Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1673 - Primordial Scroll

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Chapter 1673 – Primordial Scroll

Two mechanical puppets at the temple’s entrance stopped Shi Feng before he could enter the building.

“This is the Seven Luminaries Temple! Unauthorized individuals are not allowed entry!” The two mechanical puppets crossed their greatswords before the entrance, preventing Shi Feng from proceeding.

If any other player saw these mechanical puppets, they would definitely be given a fright.

Both mechanical puppets were Level 200 Mythic monsters. They weren’t ordinary mechanical puppets, either, but Magically Enhanced Puppets. Not only did they possess extremely high intellect, but they also wielded Domains. In other words, they were Tier 4 Mythic monsters with Domain Skills.

Even Tier 4 NPCs with Domains would not be a match for these Magically Enhanced Puppets.

Furthermore, these Magically Enhanced Puppets were only the Seven Luminaries Temple’s gate attendants. There were much stronger guards within the temple itself. Based on Shi Feng’s knowledge, not even Tier 6 God-ranked players would dare to act presumptuously in the Seven Luminaries Temple without losing their lives.

Primordial City was one of the safest cities throughout God’s Domain. Neither monsters nor players dared to cause trouble here, and those who did were killed without question.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng wasn’t surprised to find these Magically Enhanced Puppets barring his path.

The Seven Luminaries Temple was one of Primordial City’s core buildings. It was also where players could exchange their Contribution Points for items. But only players who had become adventurers within the city were allowed inside; everyone else would be stopped at the door.

If players wanted to become adventurers here, they had to pick up an Adventurer Quest from Primordial City’s Adventurer’s Association. After completing their Adventurer Quest, players would be granted a Primordial City Adventurer Emblem. Players would only be considered a Common Adventurer in the city once they had this emblem, and it would allow them to enjoy some of the benefits the city offered.

However, since Shi Feng was in a hurry, he hadn’t stopped by the Adventurer’s Association to pick up the Adventurer’s Quest.

In response to the crossed greatswords before him, Shi Feng took out his City Rookie Emblem and showed it to the guards, asking, “Can I enter now?”

The City Rookie Emblem granted him the status of a Bronze Adventurer in Primordial City. Although the status couldn’t be upgraded, it was enough for now. If he had free time in the future, he could simply pick up the Adventurer Quest and obtain the real Adventurer Emblem.

“City Rookie Emblem confirmed! Identity confirmed! You may enter!”

After the two puppets inspected the City Rookie Emblem, they relaxed into their original stances and turned their attention away from Shi Feng. Seeing this, Shi Feng made his way into the Seven Luminaries Temple.

The Seven Luminaries Temple’s lobby was a beautifully decorated plaza. The scenery was spectacular. It contained areas where people could rest and chat, and it even offered open-air restaurants and bars.

The food and beverages sold here were unique to Primordial City and couldn’t be removed from the city. But the taste of these items was simply unforgettable. Even players who enjoyed delicious delicacies everyday longed to dine here, but very few players could afford to do so.

Every item in the Seven Luminaries Temple cost Primordial City Contribution Points. Neither Coins nor Magic Crystals were accepted as currency. Meanwhile, a single meal here cost at least 100 CPs. Of course, players who consumed the meal would receive benefits that corresponded to the 100 CPs they paid, improving perception and focus. Unfortunately, the effects from a 100 CP meal would only last two hours.

During that time, however, players could make use of the buff by renting a training room in the Seven Luminaries Temple to practice the combat techniques they had recently purchased.

Likewise, the training rooms cost CPs to rent, with the Basic Training Rooms costing 10 CPs per hour, Intermediate Training Rooms costing 30 CPs per hour, and Advanced Training Rooms costing 100 CPs per hour.

To most players, though, this cost was astronomical.

The system only granted free CPs on players first visit to Primordial City, rewarding nothing for subsequent entries. Hence, it was very important that players carefully decide how to enter the Primordial City for their first visit. Aside from the first entry bonus, players could only obtain more Contribution Points by completing quests and through achievements in Primordial City.

Shi Feng didn’t bother to look around after entering the Seven Luminaries Temple as he made his way for the exchange counter.

“Sir, may I know what item you wish to purchase?” an elven beauty behind the counter asked with a smile.

Although the female Elf looked like a simple administer for the exchange department, if one paid close attention, they’d discover that she was actually a Level 150, Tier 3 Great Mage. Moreover, as a member of the Elven race, her innate affinity with Mana was incredibly high, making her slightly stronger than ordinary Tier 3 Great Mages of the same level.

Inside a minor NPC city, this female Elf could easily serve as the city’s Magistrate…

If this elven woman decided to attack Shi Feng now, he’d die instantly unless he activated an Invulnerability Skill in time.

“I wish to purchase Primordial Souls,” Shi Feng said.

“Primordial Souls are extremely rare, so each will cost you 200 Contribution Points. We also have a daily exchange limit on Primordial Souls. Only 100 Primordial Souls are made available each day,” the Elf explained. “May I know how many Primordial Souls you wish to purchase, Sir?”

“Twenty,” Shi Feng stated.

Primordial Souls were rare tools that could help players when they challenged their Promotion Quests. They were also unique to Primordial City. Naturally, Shi Feng had to purchase as many Primordial Souls as he could afford now. Meanwhile, aside from the 5,000 CPs he had gained for clearing the Asura ranked entrance test, he had received a bonus of 3,000 CPs from the system, giving him a total of 8,000 CPs, so spending 4,000 on Primordial Souls wouldn’t put him in the red. He also wasn’t sure how many Zero Wing members would make it into Primordial City.

Fortunately, unlike other players, he had the City rookie Emblem, which allowed him to earn CPs far more easily.

“Alright.” The Elf administrator then retrieved twenty bottles from the spatial storage unit behind her and said, “Sir, as a City Rookie, you enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases. Your total bill comes to 3,600 Contribution Points. Do you wish to purchase anything else?”

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and said, “I want to purchase 12 Primordial Scrolls and one teleportation stone to the Darkness Plane.”

Initially, he had planned to purchase Advanced Combat Techniques after reaching Primordial City, but obtaining the Boneless Land’s Lost Town was far more important right now.

The Darkness Plane was one of the Higher Planes in God’s Domain, and the Power of Darkness on that plane was incredibly dense. Naturally, the monsters living in the Darkness Plane contained frightening amounts of Power of Darkness within them. When killed, they had a high chance of dropping a Darkness Stone Fragment. Alchemists could use 100 of these fragments to synthesize a complete Darkness Stone, but their success rate was an excruciatingly low 30%. However, this was, by far, the best method to obtain Darkness Stones.

On the other hand, if he tried to hunt darkness-type Mythic monsters, the chance of obtaining a complete Darkness Stone was around 10%.

When players in the past had to acquire Darkness Stones, they usually decided to do so in the Darkness Plane.

However, as a Higher Plane, the Darkness Plane was extremely dangerous. With Shi Feng’s current strength, grinding there would be purely suicidal. He only dared to do so because he had the Bible of Darkness.

If he wanted to increase his survival chances in the Darkness Plane, the Primordial Scrolls were necessary.

The Primordial Scroll was a super-rare scroll that could only be used in Higher Planes. Players could use the scroll to summon Heroic Spirits to aid them in battle, and it was akin to a Tier 3 Summoning Scroll. However, Heroic Spirits summoned this way operated differently from ordinary summoned creatures.

A summoned Heroic Spirit’s strength wasn’t in direct combat. Rather, they tended to focus on support. They possessed plenty of Support Skills and Spells that could significantly strengthen players’ combat power.

Like the Primordial Souls, there was a daily exchange limit for the Primordial Scrolls.

“Each Primordial Scroll costs 300 Contribution Points. Only Bronze Adventurers and above can purchase the Darkness Plane Teleportation Stone for 1,000 Contribution Points. Including the City Rookie discount, that puts your new total at 7,740 Contribution Points,” the Elf administrator reported, smiling as she took out the items Shi Feng had requested.

Shi Feng then paid his bill, instantly becoming a poor bastard.

But he didn’t mind the huge expenditure. Compared to the value of the Lost Town, spending this many Contribution Points was nothing. He then mailed the Primordial Souls to Aqua Rose while he teleported to the Darkness Plane