Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1644 - Reversal

Chapter 1644 – Reversal

“He’s gone?”

“He must’ve teleported!”

“Amazing! He’s too strong!”

“So, that was the Sword King?”

Everyone was dumbfounded yet again as they watched the tear in space gradually mend.

Shi Feng had certainly given them a shocking show.

First, he had attacked Heaven’s Burial’s main headquarters by himself and destroyed two of Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays. Then, despite the fact that he had been surrounded by Heaven’s Burial’s members and Ancient Rock City’s NPC soldiers, he had left without taking a single point of damage. Meanwhile, Heaven’s Burial’s members had been utterly powerless during all of this. They had only been able to watch as it had all happened…

Not even Super Guilds could impact Ancient Rock City, yet Zero Wing’s Black Flame had flipped the city upside down on his own.

The man’s capabilities were simply terrifying!

“Damn it! He escaped!” Broken Flow ground his teeth in frustration as he watched Shi Feng disappear.

Shi Feng had safely left Ancient Rock City as everyone had watched. If news of this spread, Heaven’s Burial’s reputation would be in ruins.

“Black Flame!” Daybreak Fog’s expression darkened.

She had thought that Zero Wing had run out of options and was on the path to destruction. She had never thought that the Guild would actually make such a move. Compared to what Shi Feng had just achieved, Heaven’s Burial recent success in killing over 15,000 Zero Wing members wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Now that both of Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays had been destroyed, the various superpowers would attack the city with renewed fervor.

Meanwhile, Singular Burial seethed with rage in Heaven’s Burial’s Residence. His eyes were bloodshot as he continuously smashed the desk before him to pieces.

“Black! Flame! I! Will! Never! Let! You! Off! The! Hook!” Singular Burial bellowed from within his office, and everyone in the Guild Residence could hear his declaration.

He had lost too much this time!

Without the two defensive magic arrays, the various superpowers’ armies could charge into Ancient Rock City without trouble.

Ancient Rock City had just begun to take shape. The Guild hadn’t even fully fortified the city yet. If the various superpowers attacked now, the city would sustain heavy damages and would be out of commission for some time even if Heaven’s Burial managed to hold on to it.

“Guild Leader, what should we do now?” Daybreak Fog asked Singular Burial through a private call.

“Recall everyone! Notify Young Master Lei and the others and have them return to help defend the city! We cannot allow the other superpowers to get anywhere near the City Lord’s Mansion!” Singular Burial instructed once he had calmed slightly.

Although he wanted nothing more than to hunt Shi Feng down and decimate Zero Wing City, fending off the superpowers’ armies was far more important right now.

“Zero Wing, just you wait! Sooner or later, I will have my revenge!” After Singular Burial finished issuing his commands, he took another look at the video before him. It replayed Shi Feng’s rain of destruction as he eliminated the defensive magic array around the City Lord’s Mansion.

Shi Feng’s latest actions had caused Heaven’s Burial plenty of trouble. It would also delay Zero Wing’s destruction by quite a while. However, it didn’t change Heaven’s Burial’s overwhelming advantage over Zero Wing.

After Shi Feng had destroyed the two defensive magic arrays in Ancient Rock City, news of his feat quickly spread throughout the several kingdoms and two empires neighboring the Orc Empire.

“Amazing! He actually made such a mess of Ancient Rock City by himself!” Galaxy Past could not help but laugh when he read the urgent report his subordinate had sent. “The various superpowers’ armies will have a greater chance of securing the city now.”

“So, this is the rumored Sword King? He really is something,” Cuttlefish, from the Crimson Emperor Guild, muttered, chuckling as he watched the battle video. “This has definitely created an opportunity for Crimson Emperor.”

Meanwhile, in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Residence on Thunder Island…

Blue Phoenix, who wore a set of elegant, dark-purple mage robes, burst into the Guild Leader’s office, wearing an excited expression.

“Big Sis Rain, big news! Black Flame has single-handedly destroyed Heaven’s Burial’s Ancient Rock City! Heaven’s Burial is in turmoil!” Blue Phoenix reported as she grinned at the beauty in a black, silken dress, who currently sat behind an office table as she shifted through paperwork.

“How is that possible? Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic array can easily withstand Tier 4 attacks.” Phoenix Rain paused, looking up from her work to give Blue Phoenix a skeptical look.

“It’s true! Black Flame used some kind of tool to destroy Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays in a single hit!” Blue Phoenix said. She then sent Phoenix Rain a battle video.

In the video, Shi Feng attacked Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic array, casting Hell Meteor repeatedly and shattering both defensive magic arrays in minutes.

“Just how many secrets does Zero Wing have?” Phoenix Rain’s eyes widened in shock as she watched Shi Feng use the same devastating attack twice in a row.

With such a powerful attack and Shi Feng’s ability to move about freely, no Guild Town or City could hope to stop him.

Even Super Guilds would fear the Swordsman.

However, what Phoenix Rain didn’t know was that Shi Feng could only use the Demon King’s Horn twice. Once he expended those uses, it would disappear. He’d have to rely on his luck to obtain another such item. After all, tools that allowed players to cast Tier 5 Spells were as rare as a phoenix’s feather in God’s Domain.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng arrived in a deserted mountain range after using Space Movement. He then took out a Return Scroll and teleported back to White River City.

As he strolled down the city’s streets, he could hear countless players discussing Ancient Rock City. Because of the latest events, Zero Wing’s reputation had reached an all-time high.

It seems my plan has been quite effective. Seeing that Zero Wing’s reputation had soared among the masses, Shi Feng was considerably satisfied with his latest operation.

Although he had exhausted the Demon King’s Horn and spent 60,000 Magic Crystals, he had put Heaven’s Burial at risk.

Even if the Guild defended their hold on Ancient Rock City, it wouldn’t see any more of the city’s profits for some time. To make matters worse, both Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing still incurred massive expenditures every day due to the ongoing war. If Heaven’s Burial wasn’t careful, the Guild might disintegrate in the next few days.

As Shi Feng was about to return to the Candlelight Trading Firm to resume forging Magic Light Sets, Aqua Rose contacted him.

“Guild Leader, you’re too ruthless!” Aqua Rose said, clearly excited as she addressed Shi Feng. “Heaven’s Burial is definitely in trouble. According to our latest reports, over ten superpowers are marching their armies towards Ancient Rock City as we speak. They have a combined force of around 700,000 elite players. Heaven’s Burial is going to have its hands full trying to defend Ancient Rock City, let alone deal with us.”

“Heaven’s Burial isn’t our only enemy. We still have to worry about the Blackwater Corporation. Have we seen any movement from Blackwater recently?” Shi Feng asked.

Nodding her agreement with Shi Feng’s statement, Aqua Rose calmed herself and answered, “It seems that Blackwater has turned its focus to raiding the Primordial Divine Ruin. It has even reduced the number of experts hunting our members to send more players to explore the ruin.”

“The Primordial Divine Ruin?” Shi Feng fell into deep thought for a moment.

The Primordial Divine Ruin was an excellent location to obtain combat techniques native to God’s Domain. If one collected enough of them, the result from learning them all could even rival the advanced combat rooms in Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena.

While Shi Feng considered the situation, the sound of a system notification attracted his attention.

System Announcement: Someone has successfully triggered the new expansion pack “Primordial Trial.” The Primordial Divine Ruin within the Orc Empire will undergo further activation. In ten hours, the Primordial City’s gates will open on the Primordial Divine Ruin’s fifth floor. Please prepare.