Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1674 - Darkness Plane

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Chapter 1674 – Darkness Plane

After Shi Feng activated the teleportation stone, he abruptly blacked out. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in an entirely different world.

The sky was dusky in this world ruled by darkness and death. Shi Feng felt as if he had just arrived in a small, dimly-lit house, barely able to see 20 yards away. All he could see was a barren wasteland. This place didn’t seem survivable for any creature.

System: You have discovered the Darkness World.

System: Since you do not belong to this world, you find this world’s power oppressive. All senses weakened by 50%, Basic Attributes decreased by 30%, and gained EXP decreased by 95%.

System: While in the Darkness World, you cannot make contact with the outside world. Once you die, your soul will be directly expelled from the Darkness World.

Three system notifications suddenly reached Shi Feng’s ears, one after another.

Even Tier 2 players are suppressed so intensively? Shi Feng frowned when he heard the system notifications.

He wasn’t particularly surprised that he had been suppressed. However, what he didn’t expect was the degree of suppression.

Not only were Higher Planes much larger than Otherworlds, but the discrimination within them was also more severe. His appearance in the Darkness World was akin to trespassing. Meanwhile, the stronger the creature entering a foreign world was, the greater the suppression would be.

He had also visited Higher Planes in the past. Only, he had already been a Tier 3 player, so his Basic Attributes had only been suppressed by 40%. Even though he had been fully geared in Epic Equipment, his Basic Attributes had only rivaled a Great Lord of the same level. His physique had also been considerably weaker. He had even had trouble against the various Higher Planes’ Great Lords of the same level.

He hadn’t expected the suppression on Tier 2 existences to be so severe.

Tier 2 existences stood at the very bottom of the power hierarchy in Higher Planes.

Even at the same level and tier, the Higher Planes’ monsters were much stronger than monsters on the God’s Domain continent. This was because their Life Ratings were much higher than ordinary monsters, as were their combat standards.

On the continent of God’s Domain, Dragons were creatures of legend, but in the Higher Planes, monsters with Life Ratings to rival Dragons were everywhere.

Hence, before reaching a certain strength, players had an exceedingly low survival chance in a Higher Plane. Even though it was common knowledge that Higher Planes offered plenty of high-rank and precious resources that were rare or nonexistent on God’s Domain’s continent, the various superpowers in Shi Feng’s previous life hadn’t casually explored these Higher Planes.

Aside from the world’s oppression and its monsters’ strength, the environment was the greatest difference between the Higher Planes and the continent of God’s Domain.

Take the Darkness Plane, for example. Upon arriving in this world, Shi Feng had felt his body become considerably heavier than before. It felt as if the area’s gravitational force had increased by three or four times. Moreover, the environment’s Power of Darkness continuously corroded his body. Without extremely high Darkness Resistance, the ambient Power of Darkness would slay players even if they stood in place and did nothing.

Not daring to waste time, Shi Feng took out the Bible of Darkness and summoned a Tier 3 Demon.

In response, a Demon in crimson scale armor, wielding a greatsword, appeared before its summoner.

[Blood Demon] (Demonic Creature, Tier 3 Demon)

Level 80

HP 34,000,000/34,000,000

Demons were considered Dark Creatures in God’s Domain, so in the Darkness World, they wouldn’t be oppressed. Moreover, thanks to the Bible of Darkness’s Demon Ruler Skill, the Blood Demon had grown stronger.

This was why Shi Feng had boldly visited the Darkness Plane.

Every monster in the Darkness World was likely stronger than Shi Feng, and he could only see up to 20 yards away. With such a disadvantage, monsters would likely discover him before he would sense them.

On the other hand, if he took control of the Demon, he could observe his surroundings through the Demon’s eyes. After giving it a try, he noticed the massive improvement to his range of vision.

By seeing through the Demon’s eyes, Shi Feng could see up to 500 yards away. He discovered that he currently stood in a gravel ridge, and a group of ten four-meter-tall Dark Scorpions roamed roughly 300 yards away. Nine of the ten Dark Scorpions had three tails, and the last had five. Moreover, the five-tailed scorpion radiated a light-purple glow.

[Dark Scorpion] (Dark Creature, Lord)

Level 65

HP 18,000,000/18,000,000

[Mutated Dark Scorpion] (Dark Creature, Great Lord)

Level 68

HP 43,000,000/43,000,000

Had Shi Feng not come prepared, he would’ve likely ventured into the Dark Scorpion’s detection range. If the nine Lords and their Great Lord leader had ambushed him while he had been so powerfully suppressed, he would have died very quickly.

Fortunately, the teleportation stones that transferred players to the Higher Planes generally sent said players to level appropriate areas. Even so, if he sent the Blood Demon to attack the group of Dark Scorpions by itself, the Demon would definitely lose that battle.

The Mutated Dark Scorpion’s strength alone could rival the Blood Demon’s. As a Higher Plane creature, the Mutated Dark Scorpion had a considerably higher Life Rating, after all. Furthermore, it had the support of nine Lord ranked Dark Scorpions to surround and annihilate the Blood Demon.

However, Shi Feng had no intentions of circling past the group. He then took out a Primordial Scroll and activated it.

As the Primordial Scroll activated, a four-meter-tall elderly man appeared before him. The old man was semi-transparent and wielded a cane.

Not bad. I actually got a Great Druid. Shi Feng was quite satisfied when he saw the old man.

[Primordial Heroic Spirit] (Hero, Great Druid)

Level 75

HP 15,000,000/15,000,000

Although the Primordial Soul summoned a random Heroic Spirit, all summoned Heroic Spirits were Tier 3. Unlike ordinary NPCs, Heroic Spirits wouldn’t be oppressed in foreign worlds. In addition, they commanded plenty of Tier 3 Spells and Skills. They were the perfect support for players when grinding in Higher Planes. Any team that intended to grind in a Higher Plain would always purchase Primordial Scrolls before doing so.

After summoning the Heroic Spirit, Shi Feng had the Great Druid cast a series of Tier 3 Support Spells.

Tier 3 Spell Forest’s Protection: Increases the Defense and Basic Attributes of all allies by 20% for 30 minutes. Does not stack with other Attribute-increasing Spells.

Tier 3 Spell Nature’s Blessing: All Resistances +80, 15% damage reduction, and a 15% increase to Stamina for 30 minutes.

Tier 3 Spell Thorny Vines: Protect a specified target with Magical Vines for 10 minutes. Anyone who attacks said target will receive damage from the Magical Vines.

When the three Support Spells affected the Blood Demon, the Blood Demon’s Attributes rose by a large margin.

Following which, Shi Feng controlled the Blood Demon and charged towards the Dark Scorpion group.

When the Blood Demon was less than 200 yards away from the Dark Scorpions, it caught the monsters’ attention. Responding, the Dark Scorpions lashed their tails and hissed threateningly.

Not waiting for the Dark Scorpions to attack, Shi Feng used the Tier 3 Spell, Blood Sanction.

Immediately, 50-plus blades of blood flew at the ten Dark Scorpions with lightning speed. Even if Shi Feng were at his peak and activated a Berserk Skill, he would have trouble blocking all 50-plus blood blades. He would have to dodge or activate a Lifesaving Skill to avoid taking a hit.

As the blood blades were about to reach the Dark Scorpions, the latter’s tails blurred.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

A series of dazzling sparks lit up the gloomy environment. The nine Lord ranked Dark Scorpions had successfully struck down over 80% of the blood blades, while the weapons that had found their mark had only dealt a little over -30,000 damage. The Mutated Dark Scorpion, however, struck down all nine incoming blades, emerging from the exchange unharmed.

What high Magic Resistance. The outcome surprised Shi Feng a little.

A Tier 3 Demon’s Tier 3 Spell carried immense power. Just one of those blood blades could rival a Great Lord’s attack of the same level, yet they had only dealt a little over -30,000 damage after landing a direct hit. To the Dark Scorpions, who had 18,000,000 HP each, the damage wasn’t significant.

During the brief moment Shi Feng had been surprised, the Mutated Dark Scorpion screeched as its tails began to glow dark-green as they lashed out at the Blood Demon.

The tails had moved so quickly that Shi Feng hadn’t been able to react in time. He had only managed to tilt the Blood Demon’s body, evading three of the five attacks.

When the Mutated Dark Scorpion’s two remaining tails struck the Blood Demon, its stingers slid through the Demon’s armor like a knife through paper, each dealing over -400,000 damage…