Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1633 - Intermediate Ability

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Chapter 1633 – Intermediate Ability

“Have you found out anything new about Star-Moon Kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple?” Shi Feng could not help but ask as he watched Aqua Rose on the screen.

Even he did not have any practical methods to deal with Heaven’s Burial’s monster army.

However, he was not particularly worried about the army, either.

The situation in Star-Moon Kingdom had changed since their last confrontation. NPC armies constantly patrolled the kingdom right now, and if these NPCs encountered any Evil Beasts or Demons, they’d quickly exterminate these monsters.

Hence, Heaven’s Burial couldn’t dispatch an army of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons en masse into the kingdom right now.

Otherwise, the enemy Guild would’ve done it already, rather than send a video and try to threaten them.

Although the monster army couldn’t march into the kingdom, it could dispatch small contingents of high-tiered Evil Demons to ambush players. Hence, Heaven’s Burial’s monsters were still quite a problem.

If Zero Wing wanted to squash this problem thoroughly, it had to destroy the Evil God’s Temple in Star-Moon Kingdom.

“They’ve hidden it quite well. Even now, we haven’t found any clues leading to the kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple yet,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head. She continued, “Moreover, even if Heaven’s Burial doesn’t mobilize its monster army, at the rate it’s growing, it’s only a matter of time before the Guild overwhelms and crushes us. Based on our most recent information, Blackwater has recently hired another batch of Refinement Realm experts to help hunt our members. It’s taking everything we’ve got just to defend ourselves. If more Refinement Realm experts join the fight, I’m afraid that we won’t last very long.

“In addition, our financial state is particularly concerning. We’ve already used all of our available funds, and we don’t have the support of any major corporation. We’re entirely reliant on Zero Wing City, Stone Forest Town, and the Candlelight Trading Firm’s profit to keep the Guild running. If something unexpected happens that require those funds, we’ll be ruined.”

She was also aware that Heaven’s Burial had merely sent the video to scare them. However, nothing changed the fact that Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s aggression was increasing.

Furthermore, Blackwater had recruited plenty of Refinement Realm experts to help in this war using its expansive connections. Initially, Blackwater had sent over 20 Refinement Realm experts to aid Heaven’s Burial, and now it was sending an additional 30-plus experts. Although the total count was still far less than the Conqueror Parties, these Refinement Realm experts would be more than capable of keeping the Conqueror Parties busy. With the Conqueror Parties distracted, Heaven’s Burial’s other experts could attack without worry.

Because of this, Zero Wing suffered severe casualties. The remuneration the Guild paid out every day was astronomical. If any other Guild had to pay such a price, it would’ve long since gone bankrupt.

“I understand. I’ll have everyone return immediately, so your team should get ready to receive them. Also, notify Melancholic and tell her to host an auction in the Zero Wing Auction House in six hours. We’ll sell Zero Wing City’s private houses and Shops,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

Right now, he needed to deal with the Guild’s financial problems.

Although he had tried to think of a way to increase Zero Wing’s income, these revenue sources weren’t enough to compete with Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater.

“We’re selling Zero Wing City’s private houses and Shops? But…with the current situation, I’m afraid that we’ll have trouble selling them for a high price…” Aqua Rose understood Shi Feng’s intentions. In fact, she had considered the same option.

However, only a fool wouldn’t see the situation of Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing’s war. With that in mind, no one would willingly spend a large amount of money to purchase Zero Wing City’s private houses and Shops. Players might not be interested in these properties at all. If a Guild Town or City changed hands, any agreements with the previous owner would be null and void. Knowing this, who would possibly want to purchase land in an unstable city?

“Relax. Even if our situation is uncertain, what must be sold, will be,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He did not bother to explain further.

Aqua Rose was speechless. Although what Shi Feng had said was true, selling such valuable properties at a discount wasn’t worthwhile.

Following which, Shi Feng disconnected the call and had his team use a Return Scroll to teleport back to White River City. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose did as she had been told.

Immediately, news of Zero Wing auctioning off its City’s private houses and Shops spread like wildfire throughout Star-Moon Kingdom. Even the neighboring kingdoms and empires’ major powers heard of the upcoming auction.

“Hahaha! So, Zero Wing is finally selling its city’s private houses and Shops? It seems that Zero Wing really can’t hold on much longer!”

“Zero Wing’s selling their real estate now? Does Zero Wing take us for fools?”

When the various major powers saw Zero Wing’s announcement, they laughed, ridiculing Zero Wing for falling so low.

“Zero Wing has finally hit its limit?” Singular Burial could not help but laugh when he read the report from a subordinate. “Unfortunately, it is too late. They might have found buyers had they chosen to sell the properties a few days ago, but now that Zero Wing’s position in this war has become more uncertain, who would be foolish enough to buy the deeds? Notify our subordinates and have them increase their offensive against Zero Wing’s members immediately. Also, spread a lie to the public, stating that we intend to attack Zero Wing City. I want to see just who actually attends Zero Wing’s auction.”

“Understood.” Daybreak Fog nodded before leaving the Guild Leader’s office.

Although the various major powers understood that Zero Wing was approaching its end, many would be interested in attending the Guild’s auction. Aside from Zero Wing’s in-house products, items were available from other players in Zero Wing’s auctions. There was also the convenient option of bartering.

Meanwhile, after exiting White River City’s Teleportation Hall, Shi Feng made his way to the library. Although he had already bound the Purple Thunder Flame to himself, he needed the help of a special magic array to fuse it with the Soul Fire, and only Sharlyn was capable of conjuring this magic array.

At the same time, Shi Feng sent his team to deliver the Mana and Eternium Ore they collected to the Candlelight Trading Firm before getting some rest.

Aside from the massive amount of EXP they had earned while grinding Demonic Creatures in the Lost Town, they had gained a plentiful harvest of ores. Moreover, the closer they had gotten to the mysterious pit in the town’s center, the more ores they had obtained. In total, they had collected over 15,000 pieces of Mana Ore and over 1,000 pieces of Eternium Ore.

When Melancholic Smile received the haul, she was dumbfounded.

Due to the high demand for Mana Ore, prices for the ore continued to increase. Before Shi Feng had left for the Boneless Land, Mana Ore had sold for 1 Gold, 20 Silver per piece. Now, prices had risen to 1 Gold, 50 Silver per piece.

However, even at such a price, very few people were willing to sell their Mana Ore. Even a large Guild like Zero Wing would be fortunate to purchase a few dozen pieces each day.

Yet, Shi Feng had returned with over 15,000 pieces of Mana Ore. Even if one robbed a Super Guild’s warehouse, they wouldn’t obtain such a bounty.

Even if Zero Wing used all of the Mana Ore to craft Mana Charms, it would make a massive fortune. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s request was simple; use 5,000 pieces of Mana Ore to forge Mana Charms and sell them. Not only would the Mana Charms fetch a high price, but there was also a solid market for them. With the money the Guild earned, it could construct the Mana Tower in Zero Wing City.

The largest problem when constructing a Mana Tower was the required materials. It required over 5,000 pieces of Mana Ore alone, in addition to plenty of other precious materials. Fortunately, the construction cost itself was relatively cheap, only 5,000 Gold.

Meanwhile, on the top floor of White River City’s library…

With Sharlyn’s help, Shi Feng attempted to merge the Purple Thunder Flame and the Soul Fire.

It was far more difficult to merge the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame with the Soul Fire than it had been to merge the Tier 2 Ice-Blue Devil Flame since the former was more powerful. He needed more accurate control to wrap the Soul Fire around the Purple Thunder Flame.

One attempt… Two attempts… Three attempts…

With each subsequent attempt, Shi Feng grew increasingly adept with the fusion process, so much so that he had improved his control over his own body and his environment.

Shi Feng was somewhat surprised at this. He had never thought that he could become stronger while trying to fuse the Mysterious Flames. He had thought that he had reached his limit and would have to break through to the Domain Realm to improve further.

As Shi Feng attempted his 26th fusion, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have gained rough control over the Soul Fire. You may now utilize the Soul Fire’s intermediate abilities.