Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1634 - Soul Fire's New Abilities

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Chapter 1634 – Soul Fire’s New Abilities

Not even a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame is enough for me to gain full control of the Soul Fire? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he saw the system notification.

Tier 3 Mysterious Flames were exceedingly rare in God’s Domain. As far as Shi Feng knew, there should only be one Tier 3 Mysterious Flame in Star-Moon Kingdom. When this Mysterious Flame had appeared in his previous life, practically every large Guild in the kingdom had fought over it.

Yet, despite fusing such a rare Mysterious Flame, he still didn’t have full control of the Soul Fire…

At this point, Shi Feng began to wonder if there was a high chance that the Soul Fire was actually a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame.

Shi Feng had only ever heard of Tier 4 Mysterious Flames in God’s Domain’s legends. The power of such a flame alone would be more than enough to injure a Tier 4 existence severely. With the Soul Fire’s unique ability to burn a target’s soul to nothing, it would be a terrifying weapon against both monsters and players.

This was especially true for players. The Immortal Soul was the root of players’ existence in God’s Domain. In NPCs’ eyes, players were only able to resurrect after death due to their Immortal Souls. If a player’s Immortal Soul were extinguished, that player would be finished.

However, it was extremely difficult to destroy a player’s Immortal Soul. Hence, the Soul Fire should only be capable of damaging a player’s Immortal Soul.

Even so, it would be more than enough to prevent the target from logging into God’s Domain for some time.

It would be a nightmare for any expert player. After all, in God’s Domain, one either improved or regressed. The game had countless players, and not being able to log in for several days would cause one to fall behind their rivals.

“Not bad. You’ve actually fused the Purple Thunder Flame so quickly. With your current control over the Soul Fire, you can weaken the Soul Chain’s corrosion further. Locating that mysterious individual should become much easier,” Sharlyn said, chuckling at Shi Feng. “However, you must still be careful. Although you’ve extended your time limit to 108 days after fusing with a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame, God’s Domain is very large. It might seem like a lot of time, but in reality, it isn’t. It is best if you locate a few more Tier 3 Mysterious Flames during this time. That way, you’ll gain better control over the Soul Fire.”

“I only have 108 days?” Shi Feng was dumbfounded when he heard Sharlyn’s warning.

He had hoped to extend his time limit by a year or so after absorbing a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame, yet the system had only given him a small extension.

And just as Sharlyn had said, locating that mysterious Tier 5 NPC would not be an easy task. He had no clues leading to the NPC, either. He could only rely on the Soul Chain. Moreover, this was a Legendary Quest. In general, Quests of this rank couldn’t be completed within a short period.

After pondering the situation for a moment, Shi Feng calmed down.

After all was said and done, the Purple Thunder Flame had delayed his deadline by quite a bit. At the very least, he would have more time to deal with his own matters.

Following which, Shi Feng tested the Soul Fire’s power.

Immediately, Shi Feng’s dark pupils were consumed by silver fire. His aura also changed abruptly. If others had felt relaxed around him before, he would now feel like an icy hell. Death and cold dominated his aura.

Amazing! I only have a rough control over the Soul Fire now, yet it is already so powerful? When Shi Feng examined his surroundings, he found that his environment had changed.

Not only could he see the Soul Chain now, but he could also see souls’ wavelength. If he focused, he could even slow his perception of time.

Shi Feng was at a loss for words.

Being able to view soul wavelengths allowed him to determine his targets’ strength. The stronger a creature was, the stronger its soul would be. In addition, neither players nor monsters could hide their soul wavelengths. Regardless of whether or not a player wore a Black Cloak or hid behind an obstacle, he could inspect and locate them easily…

However, being able to detect soul wavelengths paled in comparison to the ability to slow one’s perception of time.

Now, he could see fast-moving objects far more clearly as long as he focused. Although this ability couldn’t compare to a boost to one’s physique, which allowed players to keep up with fast-moving objects and react far more quickly, improving one’s physique was easier said than done. Just being able to slow his perception of time was astounding and would doubtlessly improve his combat power.

I wonder what the Soul Fire will be capable of once I gain full control? After experiencing the Soul Fire’s new abilities, Shi Feng anticipated the day he could control it completely.

He only had rough control of the Soul Fire, but it already offered such powerful abilities. If he had full control of the Soul Fire, the improvements the Mysterious Flame would offer would be even more impressive. Moreover, he’d be able to manifest the Soul Fire outside of his body as he could with the Ice-Blue Devil Flame and Purple Thunder Flame, increasing his combat power further.

After dealing with the Soul Fire, Shi Feng made his way to the Candlelight Trading Firm and entered his personal Special Forging Room.

Although Aqua Rose had collected plenty of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret Silver Equipment, You Ziping and the others would only become as strong as the Guild’s ordinary experts once they equipped the items. It would be very difficult for them to change the war’s overall situation. In fact, Shi Feng had never hoped for anything game-changing by having Aqua Rose collect the Level 50 equipment. He had only wanted to ensure that You Ziping and the others wouldn’t lag behind their peers regarding equipment once they caught up in levels.

Even before leaving for the Boneless Land, he had tasked Melancholic Smile to purchase a large number of Emeralds from Emerald City in preparation for forging the Magic Light Sets.

The Magic Light Set wasn’t like the Conqueror’s Armor, which required plenty of rare materials that weren’t often available on the market. Emeralds were the main material required for forging the Magic Light Set. Although Emeralds were also a rare material, there was plenty available on the market. At this point, Zero Wing already possessed a huge stockpile of Emeralds. As for the Mana Stone, another of the Magic Light Set’s core materials, Zero Wing had no lack of the stones. They could be produced indefinitely as long as the Guild had enough Magic Crystals.

Hence, producing the Magic Light Set was much easier than the Conqueror’s Armor. Only, the cost was somewhat high, with each attempt costing 300 Gold, six times the cost of forging the Conqueror’s Armor…

Because of this, Shi Feng had only dared to produce a few sets for Zero Wing’s main force members.

However, things had changed.

Not only did he now have the Dark-Gold ranked Blacksteel Insignia, but he also had the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame. His success rate for forging the Fine-Gold ranked Magic Light Set had risen to 55%, but that wasn’t the most important factor.

During his trip to the Boneless Land, he had acquired a large amount of Eternium Ore, which he could use to make Magisteel Ingots.

Aside from increasing forging success rate, Magisteel Ingots could increase Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment’s Basic Attributes.

After reaching his Special Forging Room, Shi Feng began to refine Eternium Ore with the Purple Thunder Flame, transforming the ore into Magisteel Ingots. The Purple Thunder Flame increased the Magisteel Ingot’s purity far more than an ordinary flame could. As a result, the Magisteel Ingots he created offered a much greater boost to forging success rates.

Originally, the Magisteel Ingot only increased forging success rate by 5%, but the ingots Shi Feng had created could increase his forging success rate by 7%.

Very quickly, Shi Feng smelted the 1,000-plus pieces of Eternium Ore into 1,000-plus Magisteel Ingots.

Shi Feng then rapidly refined the materials he needed to forge the Magic Light Set Equipment.

Now that his control had improved and he had the help of the Purple Thunder Flame, his refining and forging speed had visibly increased.

An hour later, a complete Magic Light Set glistened before Shi Feng’s eyes, radiating a mesmerizing glow.

This should be a success, right? Shi Feng wondered as he gazed at the immaculate Magic Light Set before him. He then clicked to inspect the set’s Attribute Panel.