Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1650 - Overwhelming Advantage

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Chapter 1650 – Overwhelming Advantage

The scene inside the tower had transformed into something akin to an ancient battlefield. Hundreds of thousands of players fought as screams and explosions echoed throughout the tower.

Many adventurer team members, who participated in this struggle for the Primordial Divine Ruin’s entry slots for the first time, were dumbfounded by the view before them. They even found it hard to move their feet.

“Amazing! So, this is the struggle for the Primordial Divine Ruin?”

“This battle is too fierce! Even expert players are no different than ants here!”

Many adventurer teams and normal Guilds, which had planned to participate, watched the battle in a daze from the sidelines; none of them were bold enough to join the fray. They were all afraid of being devoured and annihilated in the blink of an eye.

Even the expert players they normally thought were so powerful lasted less than ten seconds on this battlefield. These experts were either overwhelmed by an uncountable number of Spells or ganged up on by equally powerful experts. On this battlefield, expert players were fortunate enough to keep their lives, let alone accomplish anything significant. As for the elite players, they were pure cannon fodder. Most elite players usually died before any of the rear line healers could get to them.

Of the multitude of battles across the battlefield, those near the teleportation zone were the most intense.

Zero Wing’s 30-man Magic Light Team moved like a pack of ferocious beasts that had just escaped their cages.

Neither the attacks from Heaven’s Burial’s melee players nor those from the Guild’s ranged players could stop the mobile, iron wall the 15 Magic Light MTs had formed.

Not only did the Magic Light MTs block every incoming melee attack, but they also sent their attackers flying with their weapons and shields. Zero Wing’s rear line DPS then followed up with an intense bombardment, turning its enemies into starlight instantly.

Unfortunately, as Heaven’s Burial had the numerical advantage, and not even the Magic Light MTs could block every incoming attack. From time to time, arrows and Spells broke past their defenses.

However, Heaven’s Burial’s members nearly despaired when they saw the damages above the Magic Light MTs’ heads.



Despite landing direct hits, none of their attacks dealt more than -4,000 damage. It was utterly inconceivable.

Every Heaven’s Burial expert present wore top-tier equipment, and even against top-tier MTs of the same level, their direct hits dealt at least -5,000 damage. Powerful Spells could even deal over -10,000 damage, yet when a Level 50 Ranger struck one of the Magic Light MTs with a Tier 1 Heart Piercing Arrow, the Ranger had only dealt around -3,700 damage. These MTs took even less damage from Spell attacks.

Meanwhile, after receiving numerous buffs and the benefits from Shi Feng’s Disintegration User title, the Magic Light MTs had over 70,000 HP each. Not even ten of Heaven’s Burial’s attacks could force their HPs below 50%. Zero Wing’s rear line healers could easily restore such little HP, making the Magic Light MTs practically invincible.

In contrast to Heaven’s Burial’s DPS, Zero Wing’s DPS was overwhelming. You Ziping, for example, easily dealt over -3,000 damage to Heaven’s Burial’s MTs with his normal attacks alone. When he used Skills like Cross Slash, he dealt over -10,000 damage. Unlike Zero Wing’s MTs, Heaven’s Burial’s MTs only had around 50,000 HP. You Ziping only needed a few attacks to devour most of an MT’s HP by himself. Coupled with the ranged attacks from Zero Wing’s rear line DPS, the enemy MTs were dead before their healers could cast any Healing Spells.

In the short moment since the battle had begun, Heaven’s Burial had suffered several hundred casualties, and every one of them had been an expert player…

Damn it! Why is there such a huge difference in our Basic Attributes?! Confusion tore at Lei Jingyang as he watched Zero Wing’s Magic Light Team move closer to Heaven’s Burial’s ranged classes and healers.

He simply could not fathom how You Ziping and the others had such high Basic Attributes.

Heaven’s Burial’s expert members were all geared in top-tier equipment, and even if You Ziping’s team wore Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, the difference should be this massive. He even wondered if the Magic Light Team’s members had activated Berserk Skills.

However, he was certain that none of them had.

He was confident that Zero Wing’s members hadn’t activated Berserk Skills because all of the various major powers had silently agreed not to use such Skills in this struggle for the entry slots.

There were two reasons for this agreement. The first was that every power participating in this struggle doubtlessly had some members who could use Berserk Skills. If everyone used these Skills, nothing would change. Berserk Skills long Cooldowns was the second reason. On the off chance that they’d encounter trouble in the Primordial Divine Ruin, they’d likely be annihilated if they couldn’t use their Berserk Skills.

However, Lei Jingyang didn’t know that, although You Ziping and his companions appeared to be wearing Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, the Magic Light Sets’ Basic Attributes could rival Level 50 Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

This was the reason that the gap between their Basic Attributes was so vast. This fight was on par with a player in a full set of Secret-Silver Equipment trying to contend with a player in Dark-Gold Equipment. Such a massive gap was only natural when both sides had similar combat standards.

Moreover, the Conqueror Parties’ performance was also impressive. Although the Conqueror Parties’ Basic Attributes weren’t as high as the Magic Light Team members’, their combat standards were higher. When they worked together, they could exhibit even greater combat power. Hence, the destruction the Conqueror Parties caused on the battlefield was in no way inferior to the Magic Light Teams’.

Even Lei Jingyang’s prided Thunder Legion was forced back.

Meanwhile, the various superpowers’ upper echelons, who had kept a constant eye on Zero Wing, were astounded.

Despite Zero Wing’s less than 2,000 players, it actually overwhelmed and suppressed Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s combined army of 7,000 experts and 10,000 elite players.

“Boss, we can’t hold on for much longer! At this rate, they’ll chase us out of the teleportation zone!” one of the Thunder Legion members on the frontlines hurriedly shouted through the team chat.

“I know! All of you, get ready!” Lei Jingyang said, grinding his teeth as he took five dark-gray crystal balls from his bag. He had planned to save these as a trump card to surprise the other superpowers; he had never expected to need them so soon. Following which, he turned to Falling Fire beside him and said, “Brother Fire, I’ll have to rely on you for cover fire.”

“Relax. Although they have superior Basic Attributes, they’re all Tier 1 players. They’re nothing compared to Tier 2 players,” Falling Fire said, disdain flashing in his eyes as he watched the distant Zero Wing members.

“Good!” Lei Jingyang then began to chant an incantation to activate the five crystal balls.

Suddenly, the five, gray crystal balls shattered, and five dark-gray magic arrays appeared around Lei Jingyang. Shortly after, five-meter-tall figures emerged from these arrays. They were humanoid creatures covered in sharp spikes and radiating dense Evil Energy.

These five humanoid creatures were none other than Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons.

The frightening aura these Grand Lords radiated stunned everyone in the tower.

Level 70 Grand Lords!

Such monsters were on par with natural disasters to current players.

“So, this is Heaven’s Burial’s trump card?” Yuan Tiexin’s expression darkened upon seeing the Evil Demons.

When Heaven’s Burial’s members saw the Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons, however, excitement lit up their faces, and their morale skyrocketed.

Although the combined force of Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s players appeared exceptionally powerful, it was nothing compared to the superpowers’ forces. They had only dared to contend with the superpowers because of this trump card.

However, Lei Jingyang wasn’t a member of the Evil God’s Temple. He couldn’t summon Evil Demons directly and control them. He could only rely on Flame Blood, asking the Cleric to spend the Evil God’s Temple Points he had struggled to accumulate on five Evil Demon Crystal Balls. Each Evil Demon Crystal Ball allowed players to store one Evil Demon within, and even non-Evil God’s Temple players could use the crystal balls to summon and control the stored Evil Demon.

However, the cost was painful. The Evil Demon Crystal Ball was a Consumable item, and once the Evil Demons were stored inside, they would become so as well. Once the crystal ball’s three-hour duration ended, the summoned Evil Demons would be permanently destroyed.

Lei Jingyang had wanted to avoid using this trump card unless absolutely necessary.

“Since you’ve forced me to use the Evil Demon Crystal Balls, none of you from Zero Wing should even think of escape!”

Lei Jingyang revealed a sinister grin as he glared at Zero Wing’s team. He then charged at Zero Wing’s members alongside his five Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons. Falling Fire followed the charge with his own team.