Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1645 - Primordial City

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Chapter 1645 – Primordial City

Shi Feng wasn’t the only player to receive the system notification. Players in the Orc Empire and those in the neighboring kingdoms and empires were also notified.

“A new expansion pack?”

“Someone triggered an expansion pack related to the Primordial Divine Ruin? How lucky!”

“What’s going on? What’s this ‘Primordial City?’”

The system notification stirred players in the various kingdoms and empires into an uproar.

Although the new expansion pack this time did not require players to log off, every new expansion pack meant new opportunities.

Every time a new expansion pack launched, the status quo in God’s Domain would change; some Guilds and players would rise, while others would fall.

Meanwhile, this expansion pack was connected to the highly popular Primordial Divine Ruin, which even the various superpowers struggled to monopolize. It was clear that this expansion pack would be extraordinary. If one took advantage of this expansion pack properly, they could even experience a meteoric rise, becoming famous throughout God’s Domain. After all, the same thing had already happened multiple times thus far.

Everyone immediately looked into this Primordial City the system announcement had mentioned. As soon as they had, though, they were stunned by what they had found.

According to God’s Domain’s historical records, Primordial City had been a legendary city before the Great Destruction. Nobody knew exactly what kind of place this city was. They only knew that players had to travel through a specific teleportation gate to reach the Primordial City. This teleportation gate could be found throughout the continent of God’s Domain.

According to the legends, the Primordial City was even grander than Blackwing City. In fact, it offered even more benefits than the Holy City of Titan. Countless opportunities awaited players, including hidden classes and Combination Skills that had been lost in time.

After learning more about Primordial City, the potential benefits tempted many top adventurer teams. They began to partner with other teams to explore the Primordial Divine Rune.

Since the various large Guilds had monopolized the ruin since it had appeared, adventurer teams and independent players hadn’t dared to consider exploring it. The risks far outweighed the gains.

Although it was possible to obtain combat techniques within the Primordial Divine Ruin, doing so was incredibly difficult. At the very least, no lone adventurer team had any hope of survival in the ruin. It would need the strength of multiple adventurer teams. Unfortunately, even if multiple teams worked together, they’d have to address the problem of loot. No one wanted to take a loss, and because of this, it was unlikely that multiple adventurer teams would cooperate.

Most importantly, a single adventurer team’s strength was insignificant in the eyes of the various superpowers. Not even first-rate Guilds would take top adventurer teams seriously.

However, the situation had changed, and their only goal now was entry into the Primordial City. In that case, it was definitely possible that the various top adventurer teams could work together without incident. As for how many players each team got into the Primordial City, that would depend on them.

The various superpowers were now focused on Heaven’s Burial’s Ancient Rock City, and even if they were interested in the Primordial City, they’d only be able to spare a portion of their forces to raid the ruin. This gave the top adventurer teams a greater chance of entering the Primordial Divine Ruin and proceeding towards the Primordial City.

“Guild Leader, the Primordial City is amazing!” Aqua Rose was astonished when she read the report on the new city.

Not only was the Primordial City’s foundations stronger than those of the Holy City of Titan, but it was also a holy ground for players who wanted to grow stronger.

If players could enter the Primordial City, they would grow significantly stronger very quickly.

Primordial City? Shi Feng was just as surprised by the system announcement.

He had never expected the opportunity to enter the Primordial City to arrive so soon.

In the past, the Primordial City had made its appearance in God’s Domain after mainstream players had reached Level 70. Everyone had known the city’s importance, and it had caused a major struggle between the game’s major powers.

Even so, they had all underestimated how beneficial the Primordial City would become for players. Though, they eventually learned the truth.

Aside from the ability to obtain hidden classes, combat techniques, Skills, and Spells in the Primordial City, the city’s most valued aspect was its ability to help players complete their class promotions much faster.

It was common knowledge that class promotions became more difficult as players reached higher tiers. In fact, some players might never even reach Tier 2.

Meanwhile, Primordial City offered a special product called a Primordial Soul. When used, it provided a buff that improved players physiques for a certain amount of time. With an improved physique, players would have a much easier time completing their Promotion Quests.

As for using the Primordial Soul for PvP, that was not possible.

This was because the Primordial Soul’s buff would vanish the moment any other players were within 1,000 yards of the user. Hence, players could only use the Primordial Soul when they soloed monsters or quests.

Even so, the Primordial Soul had become highly sought after in God’s Domain. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to obtain a Primordial Soul since the city only sold a limited number each day. Once they were bought out, the item would only restock the next day. It was a limitation the system had set to avoid too many players completing their Promotion Quests too easily.

Although Zero Wing had plenty of Level 50-plus players, only a small number had actually reached Tier 2 thus far. It was safe to say that, aside from Shi Feng, no one knew about the Primordial Souls yet. If he could enter the Primordial City and monopolize the Primordial Souls sold, Zero Wing could gain a new batch of Tier 2 experts in a short amount of time.

If Zero Wing could form a large enough team of Tier 2 experts, defeating Mythic monsters of the same level would be possible even without powerful tools. Tier 2 experts were also the foundation to challenge super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeons.

“Aqua, notify Fire and Blackie and have them gather the main force and Dark Gods Legion immediately. It’s about time we make a trip to the Primordial Divine Ruin,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

“Wonderful! I’ve been waiting for you to say that, Guild Leader!” Aqua Rose was ecstatic when she heard Shi Feng’s command. However, she quickly realized a problem, saying worriedly, “Guild Leader, the various superpowers are paying close attention to the Primordial Divine Ruin right now. Moreover, it’s in Heaven’s Burial’s territory. If we head to the ruin, even with the Dark Gods Legion, I’m afraid that…”

The Primordial Divine Ruin was near the boundary between the Orc Empire’s inner and outer regions. It was not far fetched to consider the area part of Heaven’s Burial’s territory. The location was also one of the reasons that Heaven’s Burial had always secured around one-tenth of the available entry slots into the ruin despite so many powerful competitors.

Now that Shi Feng had destroyed Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays, Heaven’s Burial would give them a piece of its mind if they dispatched forces to the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Even if they dispatched both Zero Wing’s main force and the Dark Gods Legion, they would only have 1,000-plus players. If they tried to face the superpowers’ elites and experts, they’d likely have a very difficult time securing enough slots.

“Relax. You Ziping and the others will join us as well,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “While we’re on the topic, how is the equipment collection coming along?”

“We’ve collected the necessary weapons and equipment. I’ll have someone send them over in a moment. But even if we include You Ziping and his team, our members are still…” Aqua Rose said worriedly.

Even if they included Zero Wing’s internal members and White Tiger Dojo’s disciples, they’d still have less than 2,000 players. Compared to the tens of thousands of elites and experts the superpowers had dispatched, such a small force wasn’t worth mentioning.

However, Shi Feng remained firm on his decision.

In God’s Domain, quantity wasn’t the most important. Rather, quality meant everything.