Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1651 - Hidden Power

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Chapter 1651 – Hidden Power

The appearance of the five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons immediately attracted the attention of everyone on the battlefield.

If the Evil Demons summoned were merely Level 70 Great Lords, they still wouldn’t pose much of a concern. After all, current players could defeat such existences—albeit after paying a considerable price. However, Level 70 Grand Lords were a different story.

Without Berserk Skills, Level 50 peak MTs would not survive two hits from a Level 70 Grand Lord. Moreover, Evil Demons possessed superior combat standards to monsters of the same rank. Even Level 50 MTs with their Berserk Skills activated wouldn’t last very long against such a monster.

Meanwhile, five of such Evil Demons had actually appeared on the battlefield. How could anyone ignore and not feel worried over these monsters?

Although the various major powers had already predicted that Heaven’s Burial would make use of the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons it controlled, they hadn’t anticipated that the Guild could summon as many as five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons.

“Sure enough, they did bring along this trump card.”

“Zero Wing is doomed now. Even a Tier 3 summoned creature won’t be able to hold back a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon, much less five of them.”

The various major powers were delighted as they watched the five Evil Demons charging towards Zero Wing’s team. With this, they would have one less competitor to worry about.

At the same time, though, a somber expression also appeared on their faces. After all, once Heaven’s Burial finished off the Zero Wing contingent, needless to say, Heaven’s Burial would have no trouble securing a large number of entry slots with the help of the five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons—leaving other powers like them with fewer slots they could compete for.

Just as everyone was thinking of how to go about competing for the entry slots, the five Evil Demons had already arrived at the frontline of the battle between Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial under Lei Jingyang’s lead.

“You people from Zero Wing should feel proud that you’ve forced me to use my trump card so soon! However, now that I have, you are all going to become Evil Demon food!” Lei Jingyang revealed a sadistic grin as he swept a glance at the Zero Wing members before him.

He then stopped controlling the five Evil Demons and simply commanded them to slaughter Zero Wing’s members.


Once the Evil Demons were no longer under direct control, their eyes released a bloody glow as they bellowed angrily. The Evil Energy they radiated also intensified, so much so that it clouded the perception of nearby players slightly.

Even the Zero Wing members standing somewhat far away from the Evil Demons could not help but shudder at the powerful auras the Evil Demons released.

Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons? Shi Feng frowned slightly as he glanced at the roaring Evil Demons. Immediately, he commanded through the team chat, “Cola, Turtledove, Ye Wumian, you three go keep those Evil Demons busy. Everyone else, focus on wiping out Heaven’s Burial’s members!”

“Evil Demons? That’s not a bad opponent.” Cola licked his lips in eagerness as he looked at the Evil Demons.

“It’s a good opportunity to test my new equipment.” Currently equipped with the Trembling Crown and Trembling Shield, Turtledove was also brimming with fighting spirit.

Before coming to the Primordial Divine Ruin, Shi Feng had distributed the weapons, equipment, and Skills he obtained from the Lost Town to Cola and the others. Among them, he had given the Trembling Crown and Trembling Shield to Turtledove, while Ye Wumian received Cola’s Dragonscale Shield, which she had been using.

Cola and the others promptly dashed towards the five Evil Demons.

“Keep on struggling!” Lei Jingyang sneered when he saw Zero Wing’s members trying to move out of the Evil Demons’ way. At this moment, he could already foresee the annihilation of Zero Wing’s Magic Light Team.

Just when the five Evil Demons arrived before some melee players of Zero Wing, Cola suddenly appeared in front of the five monsters and raised his shield. At the same time, he activated Justice Roar.

The blinding light Cola’s shield gave off instantly made him the center of attention on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the five Evil Demons involuntarily stopped their actions and turned to look at Cola.

An AOE Taunt? What a suicidal bastard. Lei Jingyang’s eyes gleamed with ridicule as he looked at the glow from Cola’s shield.

Even current peak MTs couldn’t last very long against a Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon. Yet, now, Cola had used an AOE Taunt on five of such Evil Demons. At this moment, Lei Jingyang could already foresee the scene of Cola being killed instantly.

As if summoned, the five Evil Demons instantly appeared before Cola, with one Evil Demon already swiping its right claw at the male Guardian Knight.

“So fast!”

The Evil Demon’s attack astonished the spectating crowd, which could just barely see the afterimage of the Evil Demon’s claw. If it were up to these players, blocking or dodging the monster’s attack would be impossible. Needless to say, if they were its target, they would no doubt be killed instantly.


However, the scene that occurred a moment later was utterly different from everyone’s expectations. Not only did Cola manage to block the first attack using the Titan Guard, but he actually retreated by only two steps after receiving the attack. Moreover, he only sustained a little over -10,000 damage from doing so.

“How is this possible?”

“Could it be a Skill?”

The nearby spectating crowd was stunned by this scene.

Just as everyone was wondering what Cola did to take so little damage, another two Evil Demons launched attacks on Cola, their claws blurring.

Peng! Peng!

Another two crisp clangs rang out. Cola was forced to retreat by a total of four steps, and two damages above -10,000 also appeared above the Guardian Knight’s head. However, even after receiving three attacks that dealt over -10,000 damage each, he still had over half his HP remaining.

Not bad. Their Strength should be roughly the same as a Level 60 Specialized Grand Lord. Cola revealed a faint smile at the faint numbness in his arms.

To him, someone who possessed over 80,000 HP, attacks that dealt around -10,000 damage were entirely within his tolerance range.

When Cola noticed the last two Evil Demons attacking him as well, he decided to activate Titan’s Will, the Skill reducing the damage he received by 90% and increasing his Attack Speed by 100%, Movement Speed by 30%, and starting Movement Speed by 80% for 20 seconds.

When the two Evil Demons’ claws collided with Cola’s Titan Guard, two dazzling flashes appeared. This time, however, not only did Cola not retreat by a single step, but even the damage he received from each attack was just a little more than -1,000; that was practically a negligible amount. Following which, several Healing Lights fell on him, instantly replenishing his HP to full.

“So, this is Zero Wing’s Chief MT? He’s so strong!” Everyone’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when they saw Cola actually going toe-to-toe with the five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons.

If it were them, a single Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon would be beyond their means. Yet, despite going up against five of such Evil Demons, Cola still seemed to have plenty of energy to spare. Right now, it looked as if these five Evil Demons were actually fake Evil Demons.

However, they were fully aware that this result was not because the Evil Demons were weak. Instead, Cola was simply too strong.

Just the shockwaves resulting from the clashes were enough to force the nearby players to retreat involuntarily. With this, one could imagine how much Strength both sides possessed.

However, before everyone could recover from their shock over Cola’s performance, two more players joined him, each one of them pinning down one Evil Demon. These two players were none other than Turtledove and Ye Wumian.

The moment these two MTs appeared, they immediately used a Taunt Skill and solidified their aggro on their respective targets. Very quickly, two Evil Demons peeled away from Cola. However, this was still not the most shocking part.

The crucial point was that both Turtledove and Ye Wumian actually possessed Defense that was in no way inferior to Cola’s. In fact, when the female Guardian Knight Turtledove blocked an attack from her Grand Lord, she received only a little over -8,000 damage, which was far less than the damage Cola received. This showed that her Defense was above even Cola’s.

As for HP, due to the various team buffs, Ye Wumian had over 75,000 HP. Meanwhile, Turtledove, who was equipped with Epic Set Equipment, possessed over 80,000 HP, just like Cola.

Meanwhile, due to Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian’s appearance, the Evil Demons, whom everyone thought would be able to create a huge ruckus, were now thoroughly suppressed.

Damn it! How can their Defense be so high?! Lei Jingyang was momentarily stupefied when he saw this scene. However, a possibility that made his entire body shudder came to mind soon after. Could they have been promoted to Tier 2 as well?