Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1671 - City Rookie

Chapter 1671: City Rookie

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"He won?"

"Our Guild Leader is amazing!"

As the Zero Wing team watched the Shadows of Trial in the magic array gradually fade, they couldn't believe their eyes.

The battle that had just occurred had overwhelmed them mentally. If they had been distracted for a split second, they would've missed the instant Shi Feng and the Shadows had clashed. Both sides' Basic Attributes were ridiculously high, and they could clash multiple times in the instant it took to blink.

The several dozen White Tiger Dojo disciples that had joined the team on the fifth floor were utterly dumbfounded.

They had witnessed many expert battles in the past and had even fought experts in the Battle Arena, but if they had to rank the experts they've seen thus far, the player before them would doubtlessly rank at the very top.

It's finally over.Shi Feng breathed a deep sigh of relief once the battle had ended.

He hadn't expected the Asura ranked test to be so difficult. If not for the epiphany regarding the Realms of Truth, which had allowed him greater use of his own body and everything around him, including his opponents, the Shadows of Trial would have defeated him.

However, this experience had taught Shi Feng one thing.

Aside from improving in the Realms of Refinement, which focused on one's senses and physical control, it was very important that players climb the Realms of Truth.

The Realms of Refinement were akin to the body. As one became physically stronger, they'd be able to exert more strength. However, the Realms of Truth were like a weapon. Although an individual could rely on physical strength to pose a threat, there was a limit to how much of a threat they'd become, but if that person were given a weapon to complement their strength, they could pose an even greater threat. Naturally, the better the weapon one wielded, the more power they could exhibit.

This also why experts who had yet to reach the Refinement Realm were sometimes capable of defeating Refinement Realm experts with their combat techniques. Combat techniques made use of the Realms of Truth's principles.

It seems that we'll need to increase everyone's familiarity with the Realms of Truth in the future,Shi Feng thought to himself.

There was a limit to how fast one could reach higher Realms of Refinement, and reaching higher Realms of Truth wouldn't conflict with a player's growth in the Realms of Refinement. In fact, the two realms would even complement each other, helping one improve their combat power far faster.

Only, introducing everyone to the Realms of Truth wouldn't be easy. First, he needed a proper training ground. It was obvious that neither the Battle Arena nor the Divine Colosseum could offer similar benefits as Rhinebeck's test.

Without such a training ground, players wouldn't be able to comprehend the Realms of Truth's principles regardless of how many times he explained them. Moreover, understanding theory and putting said theory into practice were two different things.

Wait, that's not right. There is one.

Suddenly, Shi Feng recalled the white tower within the Lost Town.

While the white tower seemed like a device designed to help players improve their combat standards and gain a better feel for the Refinement Realm, it actually operated very much like Rhinebeck's test. Hence, Shi Feng should be able to use the tower to help his players comprehend the Realms of Truth. Furthermore, God's Domain's lore never mentioned the Realms of Refinement, only the Realms of Truth.

The more Shi Feng thought about it, the more he felt that the white tower was a suitable training device to help players grasp the Realms of Truth.

A sacred land to train in the Realms of Truth, huh?Shi Feng had begun to give up on the Lost Town, preparing to accept the system's penalty, but now, his desire to secure the town had reignited.It's no wonder why the quest to obtain the Lost Town is so difficult. So, this is why.

Training one's grasp of the Realms of Refinement had long since become common in the virtual gaming world. The various Super Guilds already had complete training systems for just that, while super-first-rate Guilds had partial systems. However, not one of these Guilds had a training system for the Realms of Truth. They most likely didn't even know how to train players' grasp of the Realms of Truth.

If he could secure the Lost Town, he'd have a sacred land for players to focus on the Realms of Truth. With the help of the white tower, players would not have to waste time poking around in the dark like the Freedom Alliance's Silent Entropy and could grasp the Realms of Truth with much greater efficiency.

With the Boneless Land's Lost Town housing such a sacred tool, it was only natural that the quest to obtain it would be insanely difficult.

As Shi Feng tried to figure out how to complete the Demon's Nest quest, he heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to complete the Asura-rank Entrance Test. Rewarding 3,000 Primordial City Contribution Points and one Primordial City's City Rookie Emblem.

"Young adventurer, congratulations on passing the test. As the first heaven-blessed individual to pass the Asura ranked test, this City Rookie Emblem belongs to you. Make good use of it. Who knows? It might even help you improve further within Primordial City," Tyrol said after appearing before Shi Feng. He then took out a silver emblem in the shape of a crescent moon encompassing a sun and passed it to Shi Feng.

The instant the emblem appeared, the surrounding Mana gravitated towards and circled the emblem.

City Rookie Emblem?After recovering from his shock over the additional 3,000 Contribution Points, Shi Feng gave the emblem a curious look.

This was the first time he had heard of this item. Based on Tyrol's tone when he had mentioned it, it should be extraordinary.

Immediately, Shi Feng tried to inspect the emblem's Attribute Panel.

[City Rookie Emblem] (Dark-Gold Rank)

Primordial City's Emblem of Honor. When worn, user will enjoy the authority of a Bronze Adventurer in Primordial City. In addition, user may teleport to Primordial City from any location.

Cooldown: Two natural days (96 hours)

User restriction: Ye Feng

Amazing! It's giving me the authority of a Bronze Adventurer right off the bat! No wonder why he told me to make good use of it!Shi Feng was ecstatic as he gazed at the City Rookie Emblem.

At this point, the term 'Bronze Adventurer' was still foreign to God's Domain's players. This was because the title was unique to Primordial City. Bronze Adventurers in Primordial City were the equivalent of nobles in NPC cities. Only, as the Ancient Gods had specifically created Primordial City for adventurers, noble ranks didn't exist within its walls. Rather, special ranks were granted to adventurers based on their contributions to the city.

The available ranks included Common Adventurer, Bronze Adventurer, Silver Adventurer, and Gold Adventurer. Each subsequent rank enjoyed greater authority and treatment in Primordial City than the last.

However, it was extremely difficult for players to rise through the ranks as they weren't based on Primordial City Contribution Points. Instead, they were determined by one's Primordial City Honor Points. One had to earn 1,000 Honor Points just to become a Bronze Adventurer.

Moreover, players would be fortunate to receive one Honor Point even after completing a high-rank quest in the city. If players wanted to earn more than that per quest, they'd have to complete Primordial City's Trial Quests, which were exceedingly challenging. Unfortunately, failing to complete the trial resulted in an unusually severe death penalty.

In the past, most players had opted for the safe and reliable method of completing high-rank quests to collect Honor Points rather than challenge Primordial City's Trial Quests.

Because of this, very few players had become Bronze Adventurers, let alone Silver or Gold Adventurers. Even after ten years in God's Domain, Shi Feng had never heard of someone becoming a Gold Adventurer.

Meanwhile, not only would Bronze Adventurers enjoy a 10% discount on all expenditures that required Primordial City Contribution Points, but they'd also get to enjoy other benefits that Common Adventures had no access to.

One such example was the planar teleportation function, which allowed players to travel to the various Higher Planes. Not only were the Higher Planes' monsters much stronger, but they also dropped far better loot. It was also possible to obtain unique resources. Only, teleporting to a Higher Plane was expensive, costing 1,000 Contribution Points per teleportation. If players died in these Higher Planes, they'd be teleported back to Primordial City instantly. Without sufficient strength and preparation, only a fool would grind in these Higher Planes.

Right! There's still the Higher Planes!Shi Feng's eyes suddenly sparkled.

Other players might not know where to secure a large number of Darkness Stones, but he did. However, he hadn't had the means to reach these locations, but now, he did.

Shi Feng immediately instructed his team to challenge the entrance test and told them what to do once they entered Primordial City. Meanwhile, he made his way, with Tyrol's help, to the city.

When Shi Feng arrived in Primordial City, every player within the Primordial Divine Ruin received a system notification about it.