Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1628 - Tyrant

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Chapter 1628 – Tyrant

What with the appearance of the massive magic array and the hill-sized plasma balls that blotted out the sky above the tower, it felt as if Armageddon had descended. Loud crackling sounds echoed throughout the space around the white tower.

The frightening pressure from the massive magic array made the hearts of the players standing below the tower palpitate, their breathing becoming somewhat stifled.

When the crowd below the tower saw the Tyrant’s Soul, which hovered in midair, their mouths gaped in shock.

“A Mythic!”

“That’s a Mythic monster!”

“We’re doomed… Why is there such a powerful monster here?!”

Whether it was Zero Wing’s internal members or the White Tiger Dojo’s disciples, they rarely ever raided Dungeons, much less fought against incomparably powerful Bosses. The strongest monster they’d fought against thus far was the Purgatory Serpent.

Meanwhile, just the Purgatory Serpent alone had already made them despair; their reaction to the Mythic monster before them went without saying.

Looking at the Tyrant’s Soul, although everyone knew that the Mythic monster’s target wasn’t them, their minds still could not help but conceive the thought of turning around and fleeing.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng looked at the descending plasma balls, his complexion darkened significantly.

Although he had long since known that his doppelgangers could only delay the Tyrant’s Soul for a short time, he had not expected the Mythic monster to be ruthless enough to use Thunder Plasma, a Tier 4 Spell, as soon as it appeared.

Tier 4 Spells originally already possessed frightening destructive power, but Thunder Plasma was even one of the top-ranking Tier 4 Spells available in the game. The Spell’s power was very close to rivaling that of a Tier 4 Curse. Even Tier 4 monsters would be heavily injured if struck by this Spell.

At this moment, however, it was already too late for Shi Feng to do anything about the situation.

While activating a treasure chest, players were not allowed to move away. As long as they shifted their position, they would have to redo the activation process. Not to mention, now that the plasma balls were already descending on him, he wouldn’t be able to escape getting struck unless he moved out of the Spell’s 100-yard-radius AOE.

In the next moment, numerous plasma balls bombarded the Triple Flame Barrier one after another.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Each time a plasma ball landed on the Triple Flame Barrier, the emerald flame pyramid trembled violently. With each subsequent blast, the emerald flames also weakened.

The sound of each impact echoed throughout the Lost Town; the intense shockwaves created were palpable even for the crowd standing over 100 yards away from the tower.

Thunder Plasma lasted for a total of six seconds. By the time the Spell ended, cracks had appeared in the formerly sturdy Triple Flame Barrier. The emerald flames had also dimmed considerably.

Upon seeing that the Triple Flame Barrier was still standing, Shi Feng could not help but breathe out a sigh of relief.

As expected of a Spell known for having power approaching that of Tier 4 Curses, its might really is frightening.

After taking a glance at the Triple Flame Barrier’s remaining duration, Shi Feng could not help but smile bitterly. The barrier originally should’ve been able to last 30 seconds. Only a few seconds had passed since he activated it, yet after the bombardment from Thunder Plasma, the system actually notified him that the Triple Flame Barrier’s remaining duration was just 12 seconds. Despite the Triple Flame Barrier’s duration remaining completely unaffected even when receiving the assault of the Wandering Souls, a single attack from the Tyrant’s Soul had depleted the barrier’s energy so significantly.

If the Tyrant’s Soul executed another attack of similar power, the Triple Flame Barrier would definitely break. Fortunately, Thunder Plasma was a Spell with a very long Cooldown. Even if the Tyrant’s Soul was a Mythic monster, it wouldn’t be able to use Thunder Plasma again any time soon.

However, even while Shi Feng was having such thoughts, the Tyrant’s Soul began chanting an incantation and writing divine runes once again.

Compared to when it was casting Thunder Plasma, the Tyrant’s Soul spent much more time casting this Spell; it invested a total of six seconds into it. After the Mythic monster was done chanting, a new magic array appeared in the space above the tower.

Although this magic array’s AOE was not as large as Thunder Plasma’s magic array, it was a bona fide twofold magic array: a silver magic array and a pitch-black magic array. As the two magic arrays intermingled, they sucked the Lost Town dry of its ambient Mana. For a moment, everyone inside the town felt their perception and vision blur.

Is there a need to be so desperate? Shi Feng was at a loss for words when he saw the twofold magic array in the sky.

Tier 4 Curse, Thunder God’s Annihilation!

Although the Curse’s AOE was much smaller, in terms of power, it was much stronger than even ordinary Tier 5 Spells.

Even Tier 5 creatures would dread this Curse. They would definitely sustain severe injuries if struck by it.

In the next moment, the two magic arrays transformed into a ball of black-and-white light. Arcs of electricity also wreathed the ball of light. As the ball of light descended, it was as if the space surrounding it froze.

At this moment, the Tyrant’s Soul also abruptly revealed a human-like sneer as it looked at Shi Feng as if it was saying, “what else can you do?”

At this moment, even if Shi Feng was a fool, he could tell that the Triple Flame Barrier wouldn’t be able to endure this apocalyptic attack. Gritting his teeth, he immediately took out a crimson Elemental Source and set it in the heart of the Triple Flame Barrier’s magic array.

Elemental Sources had many uses, with their main purpose being the creation of Elemental Weapons. However, Shi Feng could not care less right now. If he wanted to have any chance to acquire the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest, his only choice was to use the fire-type Elemental Source. If he failed today, obtaining the treasure chest would definitely become much harder in the future.

In God’s Domain, monsters, particularly high-tiered monsters, all possessed a certain degree of intellect. If he failed to obtain the treasure chest today, the Tyrant’s Soul would definitely guard the treasure chest much more strictly on his next visit.

After going through so many difficulties to get to this point, Shi Feng had no intention of giving up just like that.

As the refined energy of the Elemental Source flowed into the Triple Flame Barrier, the previously dim, emerald flames flared up. Moreover, the color of the flames even transformed from emerald to white-hot. Now, the flame pyramid looked more like a dazzling sun brightly illuminating the entire Lost Town.

When the ball of black-and-white light crashed into the Triple Flame Barrier, the resulting impact shook the entire white tower. Even the players standing 100 yards away from the tower were sent flying over 10 yards; their bodies fell to the ground one after another. Shocked expressions filled everyone’s faces as they stared at the clash of lightning and flames above the tower.

The White Tiger Dojo disciples, in particular, suddenly felt as if they were living in an entirely different world from Shi Feng. At the same time, they also came to have a new understanding of the battles in God’s Domain.

Before, they thought that it was already plenty amazing that players could conduct superhuman battles in the game. However, the battle they were witnessing now could no longer be considered to be a player’s battle. Instead, it was more like a battle between two apocalyptic beasts. A simple exchange between these beasts could easily deform the surrounding terrain.

As the seconds passed by, the dazzling Triple Flame Barrier began fading. The Lost Town returned to its dimly illuminated state. Fortunately, the ball of black-and-white light also started decreasing in size.

After nearly 10 seconds had gone by, the ball of light disappeared. Meanwhile, the flame pyramid created by the Triple Flame Barrier had also reverted to an emerald color.

Shi Feng breathed out a deep sigh of relief after seeing this situation.

Fortunately, he had brought along Elemental Sources with him, which allowed him to strengthen the Tier 3 Triple Flame Barrier, letting it possess the might of a Tier 4 Defensive Spell. However, the Tyrant’s Soul’s Thunder God’s Annihilation had also depleted the Elemental Source’s energy completely.

Although the Elemental Source’s power was exhausted, the Triple Flame Barrier’s duration had also recovered to its normal state; it would now last him until the activation process of the treasure chest was over.

However, the Tyrant’s Soul did not stop attacking despite the failure of its second attack. It immediately started preparing another Tier 4 Spell to bombard Shi Feng with. The number of Tier 4 Spells the Mythic monster grasped astonished even Shi Feng.

The Tyrant’s Soul possessed not only an extremely high combat standard but also many Tier 4 Spells. Against such a monster, even a 100-man team of Tier 3 experts of the same level would get routed.

Fortunately, the Triple Flame Barrier endured the Tyrant’s Soul’s third attack without faltering. Eventually, when the emerald flame pyramid disappeared, the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest also opened.

Seeing the treasure chest open infuriated the Tyrant’s Soul. Its body started to release pitch-black fog. Then, the Mythic monster charged at Shi Feng with the speed of lightning. Shi Feng activated Absolute Domain without hesitation. Without even looking, he frantically plucked items from inside the treasure chest and placed them in his bag.

“Die!” The Tyrant’s Soul could not help but bellow in rage at this scene.

This time, though, the Mythic monster did not gather Mana and summon a lightning blade to its hand. Instead, it unsheathed a rusted longsword hung around its waist. Although this longsword looked very ordinary, space tore apart wherever the edge of this longsword crossed. The Tyrant’s Soul swung the longsword down at Shi Feng ruthlessly.