Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1621 - Lost Town

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Chapter 1621 – Lost Town

When the Demon Town’s rune-covered gates opened, it felt as if some seal on the town had been removed as a chilling aura of killing intent surged out of the town’s gate.

“What kind of town is this? Why does it have such a powerful aura?”

“Crap! My Attributes are decreasing!”

As the players from the White Tiger Dojo and Zero Wing prepared for battle some distance away, they couldn’t help but shudder the moment Shi Feng opened the gates.

There was a massive difference between the aura they felt as the gates opened and the aura they had felt while looking at the Demon Town from the distant hillside. If the aura they had felt before was air, the aura they felt now was as heavy and dense as sea water.

Not only did the powerful aura bring with it an intense mental pressure, making it hard for them to think, but their Attributes had also begun to spiral downward. In the blink of an eye, their Basic Attributes had decreased by 30%…

Shi Feng, who had already entered the town, wasn’t surprised by the sudden change. However, he was surprised by the system notifications he had received.

System: Congratulations! You have discovered a Lost Town.

System: Congratulations! You have triggered the Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest “Demon’s Nest.”

System: Do you wish to accept this quest? If you abandon this quest, the Lost Town will disappear due to its broken seal. You have one hour to consider. If you do not make a decision within the hour, the quest will automatically be abandoned.

Why is there a Lost Town here? Shi Feng looked at the system notifications in confusion.

Aside from its kingdoms, empires, and neutral towns and cities, God’s Domain had towns that had been left behind by ancient civilizations. Unfortunately, these towns didn’t have official names since their history had been lost, leaving them with the title of ‘Lost Town.’.

Lost Towns weren’t like ordinary towns.

All of the Lost Towns contained power and abilities, which other towns didn’t have, that their ancient civilization had left behind. These abilities had different levels of strength. Some could even help a first-rate Guild develop into a super-first-rate Guild in a short amount of time, although even Lost Towns with weaker abilities could tempt a superpower into action. This was due to the abilities’ unique nature in God’s Domain.

In the past, many wars had been waged between God’s Domain’s superpowers over these Lost Towns. There had even been one instance involving over ten superpowers.

Shi Feng had never expected to find a Lost Town in the Boneless Land. The mineral field was nothing compared to the town itself.

It’s no wonder why I hadn’t heard of a town in the Boneless Land in the past. This restriction is likely the reason that no one ever found it. Shi Feng could not help but smile bitterly at the system notification.

Regardless of how powerful a Lost Town was, they were all incredibly difficult to claim. There was no turning back if one missed the opportunity. Once a Lost Town disappeared, it was gone forever.

The players that had found the Boneless Land’s Lost Town had likely failed the quest, causing its disappearance. If that were the case, it was only natural that no one had ever heard of it.

Of course, Shi Feng accepted the quest.

Although he did not know what this Lost Town’s function was, Zero Wing would miss out on a golden opportunity to grow stronger if he abandoned it.

System: Congratulations! You have accepted the Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest, “Demon’s Nest.”

Quest content: You are required to collect 100 Darkness Stones to re-seal the anchor within 10 natural days. If you fail to do so, the Demon King of a specific Planar World will hunt you endlessly. You will also permanently lose 100 points from all Attributes and 10 Levels. Quest reward unknown.

Crap! Shi Feng nearly spat blood when he read the quest content.

He finally understood why the players who had discovered the Boneless Land’s Lost Town had failed the quest to acquire it.

This quest was beyond difficult. It was a joke!

Darkness Stones were like Mana Stones. They contained a frightening amount of Power of Darkness, which Demon Players could use to improve the Power of Darkness within. In the past, Demon Players had even spent up to 500 Gold per Darkness Stone.

Yet, this quest required him to gather 100 Darkness Stones within 10 natural days. This quest was asking for the impossible.

Darkness Stones were immensely rare, and normally, on Mythic ranked Dark Creatures had a chance of dropping them. Even if he were extremely lucky, and every Mythic Dark Creature he killed dropped one, he’d still have to kill 100 of them…

With his current standards, killing one Mythic Dark Creature would be impossible, let alone 100. Not even Super Guilds could accomplish such a feat.

Mythic monsters weren’t easy to find, and Mythic ranked Dark Creatures were an even rarer sight. Hunting down 100 Mythic ranked Dark Creatures in 10 days would be nearly impossible.

When Shi Feng saw the penalty for failing the quest, he was speechless.

The penalty was extraordinarily ruthless.

While he could accept losing 10 levels and 100 points in every Attribute, dealing with a Tier 5 Demon King’s tenacious hunt was no laughing matter. Meanwhile, he wasn’t nearly powerful enough to kill a Demon King. Every Demon King had the power to engulf a kingdom in flames. Even Tier 4 players would be little more than ants before a Tier 5 Demon King, much less a Tier 2 player like Shi Feng…

“Guild Leader, has something happened?” Zero Wing’s members asked curiously when they realized that Shi Feng hadn’t moved for some time.

Forget it. Let’s just secure the town and get the Mana Ore. Shi Feng shook his head to clear his mind. There was no point in pondering the quest since he didn’t have a solution for obtaining the 100 Darkness Stones. Following which, he commanded, “Everyone, prepare for battle!”

As Shi Feng gave the command, the team members began to push the Miniature Ballistas forward, following after their leader. At the same time, Shi Feng controlled his four remaining Great Lords to lure some of the battling Demonkin and Demon Supervisors.

Unlike the players, whose Basic Attributes had been suppressed when the town’s gates had opened, the Demonic Creatures within were unaffected. Fortunately, Shi Feng had the Bible of Darkness, and with the Demon Ruler’s suppression, dealing with the Chieftain ranked Demonking and Great Lord ranked Demon Supervisors became easy.

After Shi Feng’s Great Lords gathered some Demonic Creatures, Shi Feng activated Flame Domain while Zero Wing’s members attacked with the remaining siege weapons.

After around 20 minutes, the team had cleared out a wave of Demonkin and Demon Supervisors. When the monsters died, the players’ experience bars rose by a sizable chunk. However, these monsters granted considerably less EXP than the Demonic Creatures they had killed outside of the town. In fact, they had awarded even less EXP than ordinary monsters of the same rank and level.

Even so, these players’ leveling speed was multiple times faster than peak experts.

As for the Demonkin and Demon Supervisors’ loot, it simply couldn’t compare to the loot the Demonic Creatures had dropped. Despite killing over a hundred Demonkin and several Demon Supervisors, the team had only obtained six pieces of Bronze Equipment and one piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

As Shi Feng collected the loot, however, he discovered several black crystals beside the Demonic monsters corpses.

What?! This is Mana Ore! Shi Feng had nearly thought his eyes had played a trick on him when he saw the black crystals on the ground. Everyone in God’s Domain knew that the monsters didn’t drop Mana Ore, but it was nearly impossible that Shi Feng, who was both a Master Forger and extremely familiar with the metal, would mistake the item.

After carefully examining the corpses, Shi Feng found 17 ingots of Mana Ore, over a hundred ingots of Ancient Bronze Ore, and three ingots of Eternium Ore.

Even if one mined an Ancient Bronze vein, they likely wouldn’t obtain a single ingot for every 30 ingots of Ancient Bronze Ore. And players would be very lucky to gain a single ingot of Eternium Ore for every 100 ingots of Ancient Bronze Ore, yet Shi Feng had obtained so much after killing a few Demonkin and Demon Supervisors. This was inconceivable…