Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1623 - Town’s Ability

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Chapter 1623 – Town’s Ability

“A treasure chest made of Magic Crystals?”

A light flashed in everyone’s eyes when they heard the Assassin’s report.

In God’s Domain, treasure chests were reward opportunities that players frequently encountered. One could gain even higher-quality loot from a treasure chest, depending on its rank, than from powerful monsters.

Normally, treasure chests were either made of wood or metal. This was even the case for Dark-Gold Treasure Chests. Making a treasure chest with Magic Crystals was just extravagant. Needless to say, the treasure chest definitely wasn’t low-rank.

A Bronze Treasure Chest’s loot could already rival a Chieftain ranked monster’s drops of the same level, not to mention Mysterious-Iron, Secret-Silver, Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Treasure Chests.

Moreover, as players explored higher-level maps, each map would contain fewer treasure chests. Even Bronze Treasure Chests were exceedingly rare in maps above Level 50.

The treasure chests’ loot was part of the reason for this. Rather than containing loot on par with the drops from a Chieftain ranked monster of the same level, a Bronze Treasure Chest would contain items on par with a Lord ranked monster of the same level in Level 50-plus maps.

“Magic Crystals?” Shock gripped Shi Feng’s heart when he heard the Assassin’s report. Immediately, he demanded, “What color are the runes on the chest?”

God’s Domain had many different kinds of treasure chests, and although the most common were made of wood or metal, not all items in the game could be stored in wood or metal treasure chests. Certain special items needed to be stored in high Mana density environments. For these items, the system used chests made from Magic Crystals. Such treasure chests were insanely rare in God’s Domain, and naturally, they were far more valuable than ordinary chests.

All of the items in such chests were unique in God’s Domain; there were no duplicates of these items.

These Magic Crystal Treasure Chests also had a different ranking system than ordinary treasure chests. Their ranks were based on the color of the runes engraved on the crystal.

The runes came in Silver, Gold, and Purple. Silver was at the bottom of the list, while purple runes offered the best items.

“Gold!” the Assassin answered after taking a closer look.

“Gold?” Shi Feng was instantly ecstatic. “Alright, we’ll head over right away.”

In God’s Domain, a Silver Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was the equivalent of a Fine-Gold or Dark-Gold Treasure Chest, a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was on par with an Epic Treasure Chest, and a Purple Magic Crystal Treasure Chest was the equivalent of an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest or higher.

Shi Feng had only ever seen Silver Magic Crystal Treasure Chests in the past, never Gold, but he had heard rumors that Chaos Star, one of God’s Domain’s Twelve Sacred Elementalists, had opened a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest. This was also precisely the reason that he had secured his position as one of the Twelve Sacred Elementalists. Moreover, unlike the other eleven, who had been replaced from time to time, Chaos Star had held his position.

Unfortunately, nobody knew what he had obtained from the Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest.

Shi Feng and the rest of his team quickly arrived before the white tower.

The tower was only five stories tall, and a pitch-black pearl that radiated a frightening aura occupied the tip of the tower. When this aura washed over the team, they felt as if some monster was watching them. Even the Mana around the pitch-black pearl seemed frozen. There was no flow of Mana around the pearl whatsoever.

Numerous divine runes had been carved along the tower’s walls, and they created a light-blue defensive barrier around the tower, which seemed impenetrable. However, unlike most people, Shi Feng knew that the barrier wasn’t an ordinary defensive magic array.

The magic array carved into the tower’s walls had survived since ancient times. Current magic arrays simply couldn’t compare. Moreover, based on the array’s complexity, Shi Feng guessed that it was beyond a Master Magic Array. Not even a Tier 4 existence would be able to scratch the barrier, forced to stand aside as they gazed at it.

Interestingly, no monsters were anywhere near the tower. The roaming Demon Supervisors and Demonkin Warriors only stared at it for a moment before moving on. None of the Demonic Creatures dared to come within 100 yards of the white tower.

Meanwhile, placed on the tower’s open-air top floor sat a Magic Crystal Treasure Chest, and as the Assassin had reported, the treasure chest was covered in golden runes. The treasure chest also radiated so much Mana that it created a white mist around it. Seeing this phenomenon, even a fool would realize that the chest was far from ordinary. All of the players on Shi Feng’s team drooled as they stared at the treasure chest.

“Everyone, get ready. We’ll eliminate the surrounding monsters first,” Shi Feng immediately commanded.

Although he did not know why none of the monsters would approach the tower, there were still over 500 of them in the area. If they did not clear out the monsters, they’d never approach the tower without detection.

Following which, Shi Feng controlled his five Great Lords and began to lure the Demon Supervisors and Demonkin Warriors, killing the Demonic Creatures with practiced organization.

With the help of Demon Ruler, Shi Feng’s Great Lords could tank around 20 Demon Supervisors and Demonkin Warriors simultaneously. After gathering the enemy Demonic Creatures, Shi Feng used Flame Domain, and towering flames devoured the monsters, dealing several hundred thousand damage each second. At this point, Flame Domain was far stronger than Tier 2 Spells. In fact, it almost surpassed Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spells.

By the time Flame Domain ended, the Demon Supervisors and Demonkin Warriors had lost nearly 4,000,000 HP each. Immediately following, a volley of Exploding Arrows slammed into the Demonic Creatures, each arrow dealing around -300,000 damage.

The Demon Supervisors and Demonkin Warriors very quickly became EXP for Shi Feng’s team.

By the time the group defeated the 500 or so Demonic Creatures around the tower, some of the Level 45 players had risen to Level 46. However, the Level 47 players still needed some time before they reached Level 48. As for the loot, the team gained far more than the drops in the town’s outer area. More than a hundred Level 60-plus weapons and equipment had dropped, and among them, over 30 were Mysterious-Iron rank.

In addition, plenty of Mana Ore had dropped. Killing the 500-plus monsters had netted Shi Feng nearly 1,000 pieces of Mana Ore, increasing the total count past 5,000.

With this, we should have more than enough Mana Ore to construct the Mana Tower. Shi Feng could not help but smile in satisfaction as he gazed at the Mana Ore in his bag.

The trip to the Boneless Land had definitely been worthwhile.

The Mana Tower was one of the most important support buildings a Guild City could have. It was the defining point between a Guild City and a Guild Town. Normally, Guilds constructed their Mana Tower the moment they acquired a city, but due to the sudden demand for Mana Ore, Zero Wing City hadn’t had enough to construct its Mana Tower until now. It hadn’t been able to become a true Guild City.

Now that he had enough Mana Ore, he could start constructing Zero Wing City’s Mana Tower once he returned.

After dealing with the surrounding monsters, Zero Wing’s members approached the tower.

However, the instant they set foot within 100 yards of the tower, the black pearl at its tip began to glow with energy. It then fired countless beams of black light at the approaching crowd. Caught off guard, the beams struck Zero Wing’s members. Not only were they thrown out of the 100-yard perimeter, but they had also lost 20% of their HPs…

Although some experts, like You Ziping, had reacted quickly and defended themselves with their weapons, the impact still forced them to retreat by three steps. On the bright side, they hadn’t received any damage.

After the first wave of black beams, only 100 or so players remained within 100 yards of the tower. The rest of the team had been thrown back. An instant later, the pitch-black pearl launched another wave of beam attacks. This time, the more beams targeted each player. During the first wave, each player only had to deal with three beams, but now, they had to face four. Furthermore, each player had to deal with an additional beam each time the black pearl attacked.

The longer the crowd remained inside the 100-yard range, the fiercer the attacks became. When the black pearl launched more than ten beams at each player, even the experts of You Ziping’s standards were thrown out of range…

It’s no wonder why the monsters avoided the tower. This defensive feature is really amazing. Realization dawned on Shi Feng as he watched his teammates fly backward. At the same time, he was overwhelmed by ecstasy.

Every Lost Town had its own unique ability in God’s Domain.

Clearly, this defensive feature was this Lost Town’s ability. Although Shi Feng had only watched the defensive feature for a few moments, he had grasped the feature’s true purpose. In reality, the defensive feature wasn’t meant to truly meant to keep enemies away. Rather, it was a training device to help players improve their combat standards. This was an extremely rare ability, even among God’s Domain’s various Lost Towns.