Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1678 - Power to Transcend Tiers

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Chapter 1678 – Power to Transcend Tiers

She’s capable of using Spells higher than her tier? Shi Feng was at a loss as he stared at the towering light pillar. Is this the power of a peak class?

In God’s Domain, whether they be players, NPCs, or monsters, all existences could generally only learn and use Skills or Spells at their tier or lower. The strongest Skills and Spells they could use were Taboo Skills and Curses.

Yet, Anna had just cast a bona fide Tier 3 Spell despite only being Tier 2 herself. Shi Feng had never heard of anything like this before.

Of course, one reason for his ignorance was that he had only ever heard of Personal Guards obtaining advanced classes. Even after ten years in God’s Domain, he had never heard of a Personal Guard acquiring a peak class as Anna had.

Due to the effects of Chains of Light, the Two-headed Dark Wolf King, which had been over nine meters tall, had shrunk to six meters in height. The chains around its form also greatly limited its movement. This allowed the Golden Giant to block every one of the Grand Lord’s attacks.

Now, the Golden Giant only lost around 80,000 HP after it received one of the Dark Wolf King’s attacks. It was clear that the Dark Wolf King’s Strength had decreased considerably. After the decrease, it was only as powerful as an ordinary Grand Lord on the continent of God’s Domain. The Heroic Spirit’s healing was now more than enough to keep the Golden Giant alive.

After Anna had cast Chains of Light, she proceeded to write another series of divine runes.

Under Anna’s control, the ten Rock Guardians surrounded the Dark Wolf King. The Rock Giants then transformed into ten stone pillars, and after Anna finished over two dozen lines of divine runes, she lightly tapped the but of her staff against the ground.

Golden divine runes began to surface on the ten stone pillars, releasing arcs of golden electricity that lined the pillars and created a magic barrier around the Dark Wolf King.

The Dark Wolf King’s Basic Attributes began to decrease rapidly.

The Chains of Light had merely weakened the Dark Wolf King’s Strength and mobility, but the golden magic barrier suppressed all aspects of the Boss. In the blink of an eye, the Dark Wolf King’s maximum HP had fallen by 30%. This magic barrier could even rival a top-tier Intermediate Magic Array.

After seeing this, Shi Feng finally understood why there was such a huge difference between the strength of NPCs’ classes. It wasn’t just a matter of higher Basic attributes, but a matter of superior Spells and Skills.

Even without the Blood Demon and Heroic Spirit, Shi Feng was confident he could defeat a Level 70 Grand Lord with Anna’s help alone. If the party had a strong healer, Anna could even whittle down the Dark Wolf King without too much exertion.

This will save me plenty of Primordial Scrolls. As Shi Feng watched the Two-headed Dark Wolf King, whose Attributes had already fallen below a Grand Lord’s standard, he realized that he wouldn’t have to rely on Primordial Scrolls to grind in the Darkness World anymore.

The Heroic Spirits players summoned with Primordial Scrolls could only exist for 12 hours. Meanwhile, Shi Feng only had 12 of these scrolls. Even if he used them efficiently, they would only last him for several days. With Anna’s help, though, he could grind in the Darkness World for much longer.

Due to the magic barrier, the Golden Giant had a much easier time dealing with the Dark Wolf King. The Great Lord even began to trade blows with the Grand Lord, increasing the party’s overall DPS.

After including the Blood Demon, Anna, and Shi Feng’s attacks, the Dark Wolf King’s HP began to deplete steadily. Although the Grand Lord’s battle recovery and high Defense slowed their progress, it was only a matter of time before the Dark Wolf King died.

90%… 85%… 80%…

When the Two-headed Dark Wolf King’s HP fell to 20%, it released a sudden, angry howl. Its two-headed body then split down the middle, each head taking on its own form.

Division? Shi Feng’s expression darkened when he saw the two Dark Wolf Kings.

Bosses that had grasped Doppelganger Skills in God’s Domain were extremely difficult to defeat. Unfortunately, slaying Bosses that had grasped Division Skills was even harder. With Doppelganger Skills, a Boss’s main body and its doppelganger shared HP. If either form were killed, regardless of whether or not players slew the main body, both would die. However, Bosses with Division Skills were a different story. Each copy had its own, independent HP. This essentially meant that players had to face two Bosses simultaneously.

Moreover, when a Boss used a Division Skill, all debuffs on the Boss would be removed.

In the next moment, the Chains of Light originally binding the Two-headed Dark Wolf King vanished. The two Dark Wolf Kings then revealed a sinister grin as they looked at Shi Feng’s group, their expressions seemingly saying: You’re dead meat now.

The two Dark Wolf Kings immediately pounced on the Golden Giant and the Blood Demon. Gathering Power of Darkness in their paws, they smacked their respective targets.

Both the Golden Giant and the Blood Demon attempted to block the incoming attacks, but just as they seemed to succeed, the Dark Wolf Kings’ paws transformed into shadows, piercing the Elemental and Demon’s defenses. The attacks struck their targets, and both the Golden Giant and the Blood Demon were thrown over 20 yards away, a damage exceeding -2,000,000 appearing above each of their heads.

Before the two summoned creatures could regain their footing, the two Dark Wolf Kings pounced again, launching the same attacks. The prior scene replayed, with the Golden Giant and the Blood Demon flying backward and losing over 2,000,000 HP each.

As expected of a Grand Lord in the Darkness World. In addition to a Division Skill, it has an unblockable offensive Skill. This Boss could even annihilate a 20-man team of Tier 2 experts of the same level. Despite realizing the seriousness of the summoned creatures’ situation, Shi Feng remained unfazed. Instead, he calmly told Anna, “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Nodding, Anna’s aura abruptly changed. The dark purple mark on her forehead disappeared, transforming into runes that covered her body.

After Anna obtained a peak class, she had learned two Overtier Spells and one Epic ranked Skill. Although she had displayed the Tier 3 Spell, Chains of Light, she had yet to reveal her other Overtier Spell and Epic Skill.

The move Anna had just used was none other than the Epic Skill, Yin Yang Power. Not only did Anna’s Basic Attributes soar under the Skill’s power, but the strength of her light- and darkness-type Skills and Spells would also rise by one tier, to a maximum of Tier 4. This was the Berserk Skill unique to Peak Legacies.

Anna’s Tier 2 Spells and Skills already had the power to rival Tier 3 attacks, but now her attacks were even more powerful than a Grand Lord’s of the same level. Furthermore, while Yin Yang Power was in effect, all of her Spells and Skills would increase by one Tier.

It was by no means an exaggeration to consider Anna a Level 80, Tier 3 NPC.

Anna proceeded to cast the Tier 2 Spell, Holy Light Spear once more, but unlike her previous use, the number of holy spears she summoned had doubled to 36. Moreover, each spear carried more power than before.

Under Anna’s control, the holy spears transformed into streaks of white light that bombarded the two Dark Wolf Kings.

While the two Dark Wolf Kings happily bullied the Golden Giant and Blood Demon, the holy spears appeared before them. Even with the Dark Wolf Kings’ incredible reaction speeds, they only blocked half of the incoming spears; the rest of the shining weapons found their marks. When the holy spears met the Dark Wolf Kings’ tough fur, the two Grand Lords howled in pain.

Each spear dealt over -600,000 damage…

By the time the two Dark Wolf Kings had recovered from the holy spear’s bombardment, Anna had finished casting the Tier 2 Spell, Feathers of Light. Suddenly, countless white, immaculate feathers descended from the sky, decorating the area around the two Grand Lords.

Anna, who stood outside of the Rock Giants’ magic barrier, grabbed at a feather that had fallen before her. She then gave the feather a gentle pinch.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The hundreds of immaculate feathers surrounding the two Dark Wolf Kings began to explode, one after another. Although each feather’s explosion was not particularly powerful and only devoured a few tens of thousands of the Grand Lords’ HPs, the total accumulated damage was frightening.

After a short moment, the two Dark Wolf Kings, who had only held on by a small amount of HP, fell to Anna’s Spell. Anna had killed the two Dark Wolf Kings so quickly that Shi Feng hadn’t even had enough time to use Divine Providence and land the finishing blow…