Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1624 - Gap

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Chapter 1624 – Gap

Despite multiple attempts to approach the tower, none of Zero Wing and White Tiger Dojo’s members got within 70 yards before they were thrown out of the 100-yard range.

“What a powerful trap!”

“Crap! The system is definitely doing this on purpose! It put that treasure chest on display up there just to taunt us!”

“This is ridiculous! It’s impossible to take on more than ten of those black beams at once with the Silencing effect within the tower’s 100-yard range! Those beams are so fast, too!”

Everyone looked at the pitch-black pearl on the tip of the tower with resentment. They felt that the system was toying with them.

Among their nearly 700 players, You Ziping had the best performance. However, even You Ziping had only reached the 72-yard mark before being blasted out by over a dozen black beams.

You Ziping’s combat standards easily ranked among the top players in their group, yet not even he could reach the tower.

When they thought about how they might have to leave the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest on the tower’s top floor, anger and frustration tore at their hearts.

These kids really take things for granted. Shi Feng, who had remained motionless, shook his head and laughed when he overheard his team members grumbling. Following which, he started to make his way towards the tower.

As Shi Feng approached the tower, everyone turned their gazes towards him.

“Guild Leader Black Flame is going to try to reach the tower, too?”

“With his level of skill, I wonder how far he’ll get?”

“This trap is too difficult. Although Guild Leader Black Flame is superbly strong, I doubt that he’ll get past the 50-yard mark.”

“I’m not so sure about that. We already had to face over a dozen beams before we even reached the 70-yard mark. At the 50-plus range, I bet that the tower will fire over 30 beams. Even if Guild Leader Black Flame has frightening Attributes, dealing with so many attacks should be impossible. I don’t think he’ll even get past the 60-yard mark.”

As the White Tiger Dojo crowd watched Shi Feng approach the tower, they started a quiet discussion amongst themselves. They were curious to see the capabilities of Star-Moon Kingdom’s mythical expert.

Truthfully, they had been displeased when the White Tiger Dojo had sent them to train with Zero Wing.

They were bona fide fighting experts in the real world, yet they were training under a virtual expert. This was a joke.

However, after spending some time in God’s Domain, they had discovered that this virtual reality game was far from ordinary. Many techniques that were impossible to perform in the real world could be easily accomplished in God’s Domain.

This superhuman combat method was truly addictive.

After training with Zero Wing and fighting other players in Zero Wing’s Battle Arena, they came to realize how massive the gap between their abilities and veteran players’ was. Although they hadn’t been a match for God’s Domain’s veteran players initially, however, they had grown strong enough to stand against expert players in Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena. They now acutely understood God’s Domain’s combat method.

Hence, they realized just how powerful Shi Feng was. After all, they had watched plenty of experts’ battle videos before, including recordings of Shi Feng’s past battles.

In those battles, Shi Feng could definitely be described as a ‘monster.’ After watching Shi Feng’s battles, they had begun to admire the man.

However, the tower’s defensive feature tested one’s combat standard; Basic Attributes had very little to do with it. It didn’t matter if Shi Feng’s Attributes were significantly higher than theirs, and although his combat standards were awesome, he should still have his limits.

“The Guild Leader is making a move personally?!”

“Nice! We’re in for a treat now!”

In contrast to the White Tiger Dojo disciples’ skepticism, Zero Wing’s members were clearly excited. They paid close attention to Shi Feng’s every move, hoping to get a glimpse of his true strength. Normally, they didn’t get to see this, and in the previous battles, Shi Feng had mostly relied on his five Great Lords. They barely caught a glimpse of Shi Feng’s true capabilities.

Experts like You Ziping watched Shi Feng curiously, as well. They were all eager to learn how much of a gap existed between them and their Guild Leader.

Shi Feng quickly arrived at the 100-yard mark, but unexpectedly, he didn’t sprint towards the towers as the previous players had. Instead, he continued leisurely even once he was within the black pearl’s attack range.

“What is the Guild Leader trying to do?”

“Could he be testing the waters?”

Shi Feng’s actions confused his team members. They had already gotten a clear grasp of the black pearl’s attack method during their previous attempts. Not only did the strength of black pearl’s attacks increase as they moved closer to the tower, but it also launched attacks more frequently.

If someone wanted a better chance of reaching the tower, they needed to move quickly. They also needed to block the orb’s attacks.

Yet, Shi Feng was…

Before anyone could react, the black pearl began to attack Shi Feng.

Suddenly, two beams of light shot towards Shi Feng’s vital points.

Just when the two beams were about to hit, Shi Feng stopped abruptly and turned slightly. He didn’t bother to unsheathe either the Abyssal Blade or Killing Ray.

Xiu! Xiu!

Everyone watched, disappointed, as the two beams pierced their Guild Leader.

However, the attacks didn’t throw Shi Feng out of the 100-yard area, and he began to pace towards the tower once more.

“What’s going on? Did he dodge them?” The players’ expression twisted with confusion.

Following which, the black pearl launched another wave of attacks. This time, it fired three beams. As Shi Feng moved closer to the tower, the beams reached Shi Feng much sooner than the last attacks had, giving their target less time to react.

The team members watched Shi Feng with wide-eyed anticipation. What was the man going to do this time?


To their disappointment, Shi Feng reacted the same way as before, stopping and shifting to the side. Like the prior attacks, the beams passed through his body harmlessly, striking the ground behind him.

Shi Feng continuously moved closer towards the tower like so.

95 yards… 90 yards… 80 yards….

The beams, which had beaten everyone senseless, were practically nonexistent to Shi Feng. They pierced through him harmlessly, again and again, blasting small craters into the ground behind him.

Shi Feng quickly reached the 72-yard mark, You Ziping’s record distance. However, he hadn’t even used his weapons to defend himself once since he began his approach. In fact, he hadn’t even touched his weapons.

“Is the black pearl broken?”

“Has the system made some mistake?”

The White Tiger Dojo disciples gaped in shock as they watched Shi Feng steadily move closer towards the tower as if he were strolling across his backyard. In their opinion, Shi Feng hadn’t done anything whatsoever all this time. The only explanation they could think of was that the system had made an error.

They had never thought that Shi Feng would be so lucky.

Seeing this, some curious White Tiger Dojo disciples decided to attempt the test again.

However, when they allowed the black beams to strike, they were instantly thrown backward.

“Impossible! How is the Guild Leader doing it?!”

“Why aren’t the black pearl’s attacks hitting him?”

The White Tiger Dojo spectators’ eyes fall from their sockets as they watched as their companions were blasted past the 100-yard mark.

“So, this is the difference between the Guild Leader and me?” You Ziping revealed a bitter smile as he watched Shi Feng move past the 50-yard mark.

Although he had been aware of the huge gap between him and Zero Wing’s peak experts, he hadn’t realized that the gap between them was so fast, let alone the difference between his abilities and that of Zero Wing’s mythical expert.

In less than a minute, Shi Feng had reached the base of the tower, at which point the tower’s defensive magic array deactivated.