Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1685 - Dark Armament

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Chapter 1685 – Dark Armament

When Shi Feng agreed to repair the Bible of Darkness, the book flew out of his bag space and hovered before him. The book then opened to reveal the missing page’s location. At the same time, the missing page transformed into a black mist that melded with the Bible of Darkness. Three seconds later, the page had joined the book as seamlessly as if it had never left in the first place.

After the Bible of Darkness had recovered one of its missing pages, the Power of Darkness that gathered around the book became denser, and now a black mist settled over the book.

The Bible of Darkness has improved by so much?

After repairing the Bible of Darkness, its appearance indicated that it had become far more powerful. Although the book’s aura wasn’t much stronger than before, its control of Power of Darkness had improved. In fact, the Bible of Darkness’s control over the Power of Darkness had improved so much that Shi Feng could feel the Darkness World’s suppression weaken slightly.

Originally, this world had suppressed his Basic Attributes by 30%, but now, it had dropped to 25%. The suppression on his senses had also decreased from 50% to 40%. Unfortunately, his EXP gain was still reduced by 95%.

Immediately, Shi Feng inspected the repaired Bible of Darkness.

[Bible of Darkness] (Fragmented Legendary Item)

The Bible of Darkness had been destroyed during the Great Destruction. The core magic array has since been repaired using the Source of Space-time thus far. If one can gather the other fragments, they can restore the Bible’s power, gaining dominance over all Demonic Creatures and become the Lord of Demons.

Skill 1:

Demon Summoning: Summons the Demon Gate with the Power of Darkness, calling forth a random Demon that is no higher than 1 Tier and 15 Levels than the summoner (Maximum Tier cannot exceed Tier 5). Holder of the Bible of Darkness can command the summoned Demon for up to 6 hours.

Cooldown: 2 hours 30 minutes

Skill 2:

Gate of Darkness: Allows teleportation to the Dark Den. Can also be used in the Dark Den to teleport to the outside world. Can teleport a maximum of 30 people at a single time.

Cooldown: 1 day

Skill 3:

Light of Darkness: Strengthen a player with the Power of Darkness, allowing said player to wield the Power of Darkness. Can strengthen up to a maximum of 1,500 people. Every player strengthened provides one Source of Darkness to the wielder of the Bible of Darkness.

Skill 4:

Power of Darkness: Fill your body with the Power of Darkness, increasing all Attributes by 120%, decreasing Cooldown of all Skills by 30%, and increase damage by 50%. Duration will be equal to number of Source of Darkness*0.5 seconds. (Power of Darkness cannot stack. Can only strengthen players up to a maximum of Tier 5 classes)

Cooldown: 5 hours

Skill 5:

Demon Ruler:

Passive effect – Increases the Attributes of Demonic Creatures under user’s control by 35%. Forcibly decreases the Attributes of all enemy Demonic Creatures within a 1,000-yard radius by 30%.

Active effect – When activated, there is a 12% chance to control a Demonic Creature that is no higher than 2 Tiers and 30 Levels than the user for 2 hours. Can control up to Tier 5 creatures. Can control up to a maximum of three creatures at a time.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Skill 6:

Dark Armament: By sacrificing Sources of Darkness, transform the Bible of Darkness into a weapon suitable for the user. Duration is equal to number of Source of Darkness*3 seconds. During this period, the Bible of Darkness’s other Skills cannot be used.

Cooldown: 6 hours

Dark Armament? The appearance of a new Skill had surprised Shi Feng. Is this what the missing page contained?

He had only expected to find some minor improvements to the Bible of Darkness’s Skills after incorporating the missing page; he had never thought that the page would add a new Skill.

Weapons were the foundation of a player’s combat power. Players could only wield high Attack Power with a powerful weapon.

At the end of the day, Berserk Skills were unreliable. On the other hand, a powerful weapon could permanently increase a player’s combat power. Although the Bible of Darkness’s weapon wouldn’t last forever, it could still last up to 75 minutes, which was much longer than any Berserk Skill. It was enough time for players to end a large-scale battle.

After examining the Bible of Darkness for a few more minutes, Shi Feng stored it and began to appraise the other items Baphomet had dropped.

Of the remaining 34 items, there was one Darkness Stone and six Darkness Stone Fragments. The rest of the items were weapons and equipment, the most valuable of which was a pair of Epic ranked boots called the Trickster’s Legs. When equipped, the Trickster’s Legs would offer a significant boost to the wearer’s Movement Speed and reaction speed. It was an excellent pair of boots that only Level 50 players and above could equip. There were also five pieces of Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment, 12 pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment, and 9 pieces of Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment.

Among the Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment, two pieces happened to be the hat and gloves for the Fantasy Demon Set, which Shi Feng still needed. He had also completed two Dark Devourer Sets after killing Baphomet.

Once Shi Feng had organized the loot, he didn’t bother to sit and rest. Instead, he drank a drop a Life Essence and continued towards the next map.

After riding the Demonic Flame Tiger for around ten minutes through the canyon, Shi Feng reached a new map. Unlike the barren Dark Sin Canyon he had previously occupied, a tranquil forest dominated this map. Visibility here was also much better than in the Dark Sin Canyon. Even without using his summoned Demons, he could see up to 50 yards away.

Why are the monsters here so low-leveled? When Shi Feng had inspected his surroundings with the Detection Crystal Ball, the highest-level monsters he had found nearby were only Level 60. These monsters were clearly lower-leveled than in the Dark Sin Canyon. Did I take the wrong path?

The Dark Sin Canyon only had two exits. One of them had been completely blocked off, and a Guardian Boss defended the other. Since he couldn’t pass through the sealed exit, he had chosen to kill Baphomet, yet that path had led him to a lower-level map…

Forget it. This will do. In any case, I am only trying to grind Darkness Stones. It’ll be easier to kill Level 60 Grand Lords. Although Shi Feng hadn’t expected to reach a lower-level map, he welcomed this outcome. It was undoubtedly easier to kill Level 60 Grand Lords than it was to kill their Level 80 cousins. Furthermore, he wasn’t able to do much fighting since he was in a Weakened State due to activating his Twofold Berserk during the fight with Baphomet. For a short period, he wouldn’t be able to add adequate combat power to his team.

Shi Feng then proceeded to lead Anna towards one of the Grand Lords he had discovered with the Detection Crystal Ball.

With three Level 80, Tier 3 Demons and one Level 80 Golden Giant, whose Strength rivaled a Grand Lord of the same level, defeating a Level 60 Grand Lord would be a piece of cake. With Anna and the three Heroic Spirits’ assistance, the fight against the Grand Lord ended quickly. Shi Feng hadn’t even needed to do anything throughout the fight.

Time passed quickly, and before Shi Feng had realized it, he had grinded in the tranquil forest for over a day and wiped out all of its Grand Lords. Now, he had 93 Darkness Stones and 847 Darkness Stone Fragments. With the Philosopher’s Stone’s 100% synthesis success rate, he would have no problems collecting 100 Darkness Stones.

The full day of grinding had also pushed Shi Feng to 84% of Level 65. If not for the reduced EXP gain, he would’ve long since reached Level 66. Even so, his leveling speed was incredibly efficient.

But compared to his leveling speed, the loot he had acquired from the Bosses he had killed was truly amazing. Although he had not obtained any Epic items, he had collected 17 pieces of Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment, 52 pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment, and 276 pieces of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment.

The number of weapons and equipment he amassed by himself in a single day could almost rival a first-rate Guild’s acquisition.

Of course, a large part of the reason for his success was the help of Icarus’s Heart, the monstrous Anna, and the Bible of Darkness. Without them, he never would have collected so many top-tier weapons and equipment in the Darkness World so easily.

Now that I’ve collected the Darkness Stones I need, it’s about time I return. Shi Feng smiled at the Darkness Stones in his bag. With this, he had completed his quest to obtain the Lost Town.

Following which, Shi Feng took out a White River City Return Scroll and activated it.

After twenty seconds, Shi Feng transformed into a streak of white light and departed from the Darkness World.