Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1677 - Anna’s Power

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Chapter 1677 – Anna’s Power

Shi Feng was dazed for a long moment after seeing Anna’s Basic Attributes.

If other players saw Anna’s statistics, they’d be surprised by how high the values were at most, but Shi Feng knew the implication these Attributes had.

A normal Level 80, Tier 2 magical class NPC would only have around 3,600 Intelligence, which was already far more than what magical class players would have at Level 80, Tier 2. Even if a Level 80 player were fully geared in Epic Equipment, they wouldn’t have such a high Attribute since every Personal Guard used Epic Weapons and Equipment. Even the strongest magical class Personal Guard Shi Feng had heard of in the past had only commanded 4,200 Intelligence after reaching Level 80, Tier 2.

Although there was only a 600 point difference, the difference in magic damage and maximum Mana would be massive.

In God’s Domain, the power of a Spell heavily depended on the caster’s Intelligence. For example, if a Tier 1 player and a Tier 6 player cast the same Tier 1 Spell, the power difference would be like heaven and earth. The outcome was due to the difference in their Attributes. Meanwhile, high-tiered Spells and Skills only allowed one to display more of their raw power.

Previously, Anna’s Intelligence had only risen to 4,346, and she had barely been able to contend with ordinary Great Lords of the same level in terms of raw magic damage. However, if she used the powerful Skills in her arsenal, she could have easily overwhelmed a Great Lord of the same level.

Now, Anna’s Intelligence had risen to 5,031 points. With such high Intelligence, she could overwhelm Great Lords with ordinary Tier 2 Spells.

Now, I won’t have to worry about needing sufficient help in the Darkness World. Looking at Anna, Shi Feng could tell that she could easily stomp out Great Lords of the same level.

Aside from the improvements they granted players and NPCs, Mutated Darkness Energy Crystals would force the Darkness World to recognize their users. With this recognition, the world would no longer consider them an intruder and suppress them.

This was why Dark Players desired Mutated Darkness Energy Crystals. Although Dark Players were members of the dark forces and contained a small amount of Power of Darkness within, the Darkness World still considered them trespassers. The world would still suppress them, although the suppression wouldn’t be as severe due to the Power of Darkness they contained. However, if they absorbed a Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal, they could proceed without any suppression. They could then explore the Darkness World as if they were in their element.

Now that Anna had absorbed the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal, she, too, had been recognized by the Darkness World. The world would accept her as one of its own, and she’d be able to exhibit all of her strength.

Shi Feng then began his search for the next group of monsters.

Although resources within the Darkness World were abundant, this world didn’t have as many monsters as the continent of God’s Domain. If the Darkness World’s monsters moved in large groups as they did on the continent of God’s Domain, players would have no hope of surviving here.

Now that Shi Feng had the powerful support Anna offered, hunting down monsters like the Dark Scorpions was a waste of time. He needed to find stronger monsters to allow Anna to display her full potential.

After searching for around 30 minutes, Shi Feng finally found a pack of Two-headed Dark Wolves resting at the foot of a mountain. There were twelve Dark Wolves in total, including one Grand Lord and eleven Lords. The Lord ranked wolves were around four meters tall, while the Grand Lord was double that size. Aside from looking like a miniature mountain, the Grand Lord ranked Dark Wolf gave off an intense pressure.

[Two-headed Dark Wolf] (Dark Creature, Lord)

Level 67

HP 21,000,000/21,000,000

[Two-headed Dark Wolf King] (Dark Creature, Grand Lord)

Level 70

HP 95,000,000/95,000,000

Challenging a Grand Lord in the Darkness World was very dangerous, but even if Shi Feng weren’t a match for the monster, he was confident that he could retreat safely if needed. If he weren’t, and he settled for weaker monsters, he wouldn’t be able to acquire then 100 Darkness Stones he needed even after ten solid days of grinding.

The Darkness World’s Grand Lords had a chance of dropping complete Darkness Stones. On the other hand, only Mythic rank or above darkness-type monsters would drop the stones on the God’s Domain continent. That being said, Grand Lords in this world had a slightly lower chance of dropping them.

However, he could use Icarus’s Heart to compensate for the low drop-rate. As long as the Grand Lords had a chance of dropping the stones, it was worth a try.

Shi Feng had only planned to challenge Grand Lords after he could summon three Demons with the Bible of Darkness. He’d also be able to use another Primordial Scroll in two hours. With five Tier 3 monsters and a healer, he had a considerably good chance of defeating the Grand Lords. At worst, he could always suppress his opponents with the Ring of Gospel.

But now that he had a monster of a Personal Guard like Anna, there was no need to wait.

“Alright, let’s begin!” Shi Feng commanded once everyone was in position.

Anna instantly began to write divine runes, chanting an incantation at the same time.

A short moment later, ten Level 80 Lord ranked Rock Guardians formed before Anna. A Level 80 Great Lord ranked Golden Giant had joined them. Due to the significant boost to Anna’s Intelligence, her summoned creatures had also received a boost to their Attributes. The summoned creatures were 15% stronger than they had been previously, but Anna wasn’t done yet. Following which, she cast Magic Strengthening, further increasing the Rock Guardians and Golden Giant’s Basic Attributes.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had a powerful monster army.

As the eleven summoned creatures prepared to charge, the old man beside Shi Feng cast enhancement buffs on them as well, strengthening the summoned creatures even further.

“Go!” Shi Feng commanded once the preparations were complete.

The Golden Giant and Blood Demon led the charge with the ten Rock Guardians closely behind them. When the group of summoned creatures came within 200 yards of the Dark Wolf pack, the Dark Wolves howled with anger.

The Two-headed Dark Wolf King stood and glared at the Golden Giant and Blood Demon. Emanating a low growl, it pushed its paws against the ground and shot forward.

The Dark Wolf King was as fast as lightning, leaving a trail of afterimages and powerful gales of wind. The Dark Wolf King arrived before the Golden Giant almost instantly, smacking the Great Lord with one of its front paws.


Under Anna’s control, the Golden Giant raised its arms to protect itself. When the Dark Wolf King’s paw collided with the Golden Giant’s arms, the ground beneath the summoned Great Lord cracked and shattered, and the Golden Giant sunk into the ground. The Dark Wolf King’s Strength was higher than Shi Feng had expected, and despite blocking the attack, the Golden Giant had lost over 100,000 HP.

Realizing that its first attack had failed to get rid of its target, the Dark Wolf King turned and swiped its tail at the Golden Giant. As the Wolf King’s bushy tail moved, Power of Darkness gathered around it, turning the harmless-looking tail into a sharp blade that sliced at the Golden Giant.

Tier 2 Skill, Darkness Blade.

When the attack landed, the impact sent the Golden Giant flying over 20 yards back.

Following which, a damage of over -2,300,000 appeared above the Golden Giant’s head. The Dark Wolf King’s Strength was on an entirely different level than the Grand Lords on God’s Domain’s continent.

Fortunately, although the two attacks dealt a lot of damage, the Golden Giant had 55,000,000 HP. Losing a little over two million HP was nothing. With the Primordial Heroic Spirit healing it from a safe distance, the Golden Giant could definitely withstand the Dark Wolf King’s attacks.

In contrast, the Blood Demon and ten Rock Giants completely overwhelmed the eleven Two-headed Dark Wolves that had followed their alpha. Even without any healing, the Rock Giants could dominate the Dark Wolves in a one-on-one fight. Furthermore, they had the help of the Tier 3 Blood Demon.

Naturally, Anna didn’t sit idle. After becoming a Yin Yang Saint, she had gained more than just Summoning SKills. She now had powerful attack Spells in her arsenal.

Anna cast Holy Light Spear, a Tier 2 light-type Spell, launching 18 holy spears at the Dark Wolf pack. Each spear carried nearly as much Strength as a Tier 3 Great Lord of the same level. Moreover, the holy spears dealt an additional 50% damage to Dark Creatures.

When the holy spears found their marks, the Dark Wolves cried in agony as damages of over -400,000 appeared above their heads.

In less than ten minutes, Shi Feng’s team had wiped out the eleven Lord ranked Two-headed Dark Wolves, the creatures decorating the ground with loot upon their deaths. Now, only the Two-headed Dark Wolf King remained, still fighting the Golden Giant.

However, the Golden Giant looked miserable. Despite the Heroic Spirit’s constant healing, the Great Lord’s HP continued to decrease. Shi Feng had even been forced to activate Life Domain halfway through the battle to keep the summoned creature standing.

Once the eleven Lord ranked Dark Wolves had been dealt with, Anna began to chant a long incantation, writing many lines of divine runes in the air before her.

Suddenly, a gigantic, silver, twofold magic array appeared beneath Anna’s feet. In response, a towering pillar of light rose from the ground beneath the Dark Wolf King’s feet, enveloping the Boss. Countless chains then appeared from the void and bound the lupine Grand Lord. Despite the Dark Wolf King’s desperate struggle, it couldn’t break free. A moment later, the Dark Wolf King released a pained wail as its massive body began to shrink.

Tier 3 Spell, Chains of Light!