Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1668 - Primordial City’s Entrance Test

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Chapter 1668 – Primordial City’s Entrance Test

Shi Feng moved through the tranquil forest and proceeded towards the coordinates the scouting Assassin sent him. Very quickly, he came across a clearing that was abounding with Mana, so much that it had even condensed into a white mist that enveloped the area.

What amazing Mana. Shi Feng was startled as he moved through the white mist.

While he stood within the white mist, not only did his mind become much clearer than before, but even his Stamina and Concentration recovery rates skyrocketed. The recovery rates were at least four times higher than what one would experience inside hotels of NPC cities.

If players were to practice combat in such an environment, the results would be wondrous. Training here would be particularly effective.

In his previous life, while part of the reason why players loved places with high Mana density was the ease in exhibiting their combat standards there, a more important reason was the much greater efficiency in practicing and learning combat techniques.

Although combat techniques did not consume Mana, they did take a toll on the user’s Stamina and Concentration. Meanwhile, unlike Basic Attributes, Hidden Attributes like Stamina and Concentration were not displayed using numerical values. Players could only rely on their own senses to determine how much Stamina and Concentration they had remaining.

If players fought normally inside major NPC cities, their Stamina and Concentration consumption would be roughly equal to their regeneration rates. Hence, players could fight in arenas to their heart’s content without worrying about becoming exhausted. However, it was a different story if players started incorporating combat techniques in battle.

Combat techniques placed a significant burden on Stamina and Concentration. Executing a Basic Combat Technique would cost roughly four to five times more Stamina and Concentration than executing a simple attack. Hence, if players continuously executed Basic Combat Techniques, even when fighting or practicing inside a city, they would very quickly exhaust their Stamina and Concentration. Needless to say, the depletion rate for executing Advanced Combat Techniques was even more severe.

Hence, high-Mana density locations were extremely popular among experts of God’s Domain during Shi Feng’s previous life.

In the current God’s Domain, combat techniques had yet to be popularized. If they had, though, Zero Wing City’s player population would’ve long since shot past 10,000,000.

This was also one of the reasons behind Shi Feng’s decision to sell Basic Combat Techniques to the public right now.

If only a small number of people are allowed to enter Primordial City, it won’t be a bad idea to have the ones left out remain here to practice combat techniques. Taking a look at the mist-covered clearing, Shi Feng figured that there was more than enough space for 1,000 players to practice combat techniques here.

Places with high Mana density were extremely rare in God’s Domain, not to mention places with Mana so dense that it formed a mist. This small area was definitely a sacred training ground. Any superpower that discovered such a location would definitely do everything they could to monopolize it to nurture their own experts.

“Guild Leader, the NPC is over there.” After Shi Feng arrived at the designated coordinates, a blue-clad Assassin approached him. The Assassin then pointed at the old man standing inside a magic array a short distance away. The elder wore a set of white robes and held a golden staff in his right hand.

Looking at this elder, Shi Feng found that the old man did not exude any kind of powerful aura and looked very ordinary.

However, when Shi Feng tried inspecting him, he failed to get any information about the elder—not even the old man’s name. Everything was displayed in question marks.

Following which, Shi Feng used Omniscient Eyes to observe the old man.

[Tyrol (Primordial City’s Protector)] (Hero, Divine Mage)

Level ? ? ?

HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

A Hero? Shi Feng could not help but be stunned.

He had never imagined that he would actually meet a living, breathing Hero.

In God’s Domain, Heroes had long since vanished into legend. The Hero standing before him right now was something entirely different from the Heroes summoned using Hero’s Chapters. More precisely, the Heroes summoned using Hero’s Chapters were Heroic Spirits, not true Heroes. Even so, they were still incomparably powerful and more than capable of safeguarding an entire town or city by themselves.

However, a true Hero was on an entirely different level compared to a Heroic Spirit. Unlike Heroic Spirits, true Heroes still retained the blessing they received from Ancient Gods; therefore, their Life Rating was even higher than that of Archaic Species. Moreover, Heroes possessed extraordinary combat standards. Hence, if one did not utilize any special techniques, even 100 Tier 5 players would not be enough to take down a living Hero at their peak.

A Hero was an existence that was truly capable of turning the tide of battle with their strength alone.

Although seeing a living Hero excited Shi Feng greatly, when he noticed the Hero’s identity as Primordial City’s Protector, he quickly suppressed his excitement and approached the elder.

The moment Shi Feng set foot into the magic array, Tyrol opened his eyes abruptly and disappeared from where he stood. In the next moment, he appeared before Shi Feng and quietly scrutinized the youth before him.

When Shi Feng felt Tyrol’s gaze on him, he felt as if his entire existence was under examination. However, he was not particularly surprised by this situation. Primordial City was a blessing of the Ancient Gods. Players belonging to forces deemed hostile by the Ancient Gods, such as the forces of darkness, should not even think of setting foot into Primordial City. If any of these players were discovered, they would be eliminated immediately.

“Young man, you’ve done well to reach this place. I am Tyrol, a Protector of Primordial City,” Tyrol said, revealing a faint smile and giving Shi Feng a nod of approval. “If you wish to enter Primordial City, you have to pass the entrance test. Moreover, you have only three chances to challenge it. If you fail all three, you can only try again during your next visit to the Primordial Divine Ruin.”

“Lord Protector, may I know the contents of the test?” Shi Feng asked respectfully.

“It’s a simple test. All you need to do is defeat yourself,” Tyrol replied, smiling. “Of course, there are also differences in difficulty. The more difficult the test you challenge, the more Contribution Points you will obtain once you arrive in Primordial City.

“There are five different difficulties available: Normal, Hard, Hell, Asura, and God. Meanwhile, the Contribution Points you will gain from them are 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000, respectively. Each person has only three opportunities to challenge the test. You must cherish them.”

Upon hearing Tyrol’s words, although Shi Feng kept his expression indifferent, inwardly, he was bursting with joy.

Similar to the city on Thunder Island, if players wished to mingle in Primordial City, they needed Contribution Points. Without Contribution Points, they could enjoy only the basic benefits the city offered and should not even think of obtaining the truly good stuff available.

Meanwhile, the reason why Shi Feng was excited was the large number of Contribution Points the entrance test awarded.

In his previous life, when he visited Primordial City, he did not do so by passing the entrance test but by using a teleportation ticket, which he had obtained through killing monsters. He had received only 500 Contribution Points in doing so.

However, with just 500 Contribution Points, one would be no different from a beggar inside Primordial City.

Of course, one’s Contribution Points would not remain the same forever. There were plenty of methods to earn Contribution Points. Completing quests was the simplest among them, though inefficient. Ordinary quests only granted around two to five points each, while high-ranking quests granted around 20 to 50 points each. However, high-ranking quests were extremely rare. Hence, collecting even 500 Contribution Points was very difficult.

Yet, now, even the Normal entrance test awarded 1,000 Contribution Points upon completion. The additional 500 points would save players plenty of time.

Moreover, this was also good news to Zero Wing’s members. It meant that everyone would have an opportunity to enter Primordial City.

“Young adventurer, have you decided to enter Primordial City?” Tyrol asked, smiling as he looked at Shi Feng.

“I am willing to accept the test!” Shi Feng nodded.

“Very good. May I know which difficulty you wish to choose?” Tyrol asked with a wave of his hand. Instantly, five crystal balls of different colors appeared before Shi Feng.

Aside from having different colors, these crystal balls also exuded auras of various intensities. Even the crystal ball with the weakest aura made Shi Feng shudder involuntarily, whereas the one with the strongest aura made him feel deep despair.