Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1679 - Ancient Rock City’s Shocking Transformation

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Chapter 1679 – Ancient Rock City’s Shocking Transformation

Seeing the corpses of the divided Two-headed Dark Wolf King reaffirmed Anna’s Strength for Shi Feng.

Although light-type Spells had striking effects against Dark Creatures, they shouldn’t allow a Level 80, Tier 2 NPC to overwhelm the Two-headed Dark Wolf King to this extent. Not even ordinary Tier 3 NPCs of the same level were capable of such a feat.

The only downside to Anna’s Yin Yang Power was its 100-second duration and a long 6-hour Cooldown. If she could use this Berserk Skill frequently, she could massacre one Level 70 Grand Lord after another.

When the Two-headed Dark Wolf King had died, it had dropped a pile of loot before them. It had also granted both Shi Feng and Anna a large amount of EXP. Although Shi Feng’s EXP gain in the Darkness World had been drastically reduced, his experience bar still increased by a noticeable amount. As for Anna, although her EXP gain was no longer affected, the EXP she had gained from killing the Level 70 Two-headed Dark Wolf King was insignificant compared to how much she needed to level up since she had already reached Level 80.

As expected of one of the Darkness World’s Grand Lords. Its loot is way better than an ordinary Grand Lord’s. Shi Feng couldn’t help his surprise as he gazed at the items before him.

Past Level 50, Grand Lords generally only dropped ten or so items. Moreover, the majority of the loot would even be materials, and one would be lucky if they got three or four pieces of equipment, even the best of which would be Secret-Silver rank.

However, the Two-headed Dark Wolf King had dropped over 20 items. Although the majority of the loot was still materials, the Boss had dropped five pieces of equipment. Three of the pieces were Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment, including one pair of boots belonging to the Level 60 Secret-Silver ranked Dark Devourer Set. The last two pieces were Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment, one of which was a set piece for the Level 60 Fine-Gold ranked Fantasy Demon Set. Although the Fantasy Demon Set was only a six-piece set, players could equip the set at Level 55 instead of Level 60 once they had gathered four pieces. If the full set were given to a Level 55 magical-class player, that player would wipe the floor with other magical-class players of the same level. Only players with multiple Epic Weapons and Equipment would likely be able to contend with them.

Two Master ranked potions had also dropped. Among them, one was the Mana Awakening Potion. It was a rare berserk potion that increased players’ Spell effects by 200% for 30 seconds. The other potion was a Resuscitation Potion. If players consumed the potion after resurrecting, they could recover a portion of the lost EXP. These two potions had easily sold for over 100 Gold each on the market in the past.

In addition, the Two-headed Dark Wolf King had dropped a Darkness Stone and three Darkness Stone Fragments.

However, what surprised Shi Feng most was a translucent crystal ball.

The Detection Crystal Ball!

This was a top-tier item for outdoor explorations. It was particularly useful at night, when visibility was poor. The Detection Crystal Ball could be used to detect all monsters within a certain range, which was determined by the Detection Crystal Ball’s rank. A Bronze Detection Crystal Ball had a range of 500 yards, while Mysterious-Iron ranked crystal balls could detect enemies within 700 yards, and Secret-Silver ranked ones could reach 1,000 yards. It allowed players to avoid monster ambushes.

The Detection Crystal Ball the Wolf King had dropped was Fine-Gold rank, with a range of 1,500 yards. Not only could this item’s detection reach further than the Blood Demon’s vision, but it could also spot every monster within that range. It did not matter even if the monsters were camouflaged or hidden behind terrain. Unfortunately, it did cost one Magic Crystal to operate per hour.

Ordinary players might not be willing to pay this price, but it wasn’t an issue for Shi Feng, and it would be of great help as he explored the Darkness World.

There weren’t as many monsters in the Darkness World as there were on the continent of God’s Domain, making them troublesome to find. Since Shi Feng was looking for specific targets, his hunt was even more time-consuming. With the Detection Crystal Ball, however, he could save plenty of time and avoid unnecessary battles.

This will save me a ton of time. Shi Feng smiled. Without hesitation, he spent one Magic Crystal to activate the Detection Crystal Ball and looked for his next target.

Although Anna wouldn’t be able to use her Berserk Skill again for a short time, Shi Feng had summoned another Tier 3 Demon to assist him as soon as the Demon Summoning Skill’s Cooldown had ended. With the extra Tier 3 Demon, his party could slowly whittle down another Level 70 Grand Lord even without the Personal Guard’s Berserk Skill.

In such a way, Shi Feng continued to hunt Grand Lords in the Darkness World. As for his Stamina and Concentration recovery, Shi Feng had used the Life Essence he had accumulated with the Blood Refining Crystal to remain battle-ready. In addition, every monster he killed in the Darkness World granted varying amounts of Blood Energy, which he could use to create more Life Essence.

In the end, Shi Feng grinded monsters for a full day without rest. With the help of Divine Providence, he had collected 28 Darkness Stones and 200-plus Darkness Stone Fragments during that time. At this rate, he should be able to collect 100 Darkness Stones in no time. In addition, he had collected over 100 pieces of Level 60 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. He also managed to complete one Dark Devourer Set and now had four set pieces of the Fantasy Demon Set, only missing the helmet and gloves.

Although Shi Feng was in high spirits and more than eager to continue his grind, his many years of experience in God’s Domain had taught him that it was important to balance work and rest properly. Although the Life Essence replenished his Stamina and Concentration, it was more of a stimulant than a replacement for actual rest. If he wanted to rest his mind, he had to log out of the game.

After returning to reality, Shi Feng planned to see to his basic training, as usual, maintaining his physical fitness. He then planned to make the necessary arrangements to expand the Zero Wing Workshop.

Now that the Zero Wing Guild was on the right track to becoming a superpower, and had acquired a city of its own, the Guild would only grow as it moved forward. Naturally, the Guild’s management would become more complex. He needed more personnel to manage Zero Wing, and so, he needed to expand his Workshop and recruit more internal members.

But before Shi Feng could leave his room, the quantum watch on his wrist, which was connected to his virtual gaming cabin, rang. The display on his watch showed that the caller was Aqua Rose.

“Guild Leader, I finally got through to you,” Aqua Rose said as soon as the call connected, sounding a little rushed.

“Has something happened to the Guild?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

“Something big has happened,” Aqua Rose stated. “While you were grinding in the Darkness World, Heaven’s Burial has been trying desperately to fend off the various superpowers surrounding it. It has even mobilized countless Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, but midway through the siege, one of the superpowers mobilized powerful siege weapons and a large number of NPC mercenaries. The battle continued for several more hours, and after suffering immense casualties, the various superpowers finally broke past Ancient Rock City’s walls and charged into the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“So, Ancient Rock City has been taken?” Shi Feng could not help but smile. He had destroyed Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays precisely so that he could cut off one of Heaven’s Burial’s revenue sources. If another power claimed Ancient Rock City, it was definitely worth celebrating for Zero Wing.

“No,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head.

“No? Haven’t they broken into the City Lord’s Mansion? With the various superpowers’ strength, they should have no issues getting to the City Lord’s Tablet even if there are Evil Demons in the building.” Aqua Rose’s reply left Shi Feng slightly confused.

The various superpowers were recognized as such due to the large number of experts they employed. While Refinement Realm experts couldn’t do much in a war involving tens of thousands of players, they could exhibit tremendous combat power in compact fights with a limited number of opponents. Even if Level 100 NPC soldiers were stationed inside the City Lord’s Mansion, those NPCs wouldn’t be able to stop every Refinement Realm expert from reaching the City Lord’s Tablet.

“The various superpowers have stormed the City Lord’s Mansion, but some Tier 4 NPC appeared suddenly and transformed Ancient Rock City into an Evil Demon nest. Not only has the city become a forbidden land for players, but the Evil Beasts and Demons are also expanding their influence and capturing areas around Ancient Rock City. More Evil Demons and Evil Beasts are joining the force by the minute. Just some time ago, we received a report stating that the other Guilds’ Towns in the Orc Empire have fallen to these Evil Demons.

“According to our scouts, the Evil Demon army is spreading towards Star-Moon Kingdom’s borders. By the looks of it, Zero Wing city is the army’s target…”