Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1635 - Mana Tower Constructed

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Chapter 1635 – Mana Tower Constructed

Each attempt to forge the Magic Light Set cost 300 Gold, which meant that each failure also cost 300 Gold. Not even Super Guilds would play around with so much money.

If not for his considerably high success rate, Shi Feng wouldn’t have dared to attempt the set’s mass-production.

When Shi Feng clicked to inspect the Magic Light Set’s Attribute Panel, a system notification appeared.

System: Magic Light Set has been successfully forged. Forging Proficiency increased by 15 points. Obtained 6,000,000 EXP.

Its Attributes sure have improved considerably. Shi Feng was delighted when he saw the set’s Attributes.

Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment was best players could hope for at this stage of the game since Level 50 Dark-Gold equipment only dropped from super-large-scale Team Dungeons. Moreover, the drop-rate wasn’t 100%.

With the inclusion of the Magisteel Ingot, the Fine-Gold ranked Magic Light Set’s Basic Attributes had received a 10% boost. Although it didn’t seem like much, Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment generally offered over 100 points to each Attribute. A 10% increase meant at least 10 more points. Meanwhile, the Magic Light Set was a six-piece set, offering 60 bonus points to each Attribute. Furthermore, the Magisteel Ingot improved every Basic Attribute.

Overall, the 10% improvement was the equivalent of an additional piece of Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment.

Aside from Epic Equipment and above, no equipment could rival the Magic Light Set at this stage of the game. Unfortunately, Epic items were extremely rare, and not even Guilds’ peak experts were guaranteed to wield one.

If he let Zero Wing’s experts equip the Magic Light Set, they’d definitely have an overwhelming advantage over other Guilds’ experts in Basic Attributes.

Although the Magic Light Set did not boost the wearer’s combat standards, it offered far more destructive power than the Conqueror’s Armor’s Basic Strength Battle Array. Rather than rely on superior combat standards to whittle down their enemies, Zero Wing’s experts could trample over their opponents by relying on the Magic Light Set.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng began to forge the next Magic Light Set.

Very quickly, Shi Feng went finished three more forging attempts. Among them, one was a complete failure, while two had succeeded. Shi Feng’s success rate even surprised him.

As Shi Feng was about to continue, Melancholic Smile contacted him.

“Guild Leader, the Mana Tower you’ve requested has been built in Zero Wing City, but it needs too many Magic Crystals to operate every day. Should we activate it now?” Melancholic Smile asked worriedly.

Not only had they spent 5,000 Gold to construct the Mana Tower, but they had also spent 5,000 pieces of Mana Ore. She had assumed that the Mana Tower would bring in additional income for Zero Wing City, but once it had been constructed, she had discovered that activating it cost 3,000 Magic Crystals, and its continued operation would cost 1,500 Magic Crystals per day.

This was a significant expenditure to any Guild, especially Zero Wing.

Although the Four Towers of Elements’s teleportation function and Zero Wing’s Battle Arenas had earned the Guild some Magic Crystals, they couldn’t afford to squander what they had.

“It’s fine. Activate it,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

The Mana Tower was the symbol of a Guild City. Zero Wing City could only be called a true Guild City once it had a Mana Tower of its own.

The Mana Tower increased the Mana density in a city significantly. The five Magic Towers’ increased Mana density wasn’t even the equivalent to one-third of the increase a single Mana Tower provided.

Moreover, more NPCs would only reside in a Guild City once it had a Mana Tower. This was especially true for high-tiered NPCs since they had such strict Mana density requirements.

“Right, once you’ve activated the Mana Tower, notify Aqua and have her raise the entrance fee to 60 Copper. Increase the prices for the Battle Arena’s services by 30% as well,” Shi Feng instructed.

Naturally, they needed to increase prices in various aspects with the increased Mana density. After all, the rise would offer players more benefits.

“This…” Melancholic Smile was stunned.

It had not been easy to increase Zero Wing City’s player population to 2,000,000. It might not be an issue if they increased the prices of the city’s services a little, but players would definitely refuse such massive leaps. Zero Wing City’s player traffic would doubtlessly decrease.

“Relax. Once the Mana Tower is active, Zero Wing City will be worth the price,” Shi Feng explained briefly. Of course, he understood Melancholic Smile’s concerns.

However, Melancholic Smile still had her doubts, but she still sent a subordinate to activate the Mana Tower. Following which, she notified Aqua Rose about the city’s price increases.

When Aqua Rose received the message, she even wondered if Shi Feng were joking.

Their 30-Copper entrance fee had already elicited quite a few complaints, yet Shi Feng wanted to double it…

At this stage of the game, ordinary players only earned several Silver Coins per day after deducting repair fees. Including the expensive teleportation fee to travel to Zero Wing City, ordinary players would likely struggle to justify playing a 60-Copper entrance fee. Furthermore, Zero Wing City wasn’t located anywhere close to Level 50 high-resource maps. Hence, the city’s Double EXP buff held little attraction to ordinary players.

However, as Aqua Rose considered such issues, she felt the city’s Mana density rise rapidly. Even players who weren’t sensitive to Mana could clearly feel the increase. Naturally, they gained more mental clarity, as well.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel so refreshed?”

“Why has the city’s Mana density suddenly increased?”

“What?! The city’s Mana density has at least doubled! What did Zero Wing do?!”

“Quick, look! The Mana density isn’t the only thing that has increased! The accumulation rate for the Double EXP buff has also risen! Now, we can accumulate 20% of the Double EXP buff just by standing on the street for 24 hours!”

The players resting in Zero Wing City quickly discovered the new changes, and they all fell into heated discussions about them. Naturally, some of them published the changes to the official forums.

At the same time, Zero Wing announced that it had increased Zero Wing City’s entrance fee to 60 Copper, which caused a huge commotion across Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Crap! Is Zero Wing that desperate for money?! They’re charging 60 Copper just to enter the city each time! That is daylight robbery!”

“You can’t put it like that. Right now, you can accumulate 20% of the Double EXP buff just by standing on Zero Wing City’s streets for 24 hours. That’s just as effective as resting in a Guild Residence’s 1-star Private Rooms. Do you know how much it costs to rent a Private Room in a Guild? Sixty Copper is definitely cheap.”

“Indeed. I just checked into a hotel in Zero Wing City, and the new benefits are simply amazing! Not only can I accumulate 30% of the Double EXP buff in 24 hours, but I also got an Energized buff that increases my maximum Stamina by 10% for four hours. Moreover, the buff only takes effect after I leave the city!”

“A 10% increase to maximum Stamina for four hours? That’s basically a free Stamina Potion! I’ve decided! I’m going to Zero Wing City to rest from now on!”

“That’s not the only thing that’s changed. I’ve heard that Zero Wing City’s teleportation function can cover a larger distance now. Now, you can teleport into the Orc Empire from Zero Wing City!”

At first, everyone had been disgruntled about the increased prices for Zero Wing City’s services, but after learning about the new benefits the city offered, the number of players willing to rest in Zero Wing City skyrocketed.

This was especially true for the adventurer teams that planned to explore the Orc Empire. While ordinary players might consider the teleportation function expensive, the fee was no problem for adventurer teams. To them, time was more important. With the amount of time they saved, they could defeat more Bosses, complete more quests, and earn more Contribution Points. They could easily earn back their teleportation fees and more.

In the end, Zero Wing City’s player population shot from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 in less than an hour after the Guild implemented the new changes. At this point, the city even felt a little crowded…