voice from above reached the players, everyone turned towards it.

“Black Flame!?”

“The Sword King?!”

Everyone quickly discovered a cloaked man hovering in the air. The man carried two longswords at his waist and radiated a majestic aura. Upon recognizing this man’s appearance, many players gasped in surprise.

This man had been responsible for so many miracles already.

From killing an enemy commander whilst surrounded by an army of thousands to deterring an army of tens of thousands single-handedly, this man had repeated defied common sense. He had even slain one well-known expert after another and wounded multiple superpowers. Just recently, he had charged into Ancient Rock City alone and destroyed two of the city’s defensive magic arrays. To top it all off, he had left that city with his life.

The man was definitely Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert.

“Guild Leader?”

“The Guild Leader’s back! He’s really here!”

Many of Zero Wing’s members on Stone Forest Town’s walls were ecstatic when they saw Shi Feng’s figure in the distant sky, and the depressing atmosphere that had surrounded them lifted instantly as fighting spirit overwhelmed these players. As they gazed up at Shi Feng, a hint of fanaticism even flashed in their eyes.

The Guild Leader? Has he already completed his quest? Although Aqua Rose was similarly excited to see Shi Feng, a seed of guilt sprouted in her heart.

Shi Feng had entrusted her with Zero Wing’s management before he had left, Heaven’s Burial had cornered the Guild.  ( NovelFull )

“Guild Leader, you’re finally back!” When Blackie, Fire Dance, Cola, Shadow Sword, Turtledove, and Zero Wing’s other core members saw Shi Feng, they seemed to have grown an extra backbone as they brimmed with confidence.

“Is Black Flame finally getting involved?”

“Notify the higher-ups immediately; tell them that Black Flame has arrived!”

The various superpowers’ spies stationed in Stone Forest Town exploded into action when they saw Shi Feng above the town. Some of these spied immediately logged out of the game to report the situation to their superiors. Although logging off would incur penalties, this information was worth the price.

After all, Shi Feng’s appearance alone had changed the situation.

Zero Wing’s members had already lost their fighting spirit after seeing the countless enemies around them. However, every one of these players reacted as if they were on some kind of high when they saw their Guild Leader, madness burning in their eyes.

Very quickly, the major powers who watched this war received news of Shi Feng’s arrival in Stone Forest Town.

“So, Black Flame has finally made an appearance? And here I thought that he had given up on Stone Forest Town. It seems he still intends to fight this out until the very end.” When Galaxy Past, who rested the Star Alliance’s Residence in Star-Moon City, received the latest report from his subordinate, he could not help but shake his head and sigh.

Heaven’s Burial had thrown everything it had into this last assault. The Guild had clearly stopped holding back. Even if Stone Forest Town’s defenses were very powerful, the Evil Demon army was no laughing matter. Unlike Evil Beasts, Evil Demons were intelligent. They also had faster reaction speeds. They wouldn’t succumb to the town’s static defenses as easily as the Evil Beasts. Moreover, based on the information they had collected thus far, any player killed an Evil Demon killed inside the barrier would become a sacrifice, turning into a new Evil Demon for Heaven’s Burial very quickly. Just thinking about it made Galaxy Past shudder with fear.

One could not forget the reinforcements Blackwater had sent, either. Eight Catapults could inflict devastating damage to Stone Forest Town. Not only did they deal high damage, but they also had an extremely long attack range. Even Zero Wing’s movement-type defensive magic array would only last a few hits from these weapons of war.

Meanwhile, in a high-class restaurant in the Black Dragon Empire…

“Interesting. Black Flame really is a suicidal bastard.” Nine Dragons Emperor’s lips curled into a smile when he saw the video his subordinate had sent him. “Zero Wing is truly finished now. I can’t wait to see what Phoenix Rain plans to use to compete against me for Thunder Island in the next contest.”

In contrast to Nine Dragons Emperor’s reaction, when Phoenix Rain read the latest report on the war between Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing from her position on Thunder Island, her expression darkened.

Why is he such a fool? Phoenix Rain was at a loss for words.

Heaven’s Burial had obviously sealed Stone Forest Town to massacre Zero Wing’s members. It was bad enough that Zero Wing had sent most of its main force members and expert players to the town to defend it, but now, even Shi Feng, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, had fallen into this trap.

The wisest decision would be to abandon Stone Forest Town and conserve as much of the Guild’s strength as possible to protect Zero Wing City. The city had already become the Guild’s core, but if its Guild Leader were killed while protecting Stone Forest Town, it would deal a massive mental blow to the Guild.

With both its military prowess and morale wounded, how was Zero Wing supposed to defend Zero Wing City later?

…  ( NovelFull )

Standing amidst Heaven’s Burial’s army, which waited outside of Stone Forest Town, Singular Burial had his sight locked onto Shi Feng, glaring at the man with a chilling gaze.

Due to Black Flame, the foundation he had built for the future Heaven’s Burial Empire had been utterly destroyed. If Black Flame hadn’t destroyed Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays, the various superpowers wouldn’t have sieged the city, forcing him to sacrifice his city to the Evil God’s Branch Temple.

However, it was his turn to share the feeling of destruction with Zero Wing.

“Black Flame, your words sure are bold! What can you possibly do by yourself? You dared to destroy my city’s defensive magic arrays, and today, I will take Stone Forest Town from you as compensation!” Singular Burial sneered at Shi Feng.

As soon as Singular Burial finished speaking, the Evil Demon army behind Heaven’s Burial’s army loosed an earth-shattering roar. The roars of over 100,000 Evil Demons echoed throughout the Stoneclaw Mountains, and the pressure the monsters released made everyone in Stone Forest Town shudder. Some players’ legs even lost their strength.

The players in Stone Forest Town were reminded of the Evil Demon army’s strength once more.

If the pressure the Evil Demon army radiated were already so powerful, the consequences would be unimaginable if the monster army took action.

Although Shi Feng was powerful, what could one person possibly do against so many formidable monsters? There were also Heaven’s Burial’s players to contend with.

In the end, Shi Feng had only come to die alongside Zero Wing’s members by coming to Stone Forest Town!

“Since you people from Heaven’s Burial like Stone Forest Town so much, then you can stay here forever!”

Shi Feng immediately retrieved a pitch-black energy bead from his bag. The instant he took out this bead, Heaven’s Burial’s members below him felt their souls shudder. This bead’s power had even affected their consciousness.

This energy bead was none other than the Destruction Crystal Shi Feng had obtained from recasting the Disintegration Armor.

Before anyone could react, Shi Feng loosened his grip on the Destruction Crystal. The pitch-black energy bead then landed among Heaven’s Burial’s army.


The moment the Destruction Crystal touched the ground, it exploded with a silver radiance. Instantly, the ground beneath the Destruction Crystal sank as the Power of Destruction spread across the land. Neither living beings nor inanimate objects were spared. Anything and anyone the Power of Destruction came in contact with vanished, leaving nothing behind. Not even the weapons and equipment players had dropped as they had died had survived the blast…

Everything had happened so quickly that before Heaven’s Burial’s members could even react, an empty plot of land had been created amidst their massive army. For a time, silence descended on Heaven’s Burial’s forces as if time itself had frozen.

Zero Wing’s members, who stood on Stone Forest Town’s walls, were just as stupefied by the scene that had just occurred. They hadn’t expected Shi Feng to make such a sudden move, not even giving Heaven’s Burial’s members a second to react. And the results of his attack were even so horrific.