Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1639 - Start of the War

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Chapter 1639 – Start of the War

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

Due to Zero Wing City’s sudden rise in fame, many independent players from the neighboring kingdoms had gathered before Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City, hoping to join the Guild.

Although Zero Wing didn’t fare so well against Heaven’s Burial right now, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing City surpassed Heaven’s Burial’s Ancient Rock City at the rate it was developing.

Zero Wing City’s teleportation function and numerous NPC Shops were so attractive that even independent players and well-known adventurer teams considered settling down, long-term, in the city. Currently, many adventurer teams and Guilds deeply regretted not participating in the auction for Zero Wing City’s private houses.

Some adventurer teams and Guilds had even offered to purchase Zero Wing City’s private houses for a much higher price, but unfortunately, no one was willing to hand over the private houses they had won in the auction.

While Zero Wing gained more momentum, Shi Feng continued to forge Magic Light Sets.

The Magic Light Set was a six-piece, Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. Its forging procedures were extremely complex and difficult to accomplish. However, as Shi Feng completed more sets, he became increasingly familiar with the forging process. With the help of the Purple Thunder Flame, he needed even less time to complete each set.

Normally, a Master Forger would need nearly an hour to complete one attempt. Shi Feng, on the other hand, only needed around 40 minutes now. Moreover, his practical success rate had risen to 60%; he could successfully forge six sets out of ten attempts.

Due to Shi Feng’s familiarity with the forging process, most of the remaining 40% only had a few minor defects, coming out as either Secret-Silver or Mysterious Iron rank. Only 10% of the failures were unusable.

While the Secret-Silver and Mysterious-Iron sets were considered failures, the pieces were still valuable to Level 50 expert players. Furthermore, the failures still retained their set effects, which made them half a rank stronger than ordinary equipment of the same rank.

Since Shi Feng had no intention of keeping the Magic Light Sets a secret, he dropped the failures in the Guild Warehouse and only kept the successful sets on him.

As Shi Feng prepared for his 27th attempt, Aqua Rose contacted him.

“Guild Leader, Heaven’s Burial has made a move. Currently, Heaven’s Burial’s Lei Jingyang is leading a massive number of Evil Beasts and expert players to attack our members in the four high-resource maps. We’re too outnumbered. We simply can’t hold them back. We’ve already lost a lot of expert members. Although I’ve already ordered a temporary retreat, it seems that Heaven’s Burial had prepared for that. Our members won’t be able to get out easily,” Aqua Rose anxiously reported as she sent Shi Feng a few videos.

Each of the recordings displayed Heaven’s Burial’s expert teams leading 20 to 30 Lord ranked and above Evil Demons.

Although the Evil Demons did not have as much HP as Evil Beasts of the same rank, they possessed superior intellect. A single Level 70 Lord ranked Evil Demon was more than capable of cornering a 20-man team of ordinary experts, let alone 30 of them. Any of Zero Wing’s 100-man expert teams would be basically annihilated if they came across these Evil Demons. Only 1,000-man teams might have some hope of resistance.

At this point, only the 100-man teams under the Conqueror Parties leadership or those led by the Guild’s Tier 2 experts could defeat Heaven’s Burial’s expert teams.

However, Heaven’s Burial had sent over 5,000 Evil Demons to hunt down Zero Wing’s members. The Conqueror Parties and Tier 2 experts weren’t enough to keep the enemy teams in check.

In the half an hour since the attacks had begun, Zero Wing had suffered over 5,000 casualties…

“Heaven’s Burial really is cautious.” Shi Feng could not help his frown.

If Star-Moon Kingdom’s armies discovered the Evil God’s Temple’s forces in their territory, they’d immediately move to destroy them.

Due to the Orc Empire’s invasion, Star-Moon Kingdom’s armies were spread across the kingdom. It’d be very easy to take advantage of the kingdom’s power to deal with Heaven’s Burial.

However, Heaven’s Burial had only sent their high-mobility Evil Demons to attack. Moreover, these Evil Demons had spread out. Even if the kingdom’s armies reached them in time, they’d only be able to kill a few before the rest of the Evil Demons escaped.

It was practically impossible to deal a heavy blow to this Evil Demon army.

Moreover, the Evil Demon army was particularly skilled in guerilla warfare. Players had no hope against them, let alone a single Guild.

This was also why the Evil God’s Temple had very nearly wiped out an entire empire in Shi Feng’s previous life.

When Zero Wing had clashed with the Evil Demon and Beast armies previously, the Guild had held the terrain advantage. It had also had the help of defensive magic arrays, Defense Turrets, NPC guards and soldiers, and other such tools, but now, Zero Wing had none of that.

As long as the Evil Demon army continued to hunt players in the fields, Zero Wing’s members wouldn’t be able to grind and level up.

“Hahaha! Boss Lei, these Evil Demons are amazing! Not even Zero Wing’s expert teams can hold a candle to these monsters!” a burly Ranger exclaimed, laughing as he watched the Evil Demons crush a 100-man expert team from Zero Wing a short distance away.

With just 40 Evil Demons, they had forced a Conqueror Party-led expert team to retreat. He had never thought this situation would be possible.

“Keep a close eye on them! Make sure none of them escape!” Lei Jingyang said, laughing. He, on the other hand, wasn’t surprised in the least.

He had personally fought a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon before.

Without a Berserk Skill, he was no match for the Evil Demon, barely able to defend himself. If a group of Evil Demons ganged up on him, even an expert of his caliber would quickly fall.

Although Zero Wing had stood toe-to-toe with Heaven’s Burial in this war of attrition thus far, the outcome had been determined long ago. Zero Wing never had a chance of victory.

Meanwhile, news that Heaven’s Burial had dispatched an Evil Demon army against Zero Wing quickly reached the major powers. Seeing the numerous Evil Demons spread across the high-resource maps Zero Wing’s members occupied, even Super Guilds’ upper echelons couldn’t help but frown.

“It seems that Heaven’s Burial has gathered a powerful Evil Demon army. Even with Zero Wing City’s rise in popularity, Zero Wing’s legacy will soon end.” Yuan Tiexin could not help his rueful sigh as he read the latest report on the war between Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial.

According to the report, Heaven’s Burial had dispatched 20 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons to Star-Moon Kingdom. Every one of these Grand Lords was an absolute nightmare for players. The Guild had also dispatched 500 Great Lords and thousands of Lord ranked Evil Demons. This army would be invincible in the fields. Star-Moon Kingdom’s NPC armies were the only hope of exterminating these monsters now. Unfortunately, by the time the kingdom’s armies arrived, the Evil Demons would have likely escaped.

Had Zero Wing agreed to the Secret Pavilion’s conditions, there might be a solution to this problem, but the Guild had lost any possibility of escaping this predicament.

As Zero Wing’s members retreated from the various high-resource maps, Heaven’s Burial published a post on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

Zero Wing, do you dare face us in a final stand?

This sentence instantly caused an uproar in Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Hahaha! It seems that Zero Wing really isn’t much after all! It’s even afraid of putting up a good fight!”

“Zero Wing members, do you guys dare to come out and fight? Or are you going to continue to hide in your city?”

Heaven’s Burial’s members clamored on the forums, provoking Zero Wing’s members to a fight in the fields.

Naturally, Zero Wing’s members were incredibly frustrated. Although they wanted to fight, they’d be surrounded by Evil Demons if they ventured into the fields. If that happened, they’d never survive, yet if they didn’t fight, everyone in the game would look down on them.

“Guild Leader, many of our members are voicing their desire to face Heaven’s Burial’s members due to the recent announcement. But if we let them…” Aqua Rose trailed off helplessly. “Is there really no way to deal with those Evil Demons?”

She found Heaven’s Burial’s actions truly disgusting, but if they didn’t find a solution quickly, not only would Zero Wing’s reputation plummet, but the Guild’s morale would also crumble.

“Does Heaven’s Burial really think that Zero Wing is some helpless sheep? Since they want a fight, I’ll give them a fight!” Shi Feng sneered.