Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1626 - Mana Weapon

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Chapter 1626 – Mana Weapon

Expendable-type weapons and equipment didn’t function like their common-type counterparts.

Common-type weapons and equipment were designed with both power and stability in mind. Hence, they’d only exert a certain extent of the power of the materials used to create them, nothing more. Meanwhile, expendable-type weapons and equipment were only designed with power in mind. These weapons and equipment functioned at the expense of the production materials, which meant that they couldn’t be repaired.

However, this was also why they were extraordinarily powerful, allowing their users to challenge foes of a higher tier.

Mana Weapons were the typical representation of expendable-type weapons and equipment.

As Shi Feng gazed that the Mana Weapons in the hall, he was at a loss for words.

Expendable-type weapons and equipment’s production had ceased long ago in God’s Domain, and any discovered items had survived since ancient times. Normally, players had no hope of encountering such weapons and equipment.

When a Mana Weapon or piece of Equipment had surfaced in the past, players had fought fiercely over the item.

After all, high-tiered Mana Weapons could grant players the power to defeat opponents of a higher tier. No player in God’s Domain could resist the temptation.

Yet, over 10,000 Mana Weapons were on display before him. Why wouldn’t Shi Feng be astonished?

As expected of a Lost Town, it’s no wonder why the various superpowers fought over them so desperately. Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he felt the flowing Mana within the spear he held.

In the past, Shi Feng had assumed that the various superpowers only vied for the Lost Towns’ abilities. However, it seemed that that had only been a part of the reason. The riches these Lost Towns contained was likely another major factor.

Unlike ordinary weapons, Mana Weapons did not have a level requirement, only a tier requirement. They were somewhat similar to Magic Scrolls, although Magic Scrolls couldn’t compare to the power of a Mana Weapon.

Magic Scrolls were generally single-use items, but Mana Weapons could be used until their durability hit zero. Hence, these weapons’ market price had been insanely high in Shi Feng’s previous life.

A Tier 1 Mana Weapon had cost at least 150 Gold in the past, far more expensive than Tier 1 Magic Scrolls. Even so, tons of players had fought for the chance to wield one.

After all, only a small fraction of God’s Domain’s player population had reached the higher tiers; not all players could do so.

Meanwhile, Tier 1 Mana Weapons would even be of significant help to Tier 2 players. One of these weapons could, at the very least, increase a Tier 2 player’s combat power by 20%. If a Tier 1 player used a Tier 1 Mana Weapon, their combat power would increase by a minimum of 50%. Although the boost wasn’t as impactful as a Berserk Skill, it still allowed elite players to face expert players of the same tier and level.

Many wealthy elite and ordinary expert players had purchased Tier 1 Mana Weapons to use in critical situations.

As for Tier 2 Mana Weapons, they had sold for at least 1,000 Gold each in the past. Tier 2 Mana Weapons would even be useful to Tier 3 players.

Tier 3 Mana Weapons were even more frightening, even providing a significant boost to Tier 4 players. They were no less valuable than Tier 4 Magic Scrolls, and the various superpowers had fought desperately to claim any Tier 3 Mana Weapon that had been found.

Meanwhile, the majority of the weapons in the hall were Tier 1 Mana Weapons. Even so, Shi Feng spotted over 1,000 Tier 2 Mana Weapons, and most importantly, he counted twelve Tier 3 Mana Weapons in crystal cabinets in the hall’s center…

If he sold all of these Mana Weapons, he’d earn enough coins to make the various Super Guilds drool.

As Shi Feng prepared to store every Mana Weapon in his bag, the system’s familiar voice reached his ears.

System: This item is still bound and cannot be stored in your bag.

System: If you wish to remove this item’s bound status, you must take control of the Lost Town.

Sure enough, the system won’t allow players to obtain such an advantage so easily.Shi Feng smiled bitterly at the spear in his hands.

However, after giving the matter some thought, he found it reasonable. If he were allowed to walk away with every Mana Weapon in this hall, he’d make a huge profit even if he failed to secure the Lost Town itself.

It seems that I have no choice but to collect the weapons after I take control of the town.

Shi Feng refocused his attention and made his way towards the tower’s top floor. At the same time, he became more interested in capturing this Lost Town.

If he took control of this town, not only would Zero Wing secure another method of nurturing Refinement Realm experts, but they’d also rake in a massive fortune. The Guild would then have all the manpower and wealth it needed. With these factors taken care of, it would be odd if the Guild didn’t become a major power.

Soon, Shi Feng reached the tower’s second floor.

The second-floor hall was visibly smaller than the first-floor hall, and ten translucent ghosts wandered the area. Some wore plate armor, some wore leather armor, and some wore cloth armor. Every one of these ghosts radiated a horrific aura, and even Shi Feng felt an intense pressure weigh down on him as he bathed in the powerful energy.

[Wandering Soul] (Undead, Grand Lord)

Level 80

HP 180,000,000/180,000,000

[Tyrant’s Soul] (Undead, Mythic)

HP 420,000,000/420,000,000

Shi Feng could not help his surprise when he saw all of these powerful monsters, and a frown pulled at his lips.

Had he only had to face one Level 80 Grand Lord, he wouldn’t have had much of a problem, but there were a total of nine Level 80 Grand Lords before him. Moreover, the distance between each Grand Lord was practically negligible. If he attracted one of the Wandering Souls, he was guaranteed to pull the other eight Wandering Souls.

However, these nine Wandering Souls weren’t his biggest problem.

There was actually a Mythic ranked Tyrant’s Soul!

Although Shi Feng recognized his own strength, he’d grossly overestimate himself if he thought that he could defeat a Level 80 Mythic monster. In fact, the Tyrant’s Soul could likely one-shot him…

I guess the system doesn’t intend to allow anyone on the third floor? Shi Feng felt his head ache as he looked at the Tyrant’s Soul, who remained motionless in the center of the hall. The spiral staircase that led to the third floor lay directly behind the Tyrant’s Soul.

Shi Feng had assumed that he would be able to walk up to the tower’s top floor effortlessly, but it seemed that obtaining the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest would be more difficult than he had thought.

If he had faced such a situation outside of the tower, he could likely rely on Zero Wing and the White Tiger Dojo’s members to sneak past the Tyrant’s Soul and Wandering Souls.

However, they were still stuck outside of the tower, as were the five Great Lords under his control…

Without his Great Lords and the other players, dodging the Wandering Souls’ attacks would be extremely difficult. If the Tyrant’s Soul joined the fray, he’d likely die in an instant.

Although he had an Invulnerability Skill, Absolute Domain had a short duration of 10 seconds.

Dashing from the edge of the second-floor hall to the staircase and ascending to the third floor to open the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest in ten seconds was impossible.

Once Absolute Domain’s duration ended, the Tyrant’s Soul would slap him down.

Yet, if he gave up, he’d never retrieve the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. It was even a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. He had only heard rumors of such a thing during his previous life.

Shi Feng then calmed himself and moved around the hall while observing the Tyrant’s Soul and Wandering Souls, hoping to find some angle he could take advantage of.

But after watching the monsters for over ten minutes, he failed to find any opportunities. While he had been watching, the Tyrant’s Soul had stood deathly still in front of the spiral staircase. If he attempted to approach the staircase, the Mythic ranked Boss would likely discover him.

With no external factors to take advantage of, Shi Feng was forced to flip through his bag, hoping that he’d find something useful.

As Shi Feng began to consider giving up, he noticed that he still had a Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scroll. He had obtained the scroll from the Purgatory Serpent.

As his gaze touched upon the scroll, Shi Feng’s hopes rekindled.

A Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scroll could even block a Tier 4 existence’s attacks for a short time. With the scroll and his Absolute Domain, it wasn’t entirely impossible to secure the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. Now, the only problem was the Tyrant’s Soul’s exact strength. If it were too powerful, it wouldn’t need much time to break through the Defensive Magic Scroll’s barrier, and Shi Feng’s death would be certain.

After considering his options for some time, Shi Feng decided that it was worth a try.

If he died, he’d lose one level at most. One level was a small price to pay for a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest.

Following which, Shi Feng used Phantom Kill and had his doppelganger carefully cross to the opposite side of the hall. Meanwhile, Shi Feng readied the Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scroll before activating the Aura of Wind’s Gale Domain and charging forward.

When Shi Feng was within 100 yards of the Tyrant’s Soul and Wandering Souls, a cold glint flashed in the ten monsters’ eyes. They charged at Shi Feng like ferocious beasts.

The Tyrant’s Soul moved like lightning. Before Shi Feng had even crossed five yards, the Mythic monster had appeared before him. The gossamer Boss had already conjured a blue lightning blade in its right hand and swung it down towards Shi Feng.