Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1640 - An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth

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Chapter 1640 – An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth

“We’re going to fight them?” Anticipation filled Aqua Rose when she heard Shi Feng’s growl. “Guild Leader, do you really have a way to deal with those Evil Demons?”

She was very familiar with Zero Wing’s foundations.

With the Guild’s current combat power, they had no chance of victory against Heaven’s Burial in the open fields. If they wanted to win, they needed some special strategy or a miracle.

“Nope,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

“Then how are we supposed to fight Heaven’s Burial?” Shi Feng’s simple response dumbfounded Aqua Rose.

“Who says we’re going to fight them head-on?” Shi Feng asked, revealing a faint smile. “A Guild war is a competition of wealth. If we cut off their income, how long do you think they’ll last?”

Both Guilds had already set bounties on each other’s members and incurred massive expenditures each day because of it.

If one side suddenly lacked the funds to pay for the massive number of bounty claims and couldn’t compensate its Guild members, that Guild would crumble under the pressure.

“Cut off their income?” Aqua Rose gave her Guild Leader a confused look.

Heaven’s Burial’s financial ability was frightening. Not only was it backed by the Blackwater Corporation, but it could also lean on the Orc Empire’s Ancient Rock City for funds. If it were possible to cut off these sources, Heaven’s Burial would suffer a devastating blow to its finances.

However, no matter how Aqua Rose considered the situation, she couldn’t find a way to do so.

Ancient Rock City was located in the Orc Empire’s inner region. Not only was it protected by Heaven’s Burial’s members, but the Guild also continued to strengthen the city’s static defenses. Every one of God’s Domain’s various superpowers eyed the city, hoping for a chance to capture it. The Guild had also stationed NPC soldiers within the city walls.

Although Ancient Rock City only had around 6,000 NPC soldiers, everyone was Level 100. The majority of them was also Tier 1 soldiers, with a minority of Tier 2 NPCs and a few Tier 3 commanders.

Level 100 was the second major turning point in God’s Domain. Had these NPCs been present when Heaven’s Burial had tried to capture the city, it would have failed even if it had employed thousands of Level 70 Evil Beasts.

Unfortunately, cutting off the income from the Blackwater Corporation was even less possible. Blackwater had already taken control of the Iron Empire, and with Zero Wing’s current strength, attacking the Guild in its own empire would be suicidal.

“In any case, have someone send me 60,000 Magic Crystals. I intend to visit Ancient Rock City and try to cut off Heaven’s Burial’s income from it. Also, inform our Guild members to stay indoors for now. If they have to level up, they can do so in the maps around Zero Wing City. Have Flying Shadow, Shadow Sword, and the others offer reinforcement if our members come under attack,” Shi Feng instructed after nodding to Aqua Rose’s question.

None of the others had the power to deal with Ancient Rock City.

Unfortunately for Heaven’s Burial, he had obtained the Demon King’s Horn, an Epic Consumable, during his trip to the World Summit.

Even Zero Wing City’s defensive magic array would shatter against a full-powered attack from a Tier 5 Demon King, not to mention Ancient Rock City’s.

The Demon King’s Horn’s only flaw was its maddening requirement of Magic Crystals.

Previously, Zero Wing hadn’t even had 10,000 Magic Crystals in its Warehouse, and Shi Feng couldn’t have afforded to use the Demon King’s Horn. But things had changed for the Guild. Zero Wing City alone earned more than 100,000 Magic Crystals through its teleportation services and Battle Arena, and the number continued to climb by the minute.

Hence, taking 60,000 Magic Crystals would not harm Zero Wing’s daily operations too much.

Since Heaven’s Burial dared pull such a stunt, Shi Feng had to return the favor. As the saying went; an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

When Aqua Rose heard that Shi Feng planned to head to Ancient Rock City by himself, she panicked. Hurriedly, she argued, “Guild Leader, it is too dangerous for you to go alone. There are Level 100, Tier 3 NPCs guarding Ancient Rock City. Heaven’s Burial has long since set Zero Wing as an enemy. The moment you approach the city, the NPCs will annihilate you.”

Every NPC soldier in Ancient Rock City was more than capable of slaughtering current players. Going there alone was suicidal.

“Relax. I know what I’m doing. If I really can’t pull it off, I won’t force the issue,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He did not bother to explain further.

“Then, you must be careful. I will have Yaya deliver the Magic Crystals right away,” Aqua Rose repeatedly implored. Despite Shi Feng telling her to relax, she could not help but worry.

Following which, Aqua Rose had Yaya deliver 60,000 Magic Crystals to White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm while she dealt with the Guild members, instructing everyone to avoid going out as much as possible.

Once Shi Feng obtained the 60,000 Magic Crystals, he retrieved two Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scrolls, which the Guild’s main force had acquired, from the Guild Warehouse before hurrying to Ancient Rock City.

Orc Empire, Ancient Rock City:

Due to the Primordial Divine Ruin’s appearance, high-level quests and powerful Bosses had begun to spawn around the ruin. Because of this, many players had gathered in the area to compete for these resources. This also increased Ancient Rock City’s player population. Though, the population increase was not as dramatic as that of Zero Wing City.

Some of the new arrivals to Ancient Rock City were in awe of the city’s numerous large buildings.

Ancient Rock City contained various hotels, smithies, bars, and restaurants, and the shortest of these buildings included three floors, while the tallest even had six or seven. Ancient Rock City’s prosperity could already rival major NPC cities.

Moreover, the city’s defenses were incredibly powerful. The city already had 28 Defense Turrets and dozens of Arrow Towers. The center of the city even housed three Basic Mana Pulse Cannons, which Heaven’s Burial had purchased from Blackwing City…

Even if an Orc army attempted to siege the city, no one would expect the city to fall for even a second. When the various superpowers saw the city, they were forced to abandon the idea of capturing it.

“Ancient Rock City is truly an impenetrable fortress. With this city, it is only a matter of time before Heaven’s Burial becomes a super-first-rate Guild.”

“That’s right. With the constant supply of funds from Ancient Rock City and the support from major corporations, many experts will likely attempt to join the Guild. All Heaven’s Burial needs now is time to develop.”

“I know, right? I’ve heard that the Evil Demon army attacking Zero Wing right now also belongs to Heaven’s Burial. You guys should see how powerful those Evil Demons are for yourselves. Ordinary experts are nothing before those Lord ranked Evil Demons. Just one of them can easily wipe out a 20-man expert team, and the Great Lord ranked Evil Demons’ combat standards can even rival ordinary experts. Even the various superpowers are afraid of Heaven’s Burial now. If not for the other kingdoms and empires hunting down the Evil Demons, Zero Wing would’ve been annihilated already.”

“Zero Wing sure is unlucky to have Heaven’s Burial as an enemy. With this Evil Demon army against them, Zero Wing is finished.”

“Although Zero Wing is not a weak Guild by any means, it has crap luck to have crossed Heaven’s Burial.”

“I’ve heard that Heaven’s Burial plans to recruit more members soon. Why don’t we join Heaven’s Burial after our meal? If we’re late, it might become even more difficult to join the Guild later.”

“I guess you’re right. Count me in.”

As the players in Ancient Rock City discussed Heaven’s Burial, many expressed their admiration and envy.

Heaven’s Burial had both money and strength. It was only a matter of time before it took control of the several kingdoms neighboring the Orc Empire. Not even Super Guilds could stop the Guild’s growth now.

Meanwhile, in Heaven’s Burial’s Residence in Ancient Rock City, Singular Burial wore a delighted expression as he sat in his office. When he read the latest report, an indescribable joy filled his heart.

“So what if your city earns a lot of money, Black Flame? In the face of absolute power, what can you possibly do?” Singular Burial laughed maniacally.

After a series of battles, Heaven’s Burial had killed over 15,000 Zero Wing members. Although most of them were normal members, it had been a significant blow to Zero Wing.

At the moment, Zero Wing’s members hid in towns and cities, most not daring to leave the safety to grind. Heaven’s Burial immediately sent a team to kill any that did the moment they were discovered. Although some players had snuck past Heaven’s Burial, they couldn’t affect the overall situation.

If this persisted, it wouldn’t be long before Zero Wing’s members began to withdraw from the Guild. Once that happened, Zero Wing would truly be finished.

As Singular Burial prepared to meet with his Guild’s upper echelons to discuss their next moves, Shi Feng secretly snuck across Ancient Rock City’s walls.

Although Heaven’s Burial had already set Zero Wing’s members as enemies, Shi Feng had the Nightwalker’s Cape equipped. If he wished to escape detection, not even Tier 3 NPCs would find him. The only problem was that he still wasn’t allowed to enter the city. Fortunately, he didn’t need to.

“As expected of one of the Orc Empire’s cities. It’s certainly more prosperous than Zero wing City,” Shi Feng muttered to himself, smiling as he observed Ancient Rock City through its gates. “It seems that Heaven’s Burial has improved the city’s defenses quite a bit. I wonder if it can withstand a Tier 5 large-scale destruction Spell?”

As Shi Feng muttered, he activated Gale Domain and flew above Ancient Rock City.