Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1686 - Stoneclaw Mountains Sealed

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Chapter 1686 – Stoneclaw Mountains Sealed

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

After Shi Feng left the Teleportation Hall, he immediately noticed far fewer players on the street than before. Moreover, when players noticed the Zero Wing Emblem pinned on Shi Feng’s Black Cloak, they gave him unusual looks.

When independent players on the streets had noticed Zero Wing’s Emblem previously, they had gazed at the player wearing it with envy and admiration, but now, they looked at Shi Feng with sympathy in their eyes.

Shi Feng was confused.

He had only been away from White River City for a few days, yet the city had changed so massively.

What happened here?

Shi Feng began to pay closer attention to the players walking down the street. He soon discovered that independent players weren’t the only ones behaving oddly. When players from small Guilds noticed him, they revealed ridiculing expressions.

This =confused Shi Feng even further. No matter what was said or done, Zero Wing was Star-Moon Kingdom’s publicly-acknowledged number one Guild. Even if the Zero Wing’s development had suffered lately due to the war with Heaven’s Burial, the Guild hadn’t fallen so far that even small Guilds’ member would look down on it. Shi Feng had even dealt Heaven’s Burial a severe blow recently.

Now that Heaven’s Burial had lost its income from Ancient Rock City, the Guild’s development potential had plummeted. It could no longer compete with Zero Wing’s growth.

“Look, that guy’s wearing Zero Wing’s Bronze Emblem. He should be one of Zero Wing’s experts, yet he still has time to wander aimlessly.”

“I bet he ran back here once he realized that victory isn’t possible. Heaven’s Burial’s latest strategy is too ruthless. Zero Wing is almost guaranteed to lose Stone Forest Town, and all of the various large Guilds are fending for themselves. Heaven’s Burial even declared that any Guild that offers Zero Wing assistances will join its hit-list, and any of Zero Wing’s members that withdraw will be spared its wrath.”

“That’s right. Who would’ve imagined that Heaven’s Burial would close off the Stoneclaw Mountains map with such a powerful barrier? Not only has all communication been cut off, but they’ve also disabled Return Scrolls. Moreover, the barrier only has one exit. Based on what I’ve heard, a large army of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts guard that exit, and Heaven’s Burial isn’t letting any player leave the map, keeping players from notifying the kingdom’s armies. Heaven’s Burial isn’t letting any player leave the map to notify the kingdom’s armies.”

“The Stoneclaw Mountains map has been locked down for nearly seven hours now. With Heaven’s Burial’s strength, it should’ve already captured Stone Forest Town.”

“I’m not sure. Based on the information Stone Forest Town’s players are sharing via offline communication, the battle between Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial has become intense, with both sides constantly losing players. But Zero Wing’s players haven’t been able to break through to the barrier’s exit. In contrast, more players from Heaven’s Burial are gathering in the Stoneclaw Mountains by the minute. The same is true for the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons.”

“Heaven’s Burial is amazingly capable. With their almost complete control of all information relating to the siege, Zero Wing can’t reach the kingdom’s armies to ask for help. Meanwhile, trying to get into the barrier is a suicide mission. If Heaven’s Burial wishes it, it could kill the players trapped inside as many times as it wants, and those players will have no hope of escape. Logging off inside the barrier will also incur a severe penalty. Besides, if Zero Wing’s members log out of the game, Stone Forest Town will be as good as lost.”

As the players who rested in the bars and restaurants along the street watched Shi Feng, they began to discuss the recent events in the Stoneclaw Mountains. They all admired Heaven’s Burial’s prowess. Although Zero Wing was impressively powerful, Heaven’s Burial was a step ahead of its rival.

The Stoneclaw Mountains have been sealed? Shi Feng could not help his surprise.

He had seen Guilds seal off maps before, but those seals had only blocked communication and disabled Return Scrolls. Based on what he had just heard, the seal on the Stoneclaw Mountains even prevented players from leaving on foot. This was an extremely difficult feat. Not even he could accomplish the same effect.

In the past, only the various superpowers had used such seals when targeting certain apex experts or trying to capture enemy Guild Cities.

Shi Feng immediately turned back towards the Teleportation Hall and teleported to Star-Moon City. He then hurried towards Stone Forest Town.

Meanwhile, the normally blue sky over the Stoneclaw Mountains had dulled to a dismal gray. A barrier of Evil Energy had enveloped the entire map, and while inside this barrier, players’ Stamina and Concentration would be sapped away, even if they did nothing but stand in place. Their minds also felt foggy due to the barrier’s power.

In contrast, the Evil Demons inside the barrier were in their element. Both their movement and intellect had improved, as had their Basic Attributes.

Standing on one of Stone Forest Town’s walls, Aqua Rose watched the swarm of monsters and players gather some distance away with a somber expression.

Suddenly, a Level 50 Ranger clad in blue walked up to Aqua Rose and reported, “Vice Guild Leader Aqua, based on our scouts’ observations, another player army has entered the barrier. By the looks of it, they seem to be from Blackwater. There are roughly 20,000 players, over 6,000 of which are Level 49 or above. Moreover, they have brought eight Catapults with them.”

“Six thousand experts and eight Catapults?” Aqua Rose’s expression darkened further after hearing this.

Currently, Zero Wing only had around 100,000 members protecting Stone Forest Town, and a large majority of them were players she had gathered and led to the town to reinforce its defenses.

Meanwhile, Heaven’s Burial had gathered over 300,000 members before Stone Forest Town. Although only around 170,000 of them were elite members, and the rest were normal members, the normal members were not to be underestimated. Even the weakest among them was Level 45.

Furthermore, Heaven’s Burial had the support of a large force of Evil Demons. Rough estimates counted over 100,000 of these monsters. Moreover, more monsters joined the force as time passed. Although most of the Evil Demons were relatively weak, with only Level 45 Elites, they continued to devour monsters around the Stoneclaw Mountains, growing stronger.

In fact, Heaven’s Burial had yet to besiege Stone Forest Town because it concentrated on accumulating more strength.

During this period, Aqua Rose and Zero Wing’s experts had made multiple attempts to assault the barrier’s exit and send information out of the map to notify the kingdom’s armies, hoping that the NPCs would show up to exterminate the Evil Demon army. However, the Evil Demons and Heaven’s Burial’s members guarding the exits had foiled every attempt.

The Evil Demons guarding the exit were simply too powerful. There was even a Mythic ranked Evil Demon among them. Even Fire Dance, who had the greatest chances of escaping the barrier, had been defeated and killed in just a few moves. She hadn’t even had the power to resist the Mythic ranked Evil Demon…

Now that Blackwater had dispatched 6,000 experts and eight Catapults as reinforcements, Heaven’s Burial’s strength in this siege had increased further.

Although Aqua Rose wanted nothing more than to charge out there and destroy the eight Catapults Blackwater had sent, the Evil Demon army would undoubtedly assault any force she led out of Stone Forest Town. By leaving the town, they’d simply nourish the Evil Demons, ultimately helping Heaven’s Burial capture Stone Forest Town.

“Hahaha! Vice Guild Leader Aqua, I suggest that you give up this struggle. Stone Forest Town will be mine! In fact, I won’t just settle for Stone Forest Town. I’ll take Zero Wing City as well! Listen up, Zero Wing members! You’d do well to abandon any hope of winning this war and withdraw from your Guild now. Staying will only spell your doom once my monster army charges into Stone Forest Town. We’ve already sealed off the Stoneclaw Mountains, so even in death, none of you will leave this place alive! You’ll only die, again and again! So, withdraw from your Guild while you still have the chance!” Singular Burial announced with a voice amplification device as he watched Aqua Rose on the town’s ramparts. “You should also know that currently, Blackwater’s army and another army of Evil Demons are on their way. Once they arrive, not even Heaven’ will be able to save you!”

The players in Stone Forest Town fell silent after listening to Singular Burial’s declaration with solemn expressions.

“Are we going to fall, just like this?”

Everything Singular Burial had said seemed true. All they could do now was wait for death to reach them…

Suddenly, a figure appeared above the town before a deep voice echoed throughout the area, reaching Stone Forest Town and Heaven’s Burial’s army and ingraining its question into everyone’s minds.

“Is that so?”