Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1648 - Surge of Experts

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Chapter 1648 – Surge of Experts

As Zero Wing entered the Primordial Divine Ruin, every player in the tower turned towards its entrance.

The culprit for the destruction of Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays was none other than Zero Wing. One could say that Heaven’s Burial’s hated the Guild to their very core. If the Guilds hadn’t needed to station most of its Evil Beasts and Evil Demons in Ancient Rock City to defend against the various superpowers’ invading armies, it likely would’ve launched a frenzied counterattack on Zero Wing by now.

Yet, Zero Wing’s members dared to show up in the Orc Empire, Heaven’s Burial’s territory. The Guild had even gone so far as to travel all the way to the Primordial Divine Ruin.

“Just how bold are Zero Wing’s members? Don’t they know that Heaven’s Burial could mobilize thousands of elite members to surround the Primordial Divine Ruin if it wanted to?”

“Maybe they think Heaven’s Burial can’t touch them now that the Guild is busy fending off the superpowers’ armies.”

“Even so, isn’t Zero Wing underestimating the fight for access to the Primordial Divine Ruin? It sent less than 2,000 players. Does it really think that it can achieve anything with so few members?”

“I wonder how Heaven’s Burial’s members will react? With how few players Zero Wing sent, the force Heaven’s Burial dispatched should be more than enough to take them out.”

Everyone spoke in hushed whispers as they watched Zero Wing’s members approach the tower.

“Uncle Yuan, what do you think is going through Black Flame’s mind? This is the Primordial Divine Ruin. Even if Heaven’s Burial can’t use its full force right now, it still has command of the Evil Beasts and Demons. Even a small force of those monsters will be enough to put Zero Wing’s team through hell,” Purple Jade wondered as she watched Shi Feng, who led Zero Wing’s team, with a confused look.

One of the reasons that the various superpowers dared to invade Ancient Rock City was their significant numbers. Combined, their armies included over 700,000 players. Even if Heaven’s Burial controlled Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, how many players could those monsters possibly hold back?

As long as they wished it, the various superpowers could send their forces to circle the defending Evil Beasts and Evil Demons while they charged for the City Lord’s Mansion. With the Evil Beasts and Demons’ massive forms, they couldn’t enter the mansion itself. Once the various superpowers got their members inside, not even an infinite number of Evil Beasts and Demons could stop them. Heaven’s Burial would have to rely on players and NPCs to hold the City Lord’s Tablet.

Moreover, it was very difficult to protect a city with Evil Beasts and Evil Demons.

At the end of the day, the human race was the Evil God’s Temple’s mortal enemy. If human NPCs encountered anything connected to the Evil God’s Temple, they’d move to exterminate it immediately. In fact, there was a very high chance that Ancient Rock City’s NPC soldiers would disregard the invading players and attack the Evil Beasts and Demons instead, accomplishing the opposite effect.

This was also why the various superpowers dared to attack Ancient Rock City.

However, it was a different story in the fields and the Primordial Divine Ruin. Players weren’t prohibited from attacking each other in the ruin, and Heaven’s Burial didn’t have anything to protect here, so its Evil Beasts and Evil Demons could focus on the slaughter. Even if the monsters only killed half of Zero Wing’s experts, it would deal a massive blow.

“I don’t know, but the Primordial Divine Ruin is incredibly important to every Guild. It is not strange that Zero Wing is willing to take such a risk,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head.

As Zero Wing’s force moved closer to the tower, the players from the various superpowers and adventurer teams, who anticipated an interesting show, revealed dumbfounded expressions.

“Is this a joke?! Those players are actually all Level 50 or higher!”

“Crap! Didn’t someone say that Zero Wing didn’t have much equipment left? How are so many of those players wearing Fine-Gold Set Equipment?!”

“What level are those Fine-Gold Sets? I can feel so much pressure coming off of them!”

“Who are those players in the lead? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.”

“When did Zero Wing gain another batch of experts?”

For this operation, Shi Feng did not have his team members wear Black Cloaks. Hence, both their levels and equipment were exposed for all to see.

At this stage of the game, only an extremely small number of players had managed to reach Level 50. First-rate Guilds only had around 30 to 40 Level 50 players, and the various superpowers only had 300 to 500.

Yet, every player in the team of nearly 2,000 that Zero Wing had dispatched to the ruin was Level 50 or higher. Some were even Level 52. This was simply unbelievable.

Moreover, Zero Wing’s members wore dazzling equipment. The 30, unfamiliar players at the lead even wore the same Fine-Gold Set Equipment. The aura they radiated was akin to a ferocious beast that had just been released from its cage.

Wearing the Magic Light Sets, which were even stronger than Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment, You Ziping and the others’ Basic Attributes were even higher than a Lord ranked monster of the same level.

A Lord ranked monster might not be a tough opponent for the players in the Primordial Divine Ruin, but it was a different story if it were a player with the Attributes of such a monster. Such a player could easily solo an elite party.

Even the superpowers commander-level individuals felt an immense pressure wafting from You Ziping’s group. Although their equipment was considered top-notch in God’s Domain, their Basic Attributes were nowhere near a Level 50 Lord’s.

Suddenly, the various superpowers’ members saw Zero Wing’s players in a new light. They were all powerhouses, and they knew what this aura and pressure represented. Although these factors couldn’t be used to determine a player’s strength, they did hint at a player’s general combat standards.

“Just how much strength has Zero Wing hidden? It already introduced another 100 Refinement Realm experts, and now it’s revealed so many experts with such intense auras. Could some superpower really be supporting Zero Wing in secret?” Purple Jade’s eyes widened when she saw the Magic Light Sets You Ziping and the other players wore.

Currently, she had numerous pieces of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment on her, and the weakest piece she had was Level 45 Dark-Gold rank. In addition, she carried an Epic Weapon and a piece of Epic Equipment. Overall, her line-up was among the best in the game right now.

Yet, You Ziping and his companions’ Basic Attributes seemed higher than hers…

Her Basic Attributes ranked among the top in the Secret Pavilion. What kind of power was the Secret Pavilion? It was an organization which only a small number of Super Guilds could compare to, yet Zero Wing had just revealed 30 never-before-seen experts with even higher Attributes…

The situation was simply ridiculous.

“It’s no wonder why Black Flame dared to lead a team here. It seems that he came prepared.” Yuan Tiexin’s mouth twitched slightly as he watched Shi Feng. “Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, huh?”

In his opinion, the only possible reason that You Ziping’s group had higher Basic Attributes than his and Purple Jade’s was their Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. There was no other way that these players could surpass them.

“Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment?” Purple Jade couldn’t help her surprise. “How is that possible? Even our Guild has only collected two of such sets so far. How could Zero Wing possibly collect 30 sets?”

Level 50 equipment was already extremely difficult to gather, let alone Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. Even after investing tons of manpower and resources, the Secret Pavilion had only obtained two Level 50 Fine-Gold Sets. What means did Zero Wing, a Guild that was many times weaker than the Secret Pavilion, possibly employ to obtain 30 such sets?

“Don’t forget that Black Flame is a Master Forger. It is very likely that he crafted the Level 50 Fine-Gold Sets,” Yuan Tiexin said, his expression turning somber.

Truthfully, even he struggled to believe it.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Shi Feng were simply a Master Forger, but a Master Forger capable of mass-producing Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment held an entirely different meaning.

Just thinking about how Zero Wing could deploy expert teams in Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment made Yuan Tiexin shudder.

As players discussed the possible power behind Zero Wing, dense killing intent radiated from Heaven’s Burial’s team, which stood not far from Zero Wing’s members.

“Zero Wing! They actually dare to show up here!” Lei Jingyang frowned, a cold glint flashing in his eyes as he glared at the enemy players. “Do they really think we’ll just stand by and watch?”