Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1684 - Repairing the Bible of Darkness

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Chapter 1684 – Repairing the Bible of Darkness

After watching Baphomet die, Shi Feng breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Despite the fact that the Darkness World reduced Shi Feng’s EXP gain, his experience bar had risen by 7%, pushing him to 62% of Level 65. If not for the 95% reduction in EXP gain, he definitely would’ve climbed to Level 66.

With the High Demon’s death, loot rained down from above, creating a dazzling sight to behold. If the various superpowers learned of this, they’d die from envy.

The Darkness World’s monsters already dropped excellent loot, and as a map’s Guardian Boss, Baphomet’s loot was far better than the map’s other monsters. Including the First Kill bonus, one could just imagine how bountiful the High Demon’s loot was. Giving the loot a rough glance, Shi Feng estimated that there should be over 100 items…

As items rained from the sky, a crystal, radiating a golden glow, landed before Shi Feng. His curiosity piqued, Shi Feng promptly picked up the crystal and inspected it.

[High Demon’s Soul] (Epic Rank Consumable)

Sacrifice Magic Crystals to create a new body for High Demon Baphomet. Spend 2,000 Magic Crystals to create a Tier 3 body that is 10 Levels higher than the user; 5,000 Magic Crystals to create a Tier 4 body that is 15 Levels higher than the user. Can be used three times.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Current usage count: 0

What a powerful Epic Consumable! Shi Feng was stunned as he read the crystal’s introductory text.

Epic Consumables were incredibly rare in God’s Domain, and each one was incomparably powerful. Take the Demon King’s Horn, for example. It had enabled Shi Feng to destroy a city’s defensive magic array instantly.

Meanwhile, the High Demon’s Soul was similarly extraordinary.

At this stage of the game, a Tier 4 High Demon was practically invincible to players. Moreover, Shi Feng could use the item three times. Also, the High Demon’s Soul was different from the Divine Beast’s Descent Magic Array. In the latter’s case, if the magic array’s operation were interrupted, the summoned Divine Beast would disappear. In the case of the High Demon’s Soul, the summoned High Demon would only be canceled if the owner were killed. It was a perfect tool of war.

Shi Feng then stored the High Demon’s Soul and collected the loot scattered across the ground.

In total, Baphomet had dropped 154 items, including 45 Epic materials and 31 Magic Scrolls. Among the Magic Scrolls, six were Tier 3 Magic Scrolls: two large-scale destruction Magic Scrolls, one Summoning Scroll, two Defensive Magic Scrolls, and one single-target attack Magic Scroll. There was also one Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll.

The Guardian Boss had dropped one Grandmaster and 33 Master ranked potions, as well. The Grandmaster potion was a Growth Potion that when consumed, would temporarily increase the user’s potential and forcefully elevate them by a single tier.

This potion wasn’t particularly useful to Tier 1 players, but to Tier 2 players and above, this potion’s effects were even stronger than a Berserk Skill. A Berserk Skill only granted players additional Basic Attributes. However, this Growth Potion elevated players by a single tier. Not only would this increase grant players a boost to their Basic Attributes, but players’ physique would also improve.

This potion would be miraculously effective in Dungeons.

As for the remaining 44 items, there were ten designs and recipes of various kinds among them. There was even a Master ranked potion recipe and a Master ranked engineering design.

The Master ranked potion in question was the Life Potion. Not only would this potion heal players for 70% of their maximum HP instantly when consumed, but it would also grant an HoT buff that recovered 2% of the user’s HP every second for 10 seconds. In addition, it healed any heavy injuries and replenished 10% of the player’s Stamina and Concentration. Unfortunately, the potion had a 5-minute Cooldown, so it could only be used once or twice in most battles.

Even so, it was much stronger than any Advanced ranked recovery potion available on the market currently. Aside from the HP regeneration it provided, the fact that it could heal heavy injuries and replenish Stamina and Concentration made it extremely valuable. The potion would be particularly effective when players fought intense battles and when their Stamina and Concentration were nearly exhausted. The potion would also be very useful against Bosses that increased Stamina and Concentration consumption.

Although the Life Potion only recovered 10% of the player’s Stamina and Concentration, it could save the player’s life or help the team defeat a powerful Boss if used during a critical moment. When the Life Potion had been introduced to the market in Shi Feng’s previous life, each bottle had easily sold for 5 Gold.

However, the Life Potion Recipe was extremely rare, and even the various superpowers had only acquired a few copies after going to great lengths. Each copy of the recipe could easily sell for an exorbitant 8,000 Gold if put up for auction.

As for the Master ranked engineering design Baphomet had dropped, it was the Hang Glider Design. Like its real-world counterpart, the Hang Glider allowed players to glide through the air. Moreover, the Hang Glider was much faster than any Mount. The Master ranked Hang Glider provided a 350% Movement Speed increase. Since there weren’t usually obstacles in the air, players could also traverse longer distances in a straight line.

However, the Hang Glider had three flaws. The first was that players needed to take off from a sufficiently high location. The second was that the environment would affect the Hang Glider. If players tried to glide through a storm, the consequences would be severe. They might even be blown out of the sky and fall to their deaths. The third flaw was that Hang Gliders were Consumables and could not be repaired; they would disappear once their durability had been exhausted. Meanwhile, even a Common Hang Glider cost around 18 Gold to produce. They weren’t much cheaper than Common Mounts, would players could use indefinitely.

However, to players who valued time and speed, these flaws did very little to stop them from using the Hang Gliders.

In the past, many experts had opted to use Hang Gliders whenever they could to save on travel time. They paid no attention to the cost.

As Shi Feng gazed at the Hang Glider Design, his eyes sparkled with joy.

Since Mounts weren’t yet popular in God’s Domain, players demand for Hang Gliders would be intense if he sold them. At this point, the various large Guilds were starting to shift the focus of their development to neutral maps between kingdoms and empires, after all.

In a situation where no one had obtained a Town Building Order or Town Migration Order, players were forced to walk to these neutral maps. In addition, neutral maps themselves were very large. Even with a Mount, players would need a considerable amount of time to explore the map fully. However, players could save a lot of time if they had a Hang Glider.

If the Candlelight Trading Firm introduced the Hang Glider to the market now, it would definitely be well-received. In addition, since Candlelight would have the monopoly over the Hang Gliders, it would make a fortune off of the transportation tool. The extra funds would help Zero Wing City’s development tremendously.

Meanwhile, among the other eight recipes and designs Baphomet had dropped, there was also an Advanced Hang Glider Design. Although the Advanced Hang Glider was inferior to the Master Hang Glider, it still increased players’ Movement Speed by 300%.

It seems I’ll have to find some time to grind Hang Glider Recipes, Shi Feng thought to himself.

Although the Master Hang Glider was super-rare, the Advanced version wasn’t. Level 70-plus Grand Lords and above all had a chance of dropping the recipe. The Field Bosses of a few particular maps even high higher drop-rates. In the past, the various large Guilds had generally opted to grind those Field Bosses to obtain more Advanced Hang Glider Recipes.

Zero Wing’s main force was already considerably strong. With the help of his Bible of Darkness, they could definitely grind for more Advanced Hang Glider Recipes.

After storing the Master Hang Glider Design, Shi Feng shifted his sight to a tattered page in his bag. The words on the page had long since become indiscernible. However, the page still radiated a faint trace of Divine Might. Moreover, the surrounding Power of Darkness gathered around the page when he pulled it from his bag.

When Shi Feng inspected this page, he became indescribably excited.

This was because this page was actually part of the Bible of Darkness. Despite repairing the Bible of Darkness’s core, it wasn’t complete. The book was still missing pages.

The page before him was none other than one of those missing pages.

System: You have discovered a page of the Bible of Darkness. Do you wish to spend 500 Magic Crystals to assimilate this page with the Bible of Darkness and repair it?

“Repair!” Shi Feng chose to repair the Bible of Darkness without hesitation.