Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1661 - Bronze Combat Technique

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Chapter 1661 – Bronze Combat Technique

The hundreds of lightning bolts suddenly flashing in the vast wasteland immediately drew the attention of every player on the Primordial Divine Ruin’s third underground floor.

Compared to the normal lightning strikes, not only were the ones just now much more powerful, but the number and rate at which they appeared were also much higher than before. The resulting thunder also echoed throughout the entire wasteland, hurting everyone’s eardrums.

“What’s going on over there?”

“Why did so many lightning bolts suddenly strike Zero Wing?”

Everyone on the third floor turned towards Zero Wing’s location at practically the same time, their hearts bursting with curiosity.

Previously, none of the lightning strikes had hit anywhere near Zero Wing. Yet, now, Zero Wing received a violent bombardment. Most likely, even a Great Lord of the same level would be reduced to ashes after eating so many powerful lightning bolts.

“What’s that? A book?”

“Could some kind of treasure have dropped?”

Some of the players nearby quickly noticed the ancient tome hovering before Shi Feng. Although they could not make out what kind of item the ancient tome was, judging by the huge commotion that heralded its appearance, they could easily guess that it was something extraordinary.

The various first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams present revealed looks of envy and greed.

As far as they knew, no Fine-Gold or Dark-Gold item would create such a huge commotion when it appeared. Hence, the tome should be Epic rank at the very least.

An Epic item!

At this stage of the game, although powerful Guilds like first-rate Guilds would already have around a dozen or so Epic items in their possession, to the masses, Epic items were still exceedingly rare.

However, everyone also understood that stealing the tome from Zero Wing was impossible.

Setting aside how powerful Zero Wing’s team was, even reaching Zero Wing’s location would be a massive challenge for them.

What a powerful aura. Shi Feng was indescribably shocked as he looked at the ancient tome in the air before him.

He had seen the synthesis of many Advanced Combat Technique tomes before. However, none of them had ever caused such a huge commotion. Moreover, even after the Lightning Flash tome completed its synthesis, it still radiated a faint aura that attracted Mana to it—a situation that Shi Feng had never encountered before. For a moment, he found it somewhat incredible that the book before him was a combat technique tome.

“Guild Leader, what is that item? Is it an Epic tool?” Aqua Rose could not help but ask curiously.

The other members of the team also held great curiosity about the Lightning Flash Secret Technique. Immediately, they pricked their ears up in hopes of catching wind of the tome’s identity. As for the item’s Attribute Panel, they held no expectations of catching a glimpse of it.

Nowadays, Zero Wing was rife with spies of other Guilds. Meanwhile, in regard to the Epic items the Guild possessed, they were generally considered a secret. After all, Epic items served as the foundation of a Guild. If used at a critical moment, they could achieve miraculous effects. Naturally, the Guild wouldn’t reveal such an important secret unless necessary.

Hence, the members of the team did not hope to find out the exact details of the tome. They only wished to know what kind of item it was.

“No.” Shi Feng shook his head. Smiling, he said, “This is a combat technique.”

“A combat technique?” Aqua Rose could not help but narrow her eyes at Shi Feng skeptically. She suspected that Shi Feng was simply messing around with her.

What kind of combat technique could cause such a huge commotion?

Even a Secret Technique Tablet would not create such a commotion when it dropped.

Shi Feng’s words stunned everyone.

Although they refused to believe Shi Feng, they all knew what kind of personality he had. He would never lie about something like this. Moreover, if he did not wish for them to know what the tome was, he could simply say that it was a Guild secret. In that case, they naturally would not pursue the matter.

Yet, everyone also found it unbelievable that a combat technique could cause such a huge commotion.

“Of course. Moreover, it isn’t just any ordinary combat technique,” Shi Feng said, a hint of excitement in his voice. “This is a Bronze Combat Technique with a complete legacy!”

Advanced Combat Techniques was something that countless expert players wished to learn. Even the various superpowers only possessed a few.

In the past, Advanced Combat Techniques had also been the strongest combat techniques Shi Feng knew of.

However, after finding out about Secret Technique Tablets, in addition to the relevant information Phoenix Rain had provided him, he discovered the existence of combat techniques that were even stronger than Advanced Combat Techniques—Bronze Combat Techniques.

Normally, Secret Technique Tablets were the only source of Bronze Combat Techniques. Meanwhile, the power one could exhibit using such a technique was beyond imagination. Even Void Realm experts would have difficulty coping against a Bronze Combat Technique.

Shi Feng had never expected to obtain a Bronze Combat Technique on the third floor of the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Compared to a Bronze Tablet, a tome that recorded a complete Bronze Legacy Technique was undoubtedly much better.

Although a Bronze Tablet contained numerous Bronze Combat Techniques, only ten players could enter a Bronze Tablet each month, which meant that the Guild could use it to nurture a mere handful of players.

However, a combat technique tome did not possess such a restriction. As long as he willed it, he could let however many players learn from it as he wished.

“A Bronze Combat Technique?”

Most of the Zero Wing members present revealed looks of confusion when they heard Shi Feng’s words. They did not understand what a Bronze Combat Technique was at all.

As for Aqua Rose and the others who had previously entered the legacy space for the Secret Spellcasting Technique, they could not help but gape in shock.

They knew what exactly a Bronze Combat Technique represented—something much more powerful than an Advanced Combat Technique.

Only players like them, who had entered the Bronze Temple of a Secret Technique space, would know about Bronze Combat Techniques. However, back then, they received only one learning opportunity for each floor they ascended in the Bronze Temple. Moreover, each floor became increasingly difficult to clear as they reached higher floors, which severely limited the number of learning opportunities they had.

Now, however, they had a complete Bronze Combat Technique tome. This meant that they could learn the combat technique recorded on it at any time and without limit.

“Now that we have achieved our goal here, it’s about time we headed down to the fourth floor,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then used the Teleportation Stones to send everyone to the fourth underground floor of the Primordial Divine Ruin. Zero Wing’s team of 1,000-plus players vanished from the lightning wasteland.

Primordial Divine Ruin’s fourth underground floor:

The setting here was a quiet valley abounding with lush vegetation. A towering set of doors could be seen situated at the heart of the valley. Even if one stood at the summit of the mountains that formed the valley, one could still see this towering set of doors very clearly.

Not only were the doors 100 meters in height, but they also sported plenty of divine runes carved on them. The doors radiated a powerful aura that would probably deter ordinary players from approaching them.

At this moment, however, a flashy light show could be seen taking place before the massive stone doors. At the same time, sounds of explosions kept echoing throughout the entire valley.

In the next moment, a two-headed, three-tailed Earth Dragon, which stood before the stone doors, could be seen letting out a deafening roar. Meanwhile, encircling this Earth Dragon was a team of 1,000-plus experts. Currently, these expert players were attacking the monster in a frenzy, bombarding the 50-meter-tall Earth Dragon with one attack after another. However, despite the spectacular phenomena accompanying their attacks, the attacks themselves dealt only around -400 damage. From beginning to end, not a single attack inflicted over -1,000 damage to the monster.

“What a powerful monster!”

“An Archaic Species? Or is it a Ferocious Beast?”

Zero Wing’s members could not help but stare wide-eyed at the monster guarding the massive stone doors, their hearts filled with shock.