Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1631 - Tier 3 Mysterious Flame

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Chapter 1631 – Tier 3 Mysterious Flame

The crystal-encased, dark-purple flame was extremely eye-catching in Shi Feng’s bag space.

I’ve really struck gold this time. Shi Feng was overjoyed as he gazed at the Purple Thunder Flame.

This flame was easily worth more than the other items he had obtained from the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest combined. Players would only encounter a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame if they were lucky enough, and even Shi Feng only knew the whereabouts of a small number of them. Moreover, every one of them was exceedingly difficult to obtain.

Countless Guilds had waged war over Mysterious Flames in the past. Even Super Guilds had gone all-out to slaughter each other over Tier 3 Mysterious Flames.

The stronger a Mysterious Flame was, the more it would help forger and alchemist subclasses. These tools would help forgers and alchemists produce high-rank items with ease.

Shi Feng had never expected that, despite only looting half of the Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest’s items, he’d actually acquire a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame. If he looted the rest of the treasure chest’s items, how great would his harvest be?

Now, Shi Feng more or less understood why the Tyrant’s Soul was so desperate to hunt him down.

After all, a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame was even more valuable than Epic items, and aside from being able to refine materials, Mysterious Flames could also improve a player’s strength in combat. Why would the system let him get away with obtaining one so easily?

To Shi Feng, a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame was also a life-saving item.

With this Tier 3 Mysterious Flame, I can buy myself some more time. Shi Feng smiled at the Purple Thunder Flame.

The curse the mysterious NPC had placed on him back in Blackwing City could only be suppressed with a Mysterious Flame. Unfortunately, the Tier 2 Ice-Blue Devil Flame was too weak, only able to delay the curse’s activation for a limited amount of time. Initially, Shi Feng had planned to take the risk and obtain one of the Tier 2 or 3 Mysterious Flames he remembered from his past when he had time.

But now, he didn’t need to.

As long as he absorbed the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame and merged it with the Soul Flame, he’d have better control over the Soul Flame. He would then have more time to locate the mysterious NPC and complete the quest Sherlyn had given him.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng tapped on the Purple Thunder Flame and chose to bind it to himself.

The moment he did so, the crystal containing the Purple Thunder Flame shattered. The dark-purple flame entered Shi Feng’s body, and purple fire devoured his entire body. Arcs of blue electricity flickered around him as a stinging pain assaulted every inch of his body.

Shortly after, a loading bar appeared before Shi Feng, displaying the fusion process.

1%… 2%… 3%…

The fusion was extremely slow. If an ordinary player attempted to merge with this Mysterious Flame, their mind might crumble under the intense pain after just a short moment. While players had the option of lowering or turning off their pain sensitivity in the game, doing so would sabotage the fusion process. Fortunately, after over ten years in God’s Domain, Shi Feng had acclimated to the pain. Even so, it was barely tolerable as the fusion process continued.

As time passed, the pain’s intensity increased, but something felt different about this fusion to Shi Feng. Aside from the increased pain, it felt as if the flames refined his body as they continued to burn him. There was a pleasant feeling alongside the pain. As the pain grew worse, his perception sharpened.

This surprised Shi Feng.

He had never heard of Mysterious Flames strengthening a player’s perception and physique.

Had the players in his previous life known that Tier 3 Mysterious Flames could do such a thing, every expert in the game would have gone mad to acquire one for themselves. Stronger perception would undoubtedly improve players’ combat standards, and it would only become more beneficial as they reached for higher tiers. Otherwise, God’s Domain’s experts wouldn’t have regarded Bloodlines and Fragmented Legendary items so highly.

After 20 minutes of the fusion process, Shi Feng heard a series of system notifications.

System: The Purple Thunder Flame has bound to Player Ye Feng.

System: The Purple Thunder Flame’s fusion has completed. After undergoing the Purple Thunder Flame’s trial, player gains +60 to all Basic Attributes, physique improved by 5%, reaction speed increased by 10%, perception range increased by 10%, Fire Resistance +70, and Lightning Resistance +70. You have also gained 100% control over the Purple Thunder Flame.

Following which, Shi Feng proceeded to inspect the Purple Thunder Flame itself. When he saw its information, he couldn’t help but gasp.

[Purple Thunder Flame] (Tier 3 Mysterious Flame)

When activated, increases Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30%. Increases damage dealt by fire- and lightning-type attacks by 50%. Increases destructive effect of attacks by 100%. Increases production success rate for forging, alchemy, and cooking by 15%.

Shi Feng wasn’t surprised by the increase to Movement and Attack Speed, but he had never expected a 100% increase to destructive effects.

Although it wouldn’t improve players’ Strength or Attack Power, the increased destructive effects would be devastating against players and monsters’ Defense.

A player might struggle against a Great Lord’s Defense normally, but if their attacks had double the destructive effect, they’d be able to break through the Great Lord’s Defenses and defeat it in far less time. Likewise, such a boost would be miraculous in PvP.

It was common knowledge that players mainly relied on their weapons and equipment for strength. Without weapons and equipment, a player’s Attributes would decrease drastically. Meanwhile, players would be able to deplete the durability of their opponents’ weapons and equipment more quickly with increased destructive effect.

As for the 15% improvement to production success rate, it was 5% higher than the Tier 2 Ice-Blue Devil Flame. Although it was only a difference of 5%, the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame’s performance when refining high-rank materials would be leaps and bounds better than the weaker Mysterious Flame.

If Shi Feng used the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame when forging Conqueror’s Armor, his success rate would skyrocket.

After fusing with the Purple Thunder Flame, Shi Feng activated Spatial Gate and regrouped with the rest of his team outside of the Lost Town.

Although the Tyrant’s Soul had used Soul Pursuit on him, Shi Feng discovered that the Tyrant’s Soul itself couldn’t leave the white tower after a few experiments. This outcome allowed Shi Feng to breathe a sigh of relief. At the very least, he wouldn’t have to lead his team elsewhere to grind and level up.

After regrouping with his team, he continued to kill the Demonic Creatures in the Lost Town’s inner area, steadily raising everyone’s levels while grinding for Mana and Eternium Ore.

After grinding for another two days or so, Shi Feng and the others finally cleared out every Demonic Creature in the Lost Town. The only place they had yet to check was the bottomless pit in the town’s center. Meanwhile, after two days of grinding, everyone’s levels had risen from nearly Level 48 to almost Level 50. As for Shi Feng, he had invested all of the EXP into leveling Flame Burst and Lightning Edge.

Despite being a Tier 2 player, he only had a small number of Tier 2 Skills in his arsenal, and if he were forced to rely on Tier 1 Skills, he’d never be able to exert the full advantages of a Tier 2 class.

Hence, Shi Feng leveled these two Tier 1 Skills to Tier 2. By doing so, both Skills had undergone a qualitative transformation in terms of raw power.

[Flame Burst]

Tier 2, Level 3 (Requires 1,800,000,000 EXP to upgrade to Tier 2, Level 4 skill)

Channeling time: 1 second

Gathers the power of flames to a single point and causes 1,400% damage to the target.

Attack Count: 16 times

Cooldown: 3 minutes

[Lightning Edge] (Action-type)

Tier 2, Level 2 (Requires 1,600,000,000 EXP to upgrade to Tier 2, Level 3)

Channeling time: 0.5 seconds

Deals 1,200% physical and 1,200% lightning damage in a cone in front of user. Initial coverage range is 75 yards.

Duration: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Tier 2 Skills weren’t just capable of dealing more raw damage than their Tier 1 counterparts; they’d also be more effective against monsters and players of the same tier. Once these Skill rose to Tier 2, they wouldn’t be bound by tier suppression.

It’s about time to show everyone Zero Wing’s strength. After taking a look at his team members’ levels, Shi Feng contacted Aqua Rose and asked, “Aqua, how’s the equipment collection coming along?”