Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1646 - Team Strengthens

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Chapter 1646 – Team Strengthens

After receiving Aqua Rose’s answer, Shi Feng disconnected the call and focused on forging Magic Light Sets.

He only had ten hours before the Primordial City’s gates opened, which coincided with the Primordial Divine Ruin’s activation time. It would not be easy to put together a powerful team in so little time, so he needed to make use of every second.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose contacted Zero Wing’s members. She also sent someone with the Level 50 weapons and equipment to White River City, instructing them to hand the items over to You Ziping and the others.

With this, Zero Wing instantly gained nearly 700 powerful experts.

This development, more or less, brightened Aqua Rose’s mood.

Normally, large Guilds nurtured expert players very slowly, producing two or three hundred experts per month. Some Guilds’ development was even slower, losing experts rather than gaining them. More players joined God’s Domain each day, after all, and as players became more familiar with the game’s combat styles, the standards for expert players rose to greater heights.

With the addition of You Ziping and the others, Zero Wing’s expert count increased drastically. If the public knew of this, countless players would be shocked.

Seven hundred expert players might not be a match for a 10,000 strong elite army on a battlefield, but when it came to guerilla warfare, the experts would dominate. Moreover, expert players could adapt to far more easily than elite players.

Now that Heaven’s Burial had its hands full, it and Blackwater would suffer if Zero Wing suddenly introduced another 700 expert players to their war.

It was a pity that You Ziping and the others were forced to make their debut in the Primordial Divine Ruin. It would allow Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater to see to preemptive measures to cope.

Candlelight Trading Firm, Special Forging Room:

Controlling the Purple Thunder Flame, Shi Feng carefully smelted and combined the necessary materials to forge the Magic Light Set. Once he included the Magisteel Ingot, he began to shape the molten alloy. He had completed the entire process as smoothly and naturally as flowing water, with everyone one of his movements nearly, if not exactly, perfect.

At the end of the day, however, his forging success rate was only 60% even if he followed the procedures perfectly.

After successfully forging another four Magic Light Sets and increasing his total to 30, Shi Feng stopped crafting. Instead, he retrieved the Advanced Book of Magic from his bag and began to forge Advanced Mana Armor Kits.

The Advanced Mana Armor Kits didn’t provide as much of a boost as the Magic Light Set, but if every player equipped three of these kits, their Basic Attributes would increase by at least 10%. This was a substantial increase for Level 50 players.

The strengthened Magic Light Sets could rival Dark-Gold Equipment of the same level in Basic Attributes, but after including the Advanced Mana Armor Kits, the set equipment would be on par with Level 50 Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

The various superpowers currently treated Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment like precious treasure, not to mention level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment or Set Equipment.

Thankfully, I made it in time. Shi Feng revealed a satisfied smile as he gazed at the Advanced Mana Armor Kits on the table before him.

Due to the Purple Thunder Flame, his production speed with these kits had improved significantly. After working for five hours straight, he had successfully forged 90 armor kits, enough to equip 30 players. He had also gained an incredible amount of EXP and was now only 19% away from Level 65.

Following which, Shi Feng contacted You Ziping and had the youth lead 29 other plate-armor players to his Special Forging Room.

It wasn’t long before You Ziping and his companions arrived in Shi Feng’s room. They all wore a mix of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment.

When You Ziping and the others entered the Special Forging Room, they were dumbfounded by what they saw.

Numerous pieces of dazzling equipment littered the room. It was clear that the equipment was extraordinary at a glance. Moreover, based on the pieces’ design, they obviously belonged to a single set.

However, what stunned You Ziping and his companions the most was the unique glow of Fine-Gold items radiating from the pieces. And the room actually held 30 full sets…

The sight was blinding.

Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment? Everyone inwardly guessed the set equipment’s rank as shock overwhelmed them.

“Guild Leader, I’ve brought the players you’ve requested: 15 Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights, and 15 Berserkers and Swordsmen,” You Ziping respectfully announced as he walked up to Shi Feng. After seeing the sight before him, his admiration for the Swordsman had solidified.

It was obvious that Shi Feng had personally handcrafted Fine-Gold Sets in the room.

At this stage of the game, countless experts dreamed of equipping Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. Even the various major powers would have to invest a lot of time, manpower, and resources to acquire one set, yet Shi Feng could actually forge such equipment…

If the various superpowers knew about this, they’d likely curse Zero Wing for cheating. With the ability to produce Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, Zero Wing would almost certainly grow stronger.

“Alright, I want every one of you to pick a set and equip it,” Shi Feng said as he gestured the Magic Light Sets in the room.

“We’re supposed to equip them?” The 30 players couldn’t help their confusion.

They currently wore Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment, which was only slightly weaker than Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment in terms of Basic Attributes. On the other hand, Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment offered higher Defense than Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment.

It’d be better to let the other experts, who lacked equipment, to use these pieces rather than equip the sets themselves.

But since their Guild Leader had given them an order, they had no choice but to obey.

“This is…”

As You Ziping and the others picked up the Magic Light Sets and prepared to equip them, they realized something that left them dazed.

“How is this possible?!”

“This is Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment?! I’m not dreaming, am I?!”

Everyone’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when they inspected the Magic Light Set’s Attribute Panels.

They were already impressed that Shi Feng had crafted Level 45 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, but they had never even heard of a player obtaining Level 50 Fine-Gold Set equipment. And yet, their Guild was giving each of them one of these sets. For a moment, their minds even failed to process the situation.

“Wait, there’s a ‘Strengthened’ label on this set. These pieces Basic Attributes should be even higher than those of Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment,” a player with a keen eye suddenly exclaimed.

The player’s declaration immediately caught everyone’s attention.

“Crap, it’s true! The Basic Attributes on this set are even higher than the Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment I’ve seen before.”

You Ziping and the other players were at a loss for words as they held the Magic Light Set pieces, shuddering involuntarily.

Each piece of a Fine-Gold Set Equipment was half a rank stronger than Fine-Gold Equipment of the same level, but after the enhancement, it was clear that the Magic Light Set pieces were on par with Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment.

A set of Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment…

If news of this matter spread, it would definitely cause a sensation throughout God’s Domain.

Before You Ziping and his fellow players could digest this information, Shi Feng gestured to the Advanced Mana Armor Kits atop a stone table in the corner of the room and instructed, “Once you’ve equipped the Magic Light Sets, I want each of you to take three armor kits and equip them as well. Take a look at the final effects.”