Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1655 - Ten Years Too Early

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Chapter 1655 – Ten Years Too Early

After Zero Wing’s victory over Heaven’s Burial, the various superpowers in the teleportation zone couldn’t help but reevaluate their opinions of Zero Wing.

“Sure enough, Zero Wing can be quite capable. No wonder they dared to ignore our Guild’s warning. It might not be a bad idea to consider partnering with them for the Primordial Divine Ruin raid,” a middle-aged man in black armor muttered as he looked at Zero Wing’s members with an interested expression. He carried a greatsword with runes that radiated a chilling aura.

The Primordial Divine Ruin was akin to a Dungeon. If one wished to progress inside the ruin, they needed a certain level of strength, whether it be Basic Attributes or combat standards. The difficulty also increased as one delved deeper into the ruin.

After reaching the Primordial Divine Ruin’s fourth underground floor, players faced extraordinarily strict requirements. In fact, it was so difficult to pass from the fourth floor to the fifth floor, where the gate to the Primordial City was located, that a single Guild team could no longer clear the challenge. They would only have a higher chance of reaching the fifth underground floor by working together.

The middle-aged man’s words surprised the nearby players.

The middle-aged man before them was none other than Broken City, an upper echelon from King’s Return. He had been very famous in the virtual gaming world some years ago. Even King’s Return’s Guild Leader had to treat Broken City with respect.

Broken City didn’t praise players or powers very often. The last player Broken City had praised had become King’s Return’s present Guild Leader.

Hence, King’s Return’s members found it truly surprising that Broken City would praise Zero Wing.

“Uncle Broken, aren’t you thinking too highly of them? They’ve merely repelled upstarts like Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater. Zero Wing is still ten years too early to work alongside us,” the handsome youth beside Broken City said, scoffing. The youth wore dark-gray plate armor and wielded a one-handed axe engraved with beautiful runes in his right hand while holding a tower shield made of scales in his left.

“Ocean, Uncle Broken must have his reasons for saying that. While not all of Zero Wing’s team members have monstrous Basic Attributes, the team’s overall strength is considerable. After entering the Primordial Divine Ruin, Zero Wing would make a good choice as a partner,” Praying Lotus, who was garbed in a set of white, sacred robes, said as she shook her head. She didn’t particularly approve of Wild Ocean’s opinion.

Although Wild Ocean had recently received a promotion, becoming one of King’s Return’s Adjudicators, and was one of the Guild’s few Tier 2 players, his thinking was shallow. Like Broken City, Praying Lotus felt they shouldn’t underestimate Zero Wing’s strength.

Throughout the battle, she hadn’t seen Shi Feng take action at all. This proved that Zero Wing was still holding back and was far from being as simple as everyone believed.

“Zero Wing is only good in PvP. We’re going to face an endless number of monsters and various traps in the Primordial Divine ruin. Just clearing the third floor would be a huge problem, let alone reaching the fifth floor.

“Aside from us superpowers, no team has cleared the ruin’s third floor. You should also know that you can’t rely on powerful Attributes alone to clear the third floor. We’ll talk about cooperation after they reach the fourth floor.”

Wild Ocean snorted, thinking that both Broken City and Praying Lotus’s opinions of Zero Wing were too generous.

Wild Ocean wasn’t the only person with that opinion. King’s Return’s other experts agreed with Wild Ocean’s thoughts. If they partnered with Zero Wing, they would have to share half their slots to enter the fifth floor.

What kind of Guild was Zero Wing? What kind of Guild was King’s Return? Did Zero Wing even qualify to share half of their slots?

As time passed, the struggle in the teleportation zone intensified. More powers were also joining the fight in the teleportation zone. Now, even the various powers that had hesitated to provoke Zero Wing had decided to give it a try.

The struggle for the entry slots lasted for over half an hour. This time, the struggle’s intensity was unprecedented. Players’ corpses littered the teleportation zone.

In the end, the various superpowers still took the majority of the entry slots, while the alliance of first-rate Guilds and the alliance of top adventurer teams only claimed a small portion.

Among the various powers that had participated in the struggle, Zero Wing’s performance was the most extraordinary.

Despite Zero Wing starting the fight with less than 2,000 members, they still had over 1,200 members inside the teleportation zone by the time the struggle ended. The Guild had claimed nearly one-tenth of the available entry slots, only slightly less than the various superpowers.

Among the various superpowers, the Secret Pavilion had the best performance, securing exactly 2,000 slots. Although the Secret Pavilion was more than capable of gaining more than that, it had deliberately held back to avoid standing out. Every one of the other superpowers secured around 1,500 slots, which was slightly more than Zero Wing.

This was also the reason why Zero Wing’s performance shocked everyone.

The various superpowers had started the fight with at least 6,000 members, yet Zero Wing had achieved a near-similar result with less than 2,000 members. This battle record was a little terrifying.

“Crap! I thought that with Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater out of the picture, we would get more slots. Why did we end up getting fewer slots than in previous raids?!”

“That’s right! If I had known something like this would happen, I would have preferred for Heaven’s Burial or Blackwater to win.”

The various first-rate Guilds and adventurer teams’ upper echelons clicked their tongues in anger and jealousy as they looked at Zero Wing’s members.

It was common knowledge that teams would have a greater advantage in the ruin if they entered with more players. Now that Zero Wing could send over 1,200 members into the ruin, the Guild might actually make it all the way to the fifth floor and enter the rumored Primordial City.

While everyone else was shocked by Zero Wing’s strength, Shi Feng was ecstatic.

Zero Wing had earned over 5,000 pieces of the current top-tier equipment in the struggle for entry slots. Although the majority was Level 45 Fine-Gold Equipment, they were still valuable. In comparison, Zero Wing had suffered practically insignificant losses.

Zero Wing had suffered 600-plus casualties in the battle, with the majority of them being the White Tiger Dojo disciples. The disciples were only geared in standard Level 50 elite equipment. They had also recovered some of the lost weapons and equipment. Hence, Zero Wing had made a fortune in this battle.

When there were fewer than 15,000 players in the teleportation zone, a blue glow enveloped the area. The players inside the zone disappeared a moment later, leaving an empty plot of land behind. The members of the various major powers that remained inside the tower quickly spread the news of the battle’s outcome.

With the teleportation array’s help, Zero Wing’s surviving members instantly arrived a dark canyon. There were three shining, silver moons hanging in the sky. The visibility within the canyon was also very poor. At best, they could see 200 yards around them, and they couldn’t sense any other creatures, which instilled a deep fear and insecurity.

“So, this is the Primordial Divine Ruin’s first floor?” Aqua Rose muttered as she curiously surveyed her surroundings. With her physique as a Tier 2 player, she soon discovered the hidden threats around them.

A group of Skeleton Undead hid at the top of the canyon, carrying heavy crossbows that could launch bolts with the power to rival Tier 2 Skills. It was obvious that these skeletons had already locked onto their team and were ready to fire their crossbows at a moment’s notice.

Aside from the crossbow-wielding skeletons, Aqua Rose noticed a large number of ghosts flickering in and out of existence on the path ahead. The ghosts wandered around the bottom of the canyon, and even the weakest among them was a Level 50 Chieftain while the strongest were Level 55 Grand Lords. If players accidentally provoked these monsters, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As if they had long since familiarized themselves with this floor, the various superpowers’ teams quickly advanced on a predetermined path. As they advanced, the superpowers’ teams skillfully pushed away any ghosts they came across while dodging the heavy crossbow bolts.

In comparison, the alliance formed by top adventurer teams quickly had their advance halted by powerful ghosts, their members peppered by the crossbow bolts from above the canyon.

“Damn it! Why is it so difficult?”

The various adventurer teams’ upper echelons frowned at the first floor’s difficulty. They were at a loss. Seeing this, the superpowers’ members shook their heads disapprovingly.

The Primordial Divine Ruin was an extremely dangerous place, yet the various adventurer teams had believed that getting into the ruin was the most difficult part. The struggle in the teleportation zone was simply a prelude for what was to come.

Before the adventurer team alliance could think of a plan, they noticed Zero Wing’s members taking large strides towards the gateway to the next floor.

“Have they lost their minds?” The various adventurer teams’ upper echelons gaped as they watched Zero Wing fearlessly advance.