Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1630 - Abundant Harvest

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Chapter 1630 – Abundant Harvest

Shi Feng could not help but frown as he read the system notification.

Soul Pursuit was a type of curse. It was one of the most common in God’s Domain and very challenging to deal with. Regardless of where players were, the user’s Soul Doppelganger would appear beside them.

Shi Feng was already familiar with the Tyrant’s Soul’s power. The fact that it wielded a Saint Weapon put its Attack Power on par with ordinary Tier 5 classes. If it really came down to a fight, even a 100-man Tier 3 team of the same level would have to use special means to take the Mythic monster down. Current players simply had no hope against the Tyrant’s Soul.

Although Soul Doppelganger wasn’t as powerful as the main body during the first few appearances, it would grow stronger with each attempt to slay the target until it eventually rivaled its user.

There were two ways to resolve this type of curse. The first was to kill the main body, while the second was to kill the final Soul Doppelganger, which would be as strong as the main body. There were no other ways to stop Soul Pursuit.

Clearly, the first method was impossible for Shi Feng right now, and the second would require a long, arduous battle with the Tyrant’s Soul, would only complicate his future development.

As Shi Feng tried to think of a way to deal with the Tyrant’s Soul’s persistent pursuit, his head began to ache.

If the Soul Doppelganger only showed up once every three or five days, he could cope, but he hadn’t expected the Tyrant’s Soul’s curse to hound him once every day. In other words, he would have to defeat the Tyrant’s Soul’s Soul Doppelganger once every day. Moreover, it would appear at random. Although he could hide in an NPC city and let the city’s guards deal with the Tyrant’s Soul’s Doppelganger, he wouldn’t accomplish anything if he did.

Shi Feng could only shake his head with a bitter smile about his situation. He had never thought that looting a Magic Crystal Treasure Chest would be so problematic. The most frustrating part was that he had only managed to grab five items from the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. The chest contained at least another five or six items. Had he collected all of the items, he wouldn’t have minded the Tyrant’s Soul’s hunt, yet he had to avoid the Soul Doppelganger despite only claiming half of the treasure chest’s items…

But Shi Feng didn’t give the matter too much thought. Instead, he instructed Zero Wing’s internal members and the White Tiger Dojo’s disciples to leave the Lost Town and wait for his arrival. Meanwhile, he examined the items he had acquired from the treasure chest.

In his previous life, he had heard countless rumors about Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chests’ loot even surpassing the quality of items in Epic Treasure Chests.

However, since the Twelve Sacred Elementalists’ Chaos Star had been the only known player to obtain a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest and had never divulged any information about his bounty, these rumors had been nothing more than that, just rumors.

After Shi Feng inspected the contents of his bag space, an excited expression illuminated his features, quickly replaced by one of utter shock.

So, this is a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest? Shi Feng was elated as he gazed at the five new items in his bag.

Three of the five items were pieces of equipment. One was an Epic plate armor helmet called the Trembling Crown, and another was an Epic shield named Trembling Shield. Both pieces of Epic Equipment belonged to the Trembling Set, a bona fide Epic ranked Set Equipment. When a player equipped two pieces of this set, the user would receive a Passive Skill called Tough Body, which increased the player’s Endurance and physique by 10% while reducing incoming damage by 20%.

An Epic Set Equipment!

Acquiring a single Epic Weapon or piece of Equipment was already difficult for God’s Domain’s current superpowers, not to mention Epic Set Equipment.

Even ten years after God’s Domain’s launch, Epic Set Equipment had been considered the best available in the game. After all, Fragmented Legendary and Legendary items were simply too rare.

Even though Shi Feng only had two pieces of the Trembling Set, the effects these pieces provided would significantly improve a player’s combat power.

If one of the Guild’s MTs equipped these two pieces, their combat power would definitely undergo a qualitative transformation. Needless to say, the stronger the Guild’s MTs were, the more they’d benefit the Guild’s development. Every Guild needed powerful MTs to tank Dungeon and Field Bosses, and if the Guild didn’t have an MT that could handle the task, it would never complete the raid.

However, of the three pieces of equipment Shi Feng had looted, the third piece truly surprised him.

The third piece of equipment was a Tier 3 Mana Weapon. Unfortunately, the Tier 3 Mana Weapon was a two-handed sword, not a one-handed sword.

[Edgeless Blade] (Two-handed Sword, Tier 3 Mana Weapon)

Equipment Requirement: Tier 2

Attack Power (240% of Strength)

All Attributes (Increases according to user’s level and tier)

When equipped:

User’s body will transform into a Mana Body, gathering nearby Mana to them and strengthening their perception;

Improves physique by 15%;

Increases Strength by 40%, Agility by 30%, Endurance by 20%;

Increases critical rate by 10%;

Decreases Stamina consumption by 15%;

Increases the power of all Skills by 20%;

Ignore Levels +15.

Durability 220/220

Additional Passive Skill-

Mana Strengthening: Provides additional Basic Attributes to the user depending on the density of the ambient Mana. The higher the ambient Mana density is, the higher the Basic Attributes provided will be. Basic Attributes can increase to a maximum of 20%.

Additional Active Skill-

Limit Blade: By absorbing the user’s power and sacrificing a fraction of the weapon’s durability, the Edgeless Blade will increase the user’s Strength Attribute by 200% for one attack. Each attack costs one durability.

As this sword is a Mana Weapon, it cannot be repaired. Weapon will automatically disappear when durability reaches 0.

A Tier 3 Mana Weapon could even provide a tremendous boost to Tier 3 players, and although it was a Consumable item, it was even more valuable than Epic Weapons.

The weapon’s sole Active Skill, Limit Blade, was particularly valuable. Although the 200% increase in Strength didn’t seem much compared to its significant cost, the weapon’s Attack Power was based on the user’s Strength. Hence, the 200% increase to Strength provided a formidable boost to the user’s destructive power. If a Tier 3 player equipped this weapon, they could even stand against Tier 4 opponents of the same level.

Epic Weapons had no chance of achieving such a feat.

However, the Edgeless Blade was only the third most valuable of the items Shi Feng had obtained. The second most valuable item was a Tier 3 Combination Skill called Fiery Thunderstorm, which required five magical class players to perform. This Combination Skill could even rival a Tier 4 Spell.

Guilds wouldn’t even sell a Combination Skill of this power for 100,000 Magic Crystals.

After all, the Skill that could be a trump card when challenging Tier 4 Mythic monsters. Tier 4 Magic Scrolls were extremely rare in God’s Domain, but Combination Skills could be used indefinitely, and such scrolls could never compare to the value of Fiery Thunderstorm. Unfortunately, Fiery Thunderstorm was a single-target Spell, not a large-scale destruction Spell.

Even so, Shi Feng was quite satisfied to find this Spell in his bag. At the very least, he now had a weapon to deal with Tier 4 Mythic monsters.

The last of the five items was a unique crystal. It was also what shocked Shi Feng the most.

A burning, purple flame danced within this crystal, and arcs of golden electricity flickered around the flame. The purple flame radiated an intensely tyrannical aura, and Shi Feng shuddered as he gazed at it.

This flame was also an item Shi Feng had been looking for for a long time now. It was a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame called the Purple Thunder Flame.