Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1653 - Tier 2 Galore

Chapter 1653: Tier 2 Galore

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"Did Lei Jingyang die?"

"An instant-kill!"

For a time, the players watching the battle between Fire Dance and Lei JIngyang were stunned by the sudden development. The fight had been lightning quick, and many had failed to realize what had happened before it was over. In one moment, Lei Jingyang had been alive and kicking, and in the next, he was dead…

The members of Lei Jingyang's Thunder Legion were particularly dumbstruck.

They all knew how powerful their commander was. Not only did he wield three pieces of Epic Equipment, but he was also one of three Tier 2 players in Heaven's Burial. The Berserker had over 53,000 HP, as well, which was in no way inferior to Tier 1 peak MTs of the same level.

If Tier 1 experts like themselves had to face Lei Jingyang, they'd never be enough to take down the Berserker even with a 20-man team.

Yet, an Assassin had killed their commander with a single move. No matter how they looked at the situation, it felt unreal.

Only Shi Feng knew how possible the feat truly was. After all, Fire Dance wielded a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, which no Epic Weapon could compare to. Moreover, the Assassin class was famous for its explosive damage, dealing significant amounts in a very short time

Meanwhile, Shadow Raid was Fire Dance's strongest explosive Skill. If she landed a hit with the Skill, even a Tier 2 Guardian Knight or Shield Warrior of the same level would stand on the precipice of death, if not die instantly, let alone a Tier 2 Berserker.

After Lei Jingyang died, Heaven's Burial's members fell into a panic, confused about what to do next.

Along with Lei Jingyang's death, the five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons he had summoned had disappeared. This was like salt in an open wound to Heaven's Burial's members.

Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian had already embedded their strength into their enemies' minds. Lei Jingyang's followers doubted that they had the strength to surpass a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon.

Useless trash! He actually died so quickly!A deep frown pulled at Falling Fire's face as he watched Lei Jingyang's corpse transform into particles of light. He had never expected Zero Wing to have a Tier 2 Assassin and Three Tier 2 MTs. Immediately, he shouted through the team chat, "Everyone, retreat! Leave the teleportation zone for now! We'll reenter from another side!"

At this stage of the game, it was extremely difficult for players to reach Tier 2. Even Blackwater, with its abundant resources, had only nurtured a few Tier 2 experts thus far.

Yet, not only did Zero Wing have three Tier 2 MTs, but it had a Tier 2 Assassin as well. This left him truly confused.

Even if Fire Dance took part in the battle, Heaven's Burial and Blackwater should've been able to resist Zero Wing by relying on the five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons, but now, Lei Jingyang was dead and the Evil Demons had vanished. Even if they had the numeric advantage, they had lost any momentum against Zero Wing due to the loss. Their chances of victory were now slim, regardless of whether or not they continued to fight.

The wisest decision now would be leaving the teleportation zone temporarily and trying to get back in from another side. With the limited number of entry slots, Zero Wing shouldn't bother chasing them. On the off chance that there were less than 15,000 players in the zone after Zero Wing left it, the Guild would miss the opportunity to enter the Primordial Divine Ruin. The risk of giving chase simply outweighed the gains.

However, as Falling Fire ushered his team out of the teleportation zone, a snowy-white dagger appeared behind him, transforming into a streak of silver light as it thrust into the Elementalist's back.

Another Assassin?!Falling Fire panicked.

But it was already too late to dodge or block the attack physically. Instinctively, Falling Fire activated Blink, vanishing from the dagger's attack trajectory in the most critical moment and reappearing 15 yards away. He then turned towards the player that had ambushed him with a grim expression.

Unlike the lithe Assassin that had ambushed Lei Jingyang, the Assassin that had attacked Falling Fire was a physically fit youth.

This youth was none other than Flying Shadow.

What fast reactions!Flying Shadow was astonished when Falling Fire successfully evaded the ambush.He evaded my attack despite being caught off guard. Sure enough, I'm still not on the level of peak experts like him.

He had been so close to killing Falling Fire just now. In his opinion, he had already concealed himself sufficiently, and his attack had been fast enough, yet Falling Fire had avoided his dagger.

Zero Wing's Flying Shadow?Falling Fire recognized Flying Shadow instantly, feeling no less shocked than the Assassin.How is he so strong?

He had detailed information on all of Zero Wing's top-ranked experts, and Flying Shadow wasn't wearing a Black Cloak. Even without an Identification Skill, he easily determined the youth's identity based on his appearance.

Based on the report he had read, Flying Shadow wasn't nearly as strong as Fire Dance, Zero Wing's number one Assassin. Yet, just now, the youth had displayed far more power than the report had mentioned.

After Falling Fire had been promoted to Tier 2, he hadn't encountered a Tier 1 Assassin that could get within 10 yards of him undetected. Only the Guild's Tier 2 Assassins had been successful.

Could he be a Tier 2 player as well?As Falling Fire looked at Flying Shadow, he felt the edges of his world beginning to crumble.

Since when had reaching Tier 2 become so easy? The fact that Zero Wing had one Tier 2 Assassin was surprising enough, but he had just encountered another. Had he not reacted quickly enough, he might have fallen to Flying Shadow's attack.

Watching Flying Shadow approach again, Falling Fire began to double-speed-cast.

Suddenly, stone spikes rose from the ground beneath the Assassin's feet. At the same time, a large number of ice swords rained down on the youth. This forced Flying Shadow to focus on the attacks from above and below, which drastically slowed his advance. Moreover, he stiffened slightly each time he blocked an ice sword.

Aside from Falling Fire's attacks, Flying Shadow had to deal with the nearby Heaven's Burial and Blackwater members. For a time, all of the incoming attacks forced Flying Shadow into a passive state. He couldn't close the distance between himself and his target.

"Your equipment is quite good, but it's a pity your combat standards are somewhat lacking," Falling Fire said, a condescending smile spreading across his face as he watched the Assassin's HP slowly decrease.

Flying Shadow might be considered a first-class expert in a first-rate Guild, but he was still young and tender in Falling Fire's eyes. The Assassin's focus on dodging and blocking was particularly poor and inefficient. Even without the support of other players, he could easily kill this player.


Falling Fire completed the final verse of his incantation and launched the Tier 2 Spell, Detonating Flame Arrows, at Flying Shadow.

However, before he could release the dozens of flaming arrows that had formed above him, a dark-blue magic array had appeared in the sky, releasing a torrent of water that snuffed the arrows out.

Reacting, Falling Fire used Blink again and avoided the descending water. By the time he reappeared, the force of the torrent had carved out a massive crater in his previous position, filling it with water.

How is that possible? Someone actually crushed my Detonating Flame Arrows?Confusion tore at Falling Fire as he eyes the manmade pond.

He had cast a Tier 2 Spell, which shouldn't have crumbled so easily even under another Tier 2 Spell, yet not only had his Detonating Flame Arrows been eliminated, but the torrent of water had contained enough destructive power to form a massive crater.

But before Falling Fire could discover his attacker, over a dozen light-blue water spears shot towards him. The spears had appeared in almost the same moment Falling Fire had reappeared after using Blink. The enemy caster's timing and aim were incredibly precise.

Dazed, Falling Fire failed to protect himself in time with an Ice Barrier, and four water spears plowed into him, each dealing over -16,000 damage. Falling Fire, who only had 40,000 HP, died instantly…

As the Elementalist's HP reached zero, he was barely able to turn his head in time towards the water spear's origin. Standing around 30 yards away was a lithe, graceful woman in a lilac robe and wielding a dark-blue crystal staff. A light-blue magic array gradually faded from beneath her feet while dense, water-type Mana surrounded her.

Another Tier 2 player?! Although Falling Fire still wanted to speak, his vision had already darkened, and his body collapsed.