Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1641 - Demon King's Descent

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Chapter 1641 – Demon King’s Descent

Twenty-meter-tall walls surrounded Ancient Rock City, strengthened by magic runes. Even powerful players would not be able to scale these walls. Furthermore, a defensive magic array protected Ancient Rock City, so even if players managed to climb the walls, the magic array would stop them in their tracks.

Normally, players could only enter Ancient Rock City through its main entrance.

If players with nefarious intentions couldn’t even break past these two defenses, they’d have no hope of getting past the NPCs patrolling the city, and their attempts would be for naught.

Due to the Orc Empire’s unique environment, players consumed Stamina and Concentration more quickly in the area. The only way they could recover their lost Stamina and concentration was to enter a magic array-enclosed town or city.

Currently, a long line of players waited patiently outside of Ancient Rock City’s main entrance. They would only be permitted entry after they had been inspected by the city’s NPC soldiers.

“This inspection is really annoying. Heaven’s Burial actually refuses to let cloaked players into the city and is adamant that we reveal our identities.”

“They’re likely afraid of players from enemy factions sneaking into the city. There are so many superpowers keeping an eye on Ancient Rock City, and if they decided to take action within the city’s walls, Heaven’s Burial’s losses will be no laughing matter.”

“They’re overly worried. Causing trouble in Ancient Rock City is easier said than done. Plenty of NPC soldiers and players constantly patrol the city. If anyone does anything odd, they’ll likely die before they can do any actual damage.”

“Indeed. Heaven’s Burial is just being too careful. With such powerful defenses, not even the Super Guilds can do anything to the city.”

As the players in line discussed Ancient Rock City’s strict security, they all agreed that Heaven’s Burial was being too sensitive. Ancient Rock City wasn’t even under players full control, and as a result, formidable NPCs guarded the city. Even if players wanted to attack the city, there was nothing they could do at this stage of the game.

“Huh? Guys, look. Someone’s up there!”

“Crap! Who is that? He’s actually flying!”

“What’s he trying to do?”

“He isn’t trying to attack the city, is he?”

“Attack the city? Are you kidding me? Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic array isn’t just for show. Current players can’t go up against it. He must be trying to get a better look at the city’s situation.”

“Who is that guy? He sure has guts! Isn’t he afraid that Heaven’s Burial will try to kill him?”

When the crowd queued up to enter Ancient Rock City saw the figure in the sky, they couldn’t help their growing curiosity.

The players outside of Ancient Rock City weren’t the only ones to notice Shi Feng. The players within the city’s walls noticed him as well, and his appearance instantly caused a commotion.

Meanwhile, in Heaven’s Burial’s Residence…

“Guild Leader, someone has suddenly appeared above the city. By the looks of it, he seems to be a player,” a Level 49 Ranger announced after entering the Guild Leader’s office. “Should we send the patrol squads to eliminate him?”

Normally, they didn’t bother with players as long as they didn’t try to cause any trouble.

However, this unknown player dared to look down on Ancient Rock City from above. This was a blatant insult to Heaven’s Burial. If they did not teach this player a lesson, it could impact the Guild’s prestige.

“Someone’s looking down on the city from above?” The Ranger’s report surprised Singular Burial slightly. “Do you know who it is?”

This was the first time they had encountered such an arrogant player since Heaven’s Burial had taken control of Ancient Rock City.

“We’ve tried to investigate, but he’s wearing a Black Cloak, so we can’t see the player’s identity,” the Ranger said, shaking his head.

“Interesting. This person must be tired of life to act so wildly in Heaven’s Burial’s territory. Although I don’t know what they intend to do, I don’t want to see them leave this place alive. Notify our subordinates immediately and have them display the Guild’s strength,” Singular Burial said, sneering as he looked at the cloaked image of Shi Feng.

“Understood!” The Ranger left to notify the NPC and player patrol squads to take action.

Normally, NPC soldiers wouldn’t take long to deal with an intruder when an enemy appeared in a city, but since this mysterious individual had hidden his identity and hadn’t done anything just yet, they’d only be prevented from entering Ancient Rock City. The NPCs would not attempt to remove the player.

However, these NPCs would launch an attack if they received a direct command.

Current players were little more than flies to Level 100 NPCs.

Shortly after Singular Burial issued the command, the NPCs on the city walls set their sights on Shi Feng as he hovered above the city.

One of the Tier 3 commanders immediately launched a Tier 3 Spell, while the Tier 1 soldiers beside him pulled out their bows and fired at Shi Feng.

“It seems that Heaven’s Burial is really angry. They actually commanded the NPCs to attack. That person is in for a beating.”

“I know, right? It really makes you wonder what is going through that person’s mind. Does he really think Ancient Rock City’s NPC soldiers there for decoration?”

As everyone watched the Tier 3 Spell and hundreds of arrows soar towards the hovering intruder, Shi Feng finished his preparations. He then unfurled the Tier 3 Defensive Scroll in his hands and activated it.

Immediately, dark-blue streams of air danced around Shi Feng, encasing him. Not only did the air streams strike the incoming arrows down, but they also blocked the Tier 3 Spell. In the end, Shi Feng emerged from the volley unscathed.

“What?! He’s still alive?!” Everyone was stunned when they saw Shi Feng unharmed.

Against a Level 100, Tier 3 NPC’s Tier 3 Spell, even a player of the same rank and level would take significant damage. The other NPCs had also fired hundreds of arrows at Shi Feng.

Yet, despite such a domineering assault, Shi Feng hadn’t taken any damage.

Contrary to expectations, Shi Feng didn’t try to escape after the NPCs’ first volley ended. Rather, he pulled an item from his bag.

The instant he revealed this item, the surrounding Mana surged towards Shi Feng.

As he began to chant an incantation, the Mana around him concentrated into liquid. In seconds, a pitch-black magic array, covering a 2,000-yard radius, appeared above Ancient Rock City. The phantom of a Demon King then appeared beneath the magic array, radiating a terrifying aura that every player in Ancient Rock City could feel.

“What a powerful Spell!”

“What is that person trying to do?”

“He couldn’t really be trying to siege the city, right?”

“This is insane! That person is definitely crazy! This is Ancient Rock City we’re talking about! What can one player like him possibly do to the city’s defensive magic array?”

Ancient Rock City’s players didn’t panic in the least as they watched the pitch-black magic array above the city. Rather, they were confused.

If this player had used this Spell to attack within the city, it would decimate Ancient Rock City, but since it was outside of the city’s defenses, it couldn’t damage the city in the slightest. At most, it would expend some of the defensive magic array’s energy.

As everyone questioned Shi Feng’s sanity, the black magic array in the sky completed its formation. At the same time, the Demon King released a furious bellow and summoned numerous flaming meteors, raining them down on Ancient Rock City.

Tier 5 Spell, Hell Meteor!

The instant the hill-sized meteors met the city’s defensive magic array, a deafening boom echoed throughout the city. As one meteor after another crashed down, cracks began to snake across the magic barrier around Ancient Rock City. As the cracks continuously spread, the defensive magic array protecting the city eventually shattered and disappeared…