Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1643 - Destroying a City Alone

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Chapter 1643 – Destroying a City Alone

As Shi Feng swung down the Demon King’s Horn from his position above Ancient Rock City’s City Lord’s Mansion, the pitch-black magic array looming over the building released a blinding light. In response, hill-sized meteors began to emerge from the array and rain down on the City Lord’s Mansion.

Unlike the previous attack, the players outside of the mansion weren’t protected by a magic array. They could clearly feel the heat waves from the blazing meteors.

One meteor after another crashed into the defensive magic array protecting the City Lord’s Mansion, causing the barrier to crack. Although the array had a constant supply of energy, its recovery rate couldn’t keep up with the damage it received. As a result, more cracks began to spread across the barrier.

No! The defensive magic array around the City Lord’s Mansion is slightly stronger than the one that protected the city! It’s definitely going to endure the attack!Singular Burial silently prayed as he watched the powerful bombardment.

The City Lord’s Mansion was the heart of the city. Hence, the defensive magic array constructed to protect it was even stronger than the one that had protected the city. This was also why he was so confident that Ancient Rock City would never fall into the various superpowers’ hands.

But as hope rekindled in Singular Burial’s heart, reality gave him a tight slap to the face.

Under Hell Meteor’s continuous bombardment, the defensive magic array around the City Lord’s Mansion eventually collapsed, and the semi-translucent barrier shattered like a mirror…


“Is this a joke?! Who is that guy?! He actually destroyed two defensive magic arrays in a row!”

“How is this possible?! That’s the City Lord’s Mansion’s defensive magic array that we’re talking about! Even several Mythic monsters would need to attack it for a long time to destroy it! What kind of Spell did he just use?!”

The crowd in Ancient Rock City was stupefied as they watched the spectacle before them. Even Heaven’s Burial’s members had forgotten to attack the intruder as they stared at the now-unprotected City Lord’s Mansion with dumbfounded expressions.

Nobody could believe their eyes. Not even the City Lord’s Mansion’s defensive magic array could stop Shi Feng’s attack.

What these players didn’t know was that the attack Shi Feng had executed with the Demon King’s Horn contained a Demon King’s full power. The attack ranked at the peak of Tier 5.

A normal city’s defensive magic array would have no trouble blocking Tier 3 attacks. It could even withstand Tier 4 attacks, which would only exhaust a, albeit considerable, portion of the array’s energy reserves.

However, the Demon King’s Horn’s attack far exceeded the threshold of any city’s defensive magic array. The item could even break through Zero Wing City’s defensive magic array, which had a special power source.

Once an attack exceeded a defensive magic array’s threshold, its energy depletion would increase by multiple times. It wouldn’t be unusual if the array stopped functioning entirely.

This was also why the various Guilds had held massive celebrations whenever they gained a Tier 5 player in Shi Feng’s previous life. Tier 5 players weren’t just capable of defending a city by themselves; they could also shatter an ordinary city’s defensive magic array without help, making it far easier for their Guild to capture a city.

Even after the defensive magic array around the City Lord’s Mansion fell, Hell Meteor’s duration hadn’t ended. The brilliant meteors bombarded the mansion itself, and although the building had been reinforced with divine runes, it was no match for the incredible attack. In just a few short seconds, the City Lord’s Mansion was in shambles.

As expected of a Tier 5 peak existence’s large-scale destruction Spell! Its power really is amazing! Shi Feng was astonished as he stared at the tattered City Lord’s Mansion.

He had thought that the Demon King’s Horn would only be able to break through the defensive magic array, but looking at it now, it would seem that he had still underestimated the item’s power.

Unfortunately, he could only use the Demon King’s Horn twice. Once the attack ended, the Demon King’s Horn gradually disintegrated, becoming no more than dust particles before it disappeared.

“Die! He must die! I want him removed from God’s Domain entirely!” Singular Burial glared at Shi Feng with bloodshot eyes. If the man stood before him now, Singular Burial would eat Shi Feng alive.

Heaven’s Burial could’ve relied on the City Lord’s Mansion’s defensive magic array to withstand the various superpowers’ assaults, but now that that array had shattered, Ancient Rock City had lost its last line of defense. Now, however, with said magic array shattered, this meant that Ancient Rock City’s last line of defense had also disappeared.

As Singular Burial barked out commands like a madman, Daybreak Fog and Heaven’s Burial’s other members worked with the NPC soldiers to eliminate Shi Feng.

In truth, though, they knew that their actions were futile.

Even if they killed Shi Feng, Ancient Rock City’s two defensive magic arrays were gone, and they would need a long time to recover.

Meanwhile, facing attacks from all sides, Shi Feng unhurriedly retrieved a Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scroll and activated it, blocking every incoming attack.

“Damn it! Just who the hell is he?! What kind of feud does he have with our Guild?!”

“Find out! Use whatever means it takes to discover that person’s identity!”

Seeing that Shi Feng was unfazed despite so many players’ attacks, both Heaven’s Burial’s members and the players from the various superpowers wondered about the man’s identity.

Even Super Guilds were helpless against Ancient Rock City, yet Shi Feng had destroyed two of the city’s defensive magic arrays by himself. It was utterly unbelievable, but with the facts before them, they had no choice but to admit it had happened.

As players ran off to investigate this flying intruder, Shi Feng took the initiative to remove his Black Cloak, revealing his Black Flame appearance.

“Heaven’s Burial! Didn’t you guys ask for a fight?! I’m here!” Shi Feng shouted as he looked down on Heaven’s Burial’s members.

The moment Shi Feng revealed his identity, a moment of silence descended on the city.

“What?! It’s Black Flame?!”

“Impossible! Black Flame actually came to Ancient Rock City?! And he destroyed two of the city’s defensive magic arrays?!”

“Amazing! Truly amazing!”

The players in Ancient Rock City were thunderstruck when they learned Shi Feng’s identity. They had never thought that Zero Wing’s Black Flame would actually accomplish such an unbelievable feat.

“Black Flame? He’s actually Black Flame? How is that possible?!” Singular Burial was dazed when he saw Shi Feng, struggling to think properly.

When he had sent the Evil Demon army after Zero Wing, he had taken into account that the enemy Guild might launch some kind of counterattack, but he had never imagined that Zero Wing’s Guild Leader would be so bold as to attack Heaven’s Burial’s headquarters by himself.

Meanwhile, Daybreak Fog, who commanded the battle outside the City Lord’s Mansion, took a deep breath and ordered, “Kill him! We outnumber him! We cannot let Black Flame enter the City Lord’s Mansion!”

The Guild’s members only reacted and remembered to attack Shi Feng after they heard Daybreak Fog’s voice ring out.

Now that the City Lord’s Mansion had lost its defensive magic array, there was nothing to protect the City Lord’s Tablet. If they allowed Shi Feng to destroy the tablet and obtain the City Order that would then appear, Heaven’s Burial would suffer unimaginable consequences.

There was no way that Shi Feng, who hovered above them all, would emerge unscathed with so many attacks from both players and NPCs.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of entering the City Lord’s Mansion. Instead, he swiped his right hand across the empty air before him. In response, a spatial tear appeared in front of him, blocking the incoming attacks.

Before every players’ eyes in Ancient Rock City, Shi Feng entered the spatial tear and vanished…