Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1667 - Magic King

Chapter 1667: Magic King

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The fact that the Earth Dragon had dropped a Hero's Chapter, let alone a Hero Chapter for Craig Midlands, had truly surprised Shi Feng.

In God's Domain, there were 32 Heroes that could only be summoned with specific Hero's Chapters. They were also the strongest Heroes players could summon using the Hero's Chapters. In the past, these 32 Heroes had been known as the Thirty-two Pillars. Based on historical records, every one of these 32 Heros had cleared the complete God's Trial and gained the Ancient Gods' recognition.

If nurtured properly, any one of these Thirty-two Pillars could easily become the guardian of an entire city.

This was because these 32 Heroes had the potential to reach Level 200, Tier 5 at the very minimum. Moreover, because they were Heroes, their Basic Attributes were higher than players of the same level and tier. When players nurtured these Heroes to their peaks, only Tier 6 God-ranked players had any chance against them.

Among the Thirty-two Pillars, the Magic King, Craig Midlands, ranked 17th. He had been a famous NPC in God's Domain who had mastered the six major elements. No ordinary Tier 5 NPC could compare to his strength.

Craig Midlands had once fended off a siege that included 20 Tier 5 players and successfully protected the city he had been tasked to guard. He had even killed 11 of the Tier 5 experts. The Hero's display had been so impressive that it had even stupefied the Guild that had nurtured and summoned him.

Nobody had expected the Magic King to be that powerful.

Normally, even a Tier 5 NPC would fall if 20 Tier 5 players ganged up on him, yet the Magic King had resisted and won.

However, Craig's victory over the team of Tier 5 players was not what that shocked the world the most. Rather, players had been astounded by the Spells he had used.

With his mastery over six major elements, not only did his attacks carry great destructive power, but his attack methods were also varied and complex. His attacks had basically no weaknesses. If a Tier 5 player had tried to face him one-on-one, they would've been beaten to a pulp.

Moreover, for every element Craig Midlands grasped, he could create one Elemental Doppelganger. Although each doppelganger only had 80% of Craig's Attributes, they were far stronger than players of the same level and tier.

In other words, trying to fight Craig Midlands was on par with fighting seven Tier 5 NPCs.

With this, I'll have a capable protector for Zero Wing City. Shi Feng clearly remembered that the Guild that had acquired the Magic King, Craig Midlands in his previous life had only been a first-rate Guild. Naturally, the Guild had used Craig to protect its main city, and due to the NPC's presence, not even super-first-rate and Super Guilds had dared to strike that city.

If he used Craig to protect Zero Wing City, the city's defensibility would rise to an entirely new level.

Shortly after Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members began their rest on the fifth floor, Melancholic Smile contacted him.

"Guild Leader, what did you do in the Primordial Divine Ruin? Many large Guilds have come to Candlelight to negotiate cooperation," Melancholic Smile asked inquisitively.

As many as eight first-rate Guilds had approached Candlelight, seeking cooperation, not to mention the second- and third-rate Guilds. Watching these Guilds upper echelons enter White River City's Candlelight Trading Firm with their entourages has been spectacular. The scene had also caused a huge commotion throughout the city. For a moment, she had even thought that these Guilds had intended to attack the trading firm.

"It's nothing. We just got to the ruin's fifth floor before the other Guilds," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "What kind of cooperation are they looking for?"

"They're asking to purchase some of our Guild's Basic Combat Techniques and opportunities to learn Advanced Combat Techniques. Though, slots to enter Primordial City are their main goal. They are willing to pay with Magic Crystals and top-tier weapons and equipment," Melancholic Smile said.

The bounty war between Zero Wing and Heaven's Burial was still in full swing. As a result, Zero Wing burned through funds, weapons, and equipment each day. If Zero Wing could sell the services these large Guilds requested for top-tier weapons and equipment, it would help the Guild out a great deal.

Unfortunately, this matter would have a massive impact on the Guild, and she couldn't make the decision by herself.

Their ideas sound quite solid.Shi Feng began to ruminate on the matter. A moment later, he said, "Alright, we will agree to their conditions. However, they can only offer payment with Magic Crystals. Moreover, we will only sell the opportunity to learn Basic Combat Techniques. Each learning opportunity will cost 1,000 Magic Crystals. This condition isn't limited to these Guilds, either; it will stand for all players. As for the Guilds' other requests, refuse them."

Due to the appearance of the Primordial Divine Ruin, Basic Combat Techniques had become more commonplace in God's Domain. Even so, pitifully few first-rate Guilds had secured any techniques from the ruin. The other Guilds couldn't even make it inside.

However, as players unlocked more of the Primordial Divine Ruin, the number of players allowed inside would increase. Moreover, as players continued to grow stronger, it would only be a matter of time before more Guilds secured Basic Combat Techniques.

Rather than wait for such a future, it'd be better if Zero Wing took advantage of the current situation and sold learning opportunities, making a fortune. In fact, many large Guilds had openly sold learning opportunities for Basic Combat Techniques in the past. He simply executed this business strategy ahead of time. In any case, he had obtained three Basic Combat Techniques on his way to the fifth underground floor, with two from the Earth Dragon.

As for the Advanced Combat Techniques, there was no way he'd sell them. Both in his previous life and in this one, Advanced Combat Techniques were a Guild's core secret.

While Basic Combat Techniques helped players build a solid foundation, they did very little to improve players' combat standards. Only Advanced Combat Techniques had a considerable effect on players' combat standards.

"One thousand crystals per chance? Isn't that price a little too high?" Melancholic Smile asked awkwardly.

Currently, Magic Crystals sold for 30 Silver each on the market; thus, 1,000 Magic Crystals were worth 300 Gold. However, while the various Guilds might accept a price of 300 Gold, that wouldn't necessarily be the case for 1,000 Magic Crystals. Every large Guild desperately needed Magic Crystals right now, and players wouldn't necessarily learn a combat technique in its entirety on the first attempt.

"It's fine. Just tell them. Whether or not they accept our price is up to them. Nobody's forcing them to learn our combat techniques," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Although Basic Combat Techniques were the weakest of the bunch, they weren't easily found. Players could not obtain one just because they wanted to. Despite the Primordial Divine Ruin activating some time ago, only a small number of Basic Combat Techniques had dropped thus far. Moreover, different Basic Combat Techniques offered different kinds of benefits–some improved attack methods, some improved footwork, and so on.

Just because a player had learned a Basic Combat Technique, that did not mean that other techniques would be useless. On the contrary, the more Basic Combat Techniques a player learned, the sturdier their foundation would become. With a strong foundation, players would have a much easier time learning Advanced Combat Techniques. In fact, players may even be able to create their own Basic or Advanced Combat Technique.

"I'll relay the message to these Guilds and announce it to the public, then," Melancholic Smile said. After giving the matter some thought, she saw the logic in Shi Feng's decision.

Other Guilds still treated their Basic Combat Techniques like family heirlooms. Even core members had to pay a significant amount of GCPs to learn the techniques. Since they had approached Zero Wing to purchase its family heirlooms, it was only natural that the Guild demand a higher price.

Moreover, there were many wealthy individuals among God's Domain's adventurer teams and independent experts. Generally, adventurer teams and independent experts had no opportunity to learn Basic Combat Techniques, so they'd be more than willing to pay the price.

After disconnecting his call with Melancholic Smile, Shi Feng sent out a few scouts to explore the fifth floor.

In less than ten minutes, Shi Feng received a report from one of the scouts.

"Guild Leader, I found a gigantic magic array in the forest. There's also an NPC in the center of the array," a scouting Assassin reported.

"An NPC? Send me your coordinates." Shi Feng was instantly ecstatic.

As far as he knew, there shouldn't be an NPCs on the Primordial Divine Ruin's rest floors. Since one of his scouts had found one, that NPC must be related to Primordial City.