Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1649 - Power of the Magic Light Set

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Chapter 1649 – Power of the Magic Light Set

Inside the tower, as Shi Feng’s group approached the teleportation zone, which would teleport players into the Primordial Divine Ruin when it activated, the killing intent Heaven’s Burial’s members radiated grew more intense.

In fact, Heaven’s Burial’s members weren’t the only ones to react this way. Players from the various superpowers all warily eyed Shi Feng’s group as they rested near the teleportation zone.

“Hahaha! This is going to be interesting! Zero Wing’s members are trying to get themselves killed!”

“Don’t they know that the closer they get to the teleportation zone, the more likely it is that someone will target them?”

“That might be the case. I remember that, during the previous struggle, several Guilds had waited beside the teleportation zone, ignorant of the risk. As soon as the fight began, the various superpowers took those Guilds out.”

“Zero Wing can’t possibly think that it will get into the Primordial Divine Ruin with less than 2,000 experts, right?”

The various major powers reacted with surprise and ridicule as they watched Zero Wing’s team get closer to the teleportation zone.

As the areas around the teleportation zone provided a terrain advantage during the struggle to enter the ruin, the five superpowers, which had fought for slots since the very beginning, monopolized it. Now that even more superpowers were getting involved, the competition had become more intense.

The various superpowers might tolerate another superpower so close to the teleportation zone, but there was no way they’d allow anyone weaker to stand beside them. When the struggle for the entry slots began, Zero Wing would likely become their first target. If that happened, Zero Wing’s outcome would be tragic.

Every superpower involved had brought a minimum of 6,000 players, all of which were experts. Some of these teams were even led by several peak experts.

Being targeted by just one of these teams would be enough to make a first-rate Guild’s situation precarious. If multiple superpowers targeted the same team, they could eliminate a first-rate Guild from the competition instantly.

“Boss, should we take action?” a Level 50 Assassin in silver leather armor asked Lei Jingyang as he nodded towards Shi Feng and the other players from Zero Wing.

Although Zero Wing had only dispatched experts to the Primordial Divine Ruin, the team had less than 2,000 members. On the other hand, Heaven’s Burial had dispatched 3,000 experts and 10,000 elites. It had even sent the entire Thunder Legion. Annihilating one or two thousand experts would be a piece of cake for them.

Furthermore, Blackwater had sent along 4,000 of its experts.

With this, they had a combined force of 7,000 expert players and 10,000 elite players. Zero Wing’s team had no chance of victory.

“Brother Fire, what is your opinion on the matter?” Lei Jingyang asked as he turned towards the handsome man beside him.

This handsome man was none other than Falling Fire, the vice commander of Blackwater’s third main force. The man wielded a crimson staff and was enveloped in translucent flames. Just looking at him felt stifling. The fact that he was fully geared in Level 50 equipment, three pieces of which were Epic rank, only made him all the more eye-catching.

However, Lei Jingyang knew that, compared to Falling Fire’s level and equipment, this man’s most impressive feat was his promotion to a Tier 2 Elementalist and the Tier 2 Spells in his arsenal.

That was also why Blackwater had assigned Falling Fire to lead the team that would assist Heaven’s Burial in this endeavor.

“Of course, we have to exterminate these people from Zero Wing. However, it is too soon to strike. They’d have an easier time getting away if we did so now. It won’t be too late to attack once the struggle begins. Even if Zero Wing’s members try to flee, they’ll never get away while entrenched in the chaotic battlefield!” Falling Fire said as he gestured to the various major powers behind Zero Wing’s team.

The system didn’t stop players from fighting with each other inside the tower. Players could start a fight whenever they wished, and the tower had only one exit. It was relatively easy to escape the tower before the battle for the Primordial Divine Ruin’s entry slots began, but once it did, chaos would ensue. If a team weren’t careful, other teams could easily drag it into the fray. Because of this, players had a very difficult time leaving the tower once the fight began.

“I guess you’re right. We’ll strike once the struggle starts, then,” Lei Jingyang said, nodding as he surveyed his surroundings. He then turned to his team and said, “When the time comes, leave none of Zero Wing’s members alive, particularly those wearing Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. It’d be a massive waste to let them hold onto such precious items!”

Although he wanted nothing more than to slaughter Shi Feng and his guildmates, Falling Fire’s opinion was reasonable. Many powers had come to enter the Primordial Divine Ruin this time, and among them, plenty were top adventurer teams. Once the struggle to enter the ruin began, Zero Wing would have a challenging time trying to get out of the tower. They’d be able to kill far more Zero Wing players if they waited.

Earlier, Shi Feng had destroyed Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays, crippling the city. Now, the city couldn’t generate nearly as much income. Lei Jingyang was no less angry than Singular Burial about the insult.

Now that he’d encountered an opportunity to take care of Zero Wing, he couldn’t let it get away.

When he saw You Ziping and the others, who wore the Magic Light Sets, he was particularly tempted. If he could get his hands on a few of those sets, he could help Heaven’s Burial when the Guild began to raid super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s members could feel an intense pressure bear down on them, the majority of which radiated from the various superpowers.

“The fight to claim the entry slots this time sure is intense. We’re just camping out beside the teleportation zone, yet everyone’s eyes are glued on us.” Blackie was slightly astonished as he glanced at the nearby superpowers’ teams.

The only other time he had seen so many superpowers in a single location was during the contest for Thunder Island. If he hadn’t fought these superpowers in the past, he’d likely tremble with anxiety.

“Guild Leader, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s members are keeping a very close eye on us. Based on their killing intent, they’ll definitely attack us as soon as the battle begins,” Aqua Rose said, smiling at the players from Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater, who stood a short distance away.

“Let them come,” Shi Feng said, revealing a faint smile as he eyed Heaven’s Burial’s members. “It’s about time we show these major powers Zero Wing’s might. When the time comes, the Magic Light Team will open a path while everyone gathers in the center of the teleportation zone. Although the number of entry slots has increased to 15,000 after the new expansion pack, the number of powers trying to enter the ruin has increased as well. Avoid fights whenever possible.”


Zero Wing’s members nodded in response to Shi Feng’s command, their expressions hardening. This was especially true for Zero Wing’s internal members and White Tiger Dojo’s disciples, who were about to participate in such a high-intensity war for the first time. They even felt as if they were dreaming.

Shortly after Shi Feng fell silent, a circular, light-blue barrier formed around the edge of the teleportation zone. At the same time, a gigantic magic array gradually manifested, encompassing the area and notifying players that the teleportation process had begun.

“Excellent! Everyone, charge! Slaughter Zero Wing’s members!” Upon seeing the barrier rise, Lei Jingyang turned his gaze towards Zero Wing’s members, flashing a sinister smile.

Immediately, 7,000 Level 48-plus expert players charged at Zero Wing’s team. The 10,000 elite players then split into two groups to surround the enemy players.

As Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s experts got close to Zero Wing’s team, Spells and arrows rained down on their heads. However, like lively monkeys, these experts nimbly dodged most of the attacks, preventing Zero Wing’s ranged attacks from doing much harm.

Just when both frontlines were about to clash, Shi Feng switched his title to Disintegration User and endowed the 30 Magic Light Team’s members with Disintegration Power, increasing their Basic Attributes by 10% and damage by 20%. The buff also reduced the magic damage and physical damage they received by 30% and 15%, respectively.

In the next moment, the two teams collided.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The sounds of the collision resounded throughout the tower along with players’ screams.

“Impossible!” Shock gripped Lei Jingyang’s heart when he saw the scene before him. He even wondered if his eyes were playing tricks.

When the melee players slammed into each other, it seemed as if Heaven’s Burial’s members has crashed into an immovable wall. Meanwhile, You Ziping and his companions in the Magic Light Sets moved like sharpened blades, unstoppable. The 30 players easily dove past Heaven’s Burial’s frontline and into the enemy ranks without slowing in the slightest.

Zero Wing’s other MTs were just as frightening. Each one of Zero Wing’s MTs shattered the blockades of three to five players, sending these players flying. The difference between both sides’ Basic Attributes was like heaven and earth…