Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1632 - Formation of an Expert Legion

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Chapter 1632 – Formation of an Expert Legion

Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

A depressing atmosphere filled the massive Guild Residence. Everyone’s minds were overwhelmed by an oppressive feeling, causing them great distress.

“Big Sis Aqua, we just received news that the Blackwater Corporation has invested another 200,000 Gold into Heaven’s Burial. The Guild has also hired more Refinement Realm experts to hunt us down. They’re even beginning to overpower the Conqueror Parties we’ve recalled to defend our leveling maps…

“Moreover, according to our spies in Heaven’s Burial, it seems that Heaven’s Burial has obtained another significant harvest from the Primordial Ancient Ruin. Apparently, the Guild has collected two sets of top-tier Intermediate Magic Array Scrolls and plenty of top-tier Level 50 weapons and equipment. At this point, they’re already preparing to raid a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon.”

Yaya reported as she stood beside Aqua Rose with a somber expression.

Zero Wing had grown stronger over the past few days as more players gathered in Zero Wing City. However, the number of players withdrawing from the Guild also continued to increase. They had done so because Zero Wing’s members were almost guaranteed to be ambushed whenever they went to the fields to grind.

They could have endured if the situation had only lasted two or three days, but this had continued for over a week already. Everyone in the Guild had long since grown tired of it. Their leveling speed and equipment acquisition rate had suffered severely, as well. To make things worse, Heaven’s Burial had grown rapidly in every aspect despite the ongoing war. Many Zero Wing members’ wills began to falter. They could no longer see any hope of Zero Wing winning this war, and so, many had given up and left while they still could.

“They’re already starting a super-large-scale Team Dungeon raid?” Aqua Rose frowned.

At this point, many large Guilds had already raided Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons successfully, but not one of them had raided a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon. Unfortunately, only these Dungeons contained Level 50 top-tier equipment and set equipment.

If Heaven’s Burial obtained the First Clear of a super-large-scale Team Dungeon in Star-Moon Kingdom, the pressure its success would bring on Zero Wing’s members would be crushing, even if the Guild failed to exhaust Zero Wing.

By obtaining the First Clear of a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon, not only would a Guild obtain a 3-star Guild Residence Promotion Order, but it would also obtain Level 50 top-tier weapons and equipment.

What was players’ purpose of joining a Guild? Wasn’t it to help them obtain better weapons and equipment while leveling faster?

As long as Heaven’s Burial succeeded, a ton of experts would try to join the Guild. After all, not even independent teams could clear a super-large-scale Team Dungeon.

As she watched Heaven’s Burial grow stronger by the day, Aqua Rose gradually came to understand how frightening Guilds with major corporation support were.

With an endless financial supply, a guild could attract as many experts and gain as many resources as it wanted. There was simply no way that Zero Wing, a Guild that had been built from nothing, could compete with such Guilds. It took everything Zero Wing had just to cope with Heaven’s Burial’s offensive.

“Big Sis Aqua, Heaven’s Burial has stated that if Zero Wing is willing to hand over 51% of its shares, they’ll stop their assault on the Guild. If we continue to resist, however, they’ll thoroughly obliterate us from God’s Domain. They’ve only given us two days to consider their offer. Here’s a video they sent,” Yaya whispered.


Aqua Rose had been about to reject the proposal instantly, but after watching the video from Heaven’s Burial, her expression turned solemn.

The video depicted an army of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons. Although the army was not particularly large, only around 30,000 soldiers, it was an unprecedentedly high-quality force. Among the monsters, the army had over five Level 72 Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and 20 Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons. In addition, the force included a large number of Level 70 Great Lord ranked Evil Demons. The weakest member of the army was Lord rank. Regarding overall strength, this Evil Beast and Evil Demon army was far more powerful than the two armies Zero Wing had previously faced.

If these monsters took action, the consequences would be unimaginable. Even Zero Wing City might fail to stop them.

As Aqua Rose struggled to think of a plan, Shi Feng contacted her.

“Aqua, how’s the equipment collection coming along?” Shi Feng asked.

“We’re almost done. We’ll have everything we need in a few more hours,” Aqua Rose responded dejectedly.

“Alright. I’ve finished my task as well. I’ll return in a moment.” Shi Feng nodded in satisfaction, surprised by Aqua Rose’s efficiency. Although he hadn’t requested Level 50 top-tier equipment, only asking for elite-grade equipment, it was still a difficult job.

“They’ve already reached Level 50?!” Aqua Rose was stunned.

They were talking about nearly 700 players!

Before Shi Feng had taken them out to grind, Zero Wing’s internal members and the White Tiger Dojo’s disciples had only been around Level 30. They had been unimaginably far from Level 50. In her opinion, even with Shi Feng’s astonishing leveling capabilities, he’d still need two weeks or so to power-level the 700-man team to Level 50

Even the most powerful elite members in the various large Guilds were only around Level 47 right now, and only capable expert players were close to Level 50. After all, players needed drastically more EXP to level up after reaching Level 45.

Yet, Shi Feng had helped nearly 700 players catch up to peak experts in less than half of the time she had assumed.

“Mhm. They’ve all reached Level 50. Some have even reached Level 51,” Shi Feng said, nodding. If not for the lack of Demonic Creatures around the Lost Town, he wouldn’t have had an issue getting everyone to Level 51 or beyond.

Aqua Rose was dazed for a long moment after hearing Shi Feng’s answer.

Level 50 was a major turning point in God’s Domain. Despite Heaven’s Burial’s massive expert count, the majority of its experts were stuck at Level 49, still far from hitting Level 50. Although the difference was only one level, the equipment quality was monumental.

With the addition of so many Level 50 experts, Zero Wing’s combat power would rise significantly.

However, when Aqua Rose recalled the video Heaven’s Burial had sent, her excitement cooled.

“Guild Leader, here is a video Heaven’s Burial just sent. They want us to hand over 51% of Zero Wing’s shares, or they’ll proceed with even more drastic measures to destroy us,” Aqua Rose said as she forwarded the video to Shi Feng.

Against so many high-ranked Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, even Zero Wing’s additional 700 expert players would be no more than throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire.

“They’ve already grown so strong?” Shi Feng muttered as he watched the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons in the video. Although he had expected something like this, he couldn’t help his astonishment when he actually saw the real deal.

In addition to more than five Level 72 Mythic ranked Evil Beasts and 20 Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons, the monster army included more than a thousand Grand Lord ranked Evil Beasts and Great Lord ranked Evil Demons. With such a force, Heaven’s Burial would have no problems capturing any Guild Town in Star-Moon Kingdom.