Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1622 - Struggle over the Primordial Divine Ruin

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Chapter 1622 – Struggle over the Primordial Divine Ruin

Shi Feng wasn’t the only player surprised to discover that the Demonkin and Demon Supervisors dropped Mana Ore.

“Hey, do those rocks look like Mana Ore to you?”

“Mhm. I’ve seen Mana Ore before. They should be Mana Ore!”

“Isn’t Mana Ore a rare drop when mining? I never knew that monsters dropped it, too.”

None of these players was a stranger to Mana Ore.

Due to the disturbance the Orc Empire had caused, the kingdoms and empires neighboring the Orc Empire had activated a contribution system that allowed players to purchase precious items. The contribution system had also lured many players towards the Orc Empire.

If players wanted to ease the task of killing the empire’s Orcs, the Mana Charm, crafted with Mana Ore, was a must-have.

Currently, Mana Ore sold for 1 Gold, 20 Silver per piece. Moreover, this price continued to rise, yet their team had obtained over a dozen pieces of Mana Ore after killing one Demonic Creature group. They had just made over 20 Gold in profit, and this included the cost of repairing their weapons and equipment. Even expert players were fortunate to earn 1 Gold a day.

Furthermore, the various large Guilds currently viewed Mana Ore as a strategic item. With so many people eyeing the ore, it was hard to purchase even if one could afford the cost.

And their profit would be even greater if they used all of the Mana Ore to craft Mana Charms.

The Mana Charm was a Consumable item, and one could craft 10 charms with a single piece of Mana Ore. Currently, Mana Charms sold for 20 Silver each.

“Alright, we’re moving on to the next wave!” After Shi Feng collected the loot, he had his monsters lure another wave of Demonic Creatures.

In the previous fight, Shi Feng had taken control of a Demon Supervisor, and he had five Great Lords under his command once more, making it much easier to defeat the next wave of Demonkin and Demon Supervisors.

With the five Great Lord tanks, Shi Feng’s Flame Domain and various AOE Skills, and Zero Wing’s members attacking with the Miniature Ballistas, the team steadily and swiftly eliminated one wave of Demonic Creatures after another.

Although the battles were monotonous and boring, these players brimmed with excitement throughout the grind.

With each wave of Demonkin and Demon Supervisors they killed, they earned between 10 and 20 pieces of Mana Ore and 3 to 5 pieces of Eternium Ore. The team had also become more efficient as they worked; it had initially taken them 20-plus minutes to annihilate each wave, and now, they cleared the monsters in a little over 10 minutes. With the abundant EXP, the team’s leveling speed was also astonishingly fast.

After grinding for a little over a day, Shi Feng and his players finally reached the town’s inner area.

At this point, these players had leveled significantly. Now, even the lowest-level player was Level 45, whereas the highest-level player was Level 47. They had nearly caught up with Zero Wing’s elite members.

Meanwhile, to improve their efficiency, Shi Feng had invested the EXP he had acquired into the Aura of Fire’s Flame Domain.

Now, the Skill dealt 2,400% base damage every second for eight seconds, rather than the previous 1,800% every second for seven seconds. The damage per second upscale had also risen from 20% to 25%, and the Skill now covered a 100-yard radius. The Skill could basically rival super-large-scale destruction Spells. Unfortunately, its Cooldown was still five minutes.

Meanwhile, after more than a day of grinding, Shi Feng had acquired a total of 4,526 pieces of Mana Ore and 913 pieces of Eternium Ore. The monsters had actually dropped more Mana Ore than what Zero Wing had in its Warehouse by a considerable margin.

While Shi Feng massacred Demonkin and Demon Supervisors, Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow had kept him updated with several situation reports.

Their reports mainly focused on the Primordial Divine Ruin in the Orc Empire.

The various large Guilds had fought tooth and nail over the ruin after its sudden appearance. They all wanted the Level 50 top-tier weapons and equipment as well as the rumored Advanced Combat Techniques to prepare for the Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

Currently, two super-first-rate Guilds and two Super Guilds were involved in the struggle. Even a transcendental power like the Secret Pavilion, which rarely took part in such struggles, had joined the fray. Naturally, plenty of first-rate Guilds joined the fight, as well.

The situation at the ruin was utter chaos.

Meanwhile, only 10,000 players were allowed into the Primordial Divine Ruin each day, but over a million players had gathered in the area, with the weakest on par with the Guild elite members.

The war over the Primordial Divine Ruin was the most intense in God’s Domain thus far. Over 30,000 expert players had already died, not to mention the elite players.

When the ruin had last activated, the five superpowers had claimed 70% of the available slots. Surprisingly, Heaven’s Burial had secured one-third of the remaining 30%. The various first-rate Guilds had shared the remaining 20%, and none of the second- and third-rate Guilds had claimed a single slot…

“Guild Leader, although Heaven’s Burial has suffered significant casualties while it explored the Primordial Divine Ruin, they’ve also obtained plenty of Level 50 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. Their top-tier experts’ combat power has improved massively. I’ve also heard that they’ve obtained two Basic Combat Techniques and plenty of Magic Array Scrolls, designs, and recipes.

“Although our Guild has suffered about the same losses as Heaven’s Burial in the field battles, I’m afraid that we’ll be in danger soon if Heaven’s Burial continues to grow stronger. Why don’t we send some of our members to explore the ruin as well?”

Aqua Rose was sorely tempted to loot the Primordial Divine Ruin. Although the Conqueror Parties slaughtered Heaven’s Burial’s members, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater weren’t simple enemies. To counter the Conqueror Parties[1], the two Guilds had employed many Refinement Realm experts, sending them out to ambush Zero Wing’s members in the four high-resource maps. They had even sent some of these Refinement Realm experts to ambush the Conqueror Parties.

Meanwhile, both Guilds had suffered tremendous losses. If Zero Wing hadn’t partnered with several first-rate Guilds and raked in a massive profit with Zero Wing City’s teleportation function, the Guild would have crumbled long ago.

“How is the equipment collection coming along?” Shi Feng asked.

“We’ve only collected a small fraction of the required amount thus far. I’m afraid that it’ll take some time before we have 700 full sets of Level 50 weapons and equipment,” Aqua Rose said, sighing powerlessly. The Guild’s consumption of weapons and equipment was severely high right now. Trying to set aside Level 50 elite weapons and equipment for 700 players under such circumstances was incredibly difficult. She had even involved Gentle Snow’s main force in the task.

“Disregard the Primordial Divine Ruin for now and focus on collecting weapons and equipment. Once we have the items ready, we’ll have an easier time dealing with the Guild’s issues,” Shi Feng instructed.

“I’ll think of a way to gather as much as possible.” Aqua Rose could only nod in frustration.

She had to admit that Zero Wing’s foundations were significantly weaker than Heaven’s Burial. The difference between the Guilds’ expert count and capital was like heaven and earth. Even the Conqueror Parties only helped reduce the massive gap slightly. An additional 700 experts would definitely help ease the pressure on the Guild.

After Aqua Rose disconnected the call, Shi Feng led his team deeper into the town’s inner area.

The inner area had far fewer monsters than the town’s outer area, although the weakest here were Level 70 Lord ranked Demonkin Warriors. The Chieftain ranked Demonkin were nowhere to be seen. In addition, there were plenty of Level 72 Great Lord ranked Demon Supervisors and Level 74 Grand Lord ranked Demon Overseers roaming about. Even with five Great Lords under his command, Shi Feng did not move casually. He needed a strategic position before he took action.

“Guild Leader, I…discovered a tower behind a magic barrier,” one of the Assassins sent to scout the town reported. Stuttering, the Assassin continued, “I also spotted a…large treasure chest made entirely of M-Magic Crystals!”